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    I run a PvP server at the moment, we are having a problem with players who have insane alternate accounts.
    I do want to be fair though and allow use of alts for factions but to limit how many you can use.
    So I am looking for a plugin that can track IP and limit 2 things, how many players with the same IP can be on the server at one time & how many players can log into the server max.

    E.g 5 players max on at one time, 10 players max to log into the server all with the same IP.
    I would like all messages to have the ability to be customized.
    Message when a player has reached their max - with permission node for staff only.
    Message when a player is denied to log in - with permissions for staff only.
    Custom Denied message.

    Currently using essentials for /seen [name]/[ip] so this does not have to be incorporated.
    Maybe a scheduled check, that shows how many players have 1+ account on the server with the same ip - also with permissions

    If this can be done or already has been done, please let me know ASAP.
    Appreciate the time you spent to read this.

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    How do you store your player data? If nobody did it for you before me, I can try to make it later
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    Default I guess? Not sure what you mean by that. That would be great.
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    The 0nly problem I see with such a plugin is that you'll still get people who can change their ips or use proxies to get around the limit. :(
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    @TheExceed do you have a mysql database? write me a private message to talk about some details :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Chucky109 No need for PM. Keep everything on the thread
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    @BladeFireTurtle, that isn't really a common skill, it will work for the most part.
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    No offence bu that rule is quite ridiculous.

    Yeah, the main feature I want to hold is the 5 limit per IP on at one time. You cannot easily proxy while already on the server without timing out.

    As I cannot pm you, What information would you like? We do have a mysql databse.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheExceed Many people have complained about being scammed in there already. Quote from the rules page:
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    @TheExceed That's the information I needed :) Give me some time, I think tomorrow I can do it and will post the result here ;)
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    @timtower But it is their fault for not testing... LOL
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    @TheExceed He said nothing about who's fault it was. The problem is that they complain.
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    @Skionz Yes, they complained because they did not take appropriate action in order to protect themselves. Since they complained, Bukkit felt that they were obligated to protect them even though they are not.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheExceed Not everybody knows how to protect themselves. That is why we are doing that now.
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    So I think I am finished :)

    Commands: /antialt reload
    Reloads the config file

    Permissions: AntiAlt.reload
    for reloading

    Introduction: Put the .jar into your plugins folder. Start your server and wait until it is loaded. Stop it, go to plugins/AntiAlt/config.yml and fill in your databaseconnection (hostname, port (default 3306), databasename, username, password).
    Then you can change the settings:

    "OneTime" : Integer - How many players with the same IP can be on the server at the same time.
    "MaxGeneral": Integer - How many players with the same IP can be on the server in general (of all time - alts)
    "KickMessageOneTime": String - KickMessage for the first case
    "KickMessageMaxGeneral": String - KickMessage for the second case

    Data is stored in tables AntiAlt (for "OneTime") and AntiAlt2 (for "MaxGeneral"). You don't need to create these tables, the plugin will do it for you :)

    I hope that's what you wanted. If there are any errors or something else let me know - I will fix them ;)
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    @timtower Well, I guess I shall put you to use. Can you tell me if there are problems with this download/plugin? :p

    @Chucky109 Thank you, I appreciate you taking your time to do this for me!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheExceed Safe to use
    @Chucky109 You probably want to use less database calls in runtime on the main thread, it will lag, a lot.
    Use local variables instead of the database, you are just using it as short term storage.
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    @timtower You mean for the "OneTime" check? Mhm that's a good idea, but for the "MaxGeneral" I need the database I think, right?

    I'm new to this all and thought Mysql is a good solution
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Chucky109 Even looping through the players would work for that.
    And what does that thing do? Not able to see it now.
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    @Chucky109 Let me know when you have editted it?
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    @TheExceed Doesn't look good atm. I have huge problems to fetch the IP's correctly :eek: But I will write here when I got it

    Edit: Got my mistake. Download the new 1.0.1 HERE @TheExceed
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    @timtower Going to put you to good use again :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheExceed If it is on dev.bukkit then it is safe
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    @timtower Well, if you are enforcing a rule where we cannot contact each other privately... then I will ask you every time to tell me whether it is safe or not.
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    @TheExceed He said if it's on then it's safe...
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    You can limit the amount of members per factions in the cfg file, just letting you know.
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    @VG.Developments They can have multiple factions and cushion their main base... so that will not help

    @flash1110 I do not see the capability to block a certain amount from being online. I want a difference, ex: 10 total accounts, and 5 on at one time.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Weird habbit, certainly only when PM's aren't allowed. Don't see the logic behind that.
    Every file on is checked by Curse staff on the moment, it is safe.
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