Anti-Aimbot plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by black_ixx, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    Im in search of a plugin, which blocks aimbots. My new server (in development) will be a war-server.
    I already tested the beta-war-plugin with NoCheat+ and a player with an aimbot was still very very good. NoCheat only blocked a few attacks of the player, but he never missed. I think an anti-aimbot-plugin should not be very hard to write, because the plugin could save, when the player rotates his position. Then it could check the second/third move event if the player still targets at the enemy, or something like that.

    Please answer if you know any plugin, which blocks aimbots.
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    technically its anticheat/hack but yeah :)
    sorry, i like correcting things :p
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    Technically its called Anti Cheat... So your .. wrong, and you made a fool of yourself.. Congratz!!
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    you won this time :mad:
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  7. thanks :D

    I will try Anticheat
  8. Anticheat only blocks attacks when they are to fast, but my friend could still use his aimbot. Only a few attacks didnt work.
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    You could set it to ban people. other than that idk.
  10. hm maybe there is any way to check the minecraft.jar of the players for nodus
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    Everything works fine with NoCheatPlus (for me).
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    but how do you config it. i had troubles with ban/kick thing. plus it didnt really stop my friend from using nodus. could you by any chance post your yml config file on paste bin please.
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    There is an instructions.txt that explains it.
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    oh ok thanks
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  15. I heard that the NoCheat project was stopped. So AntiCheat was created. But I also heard that AntiCheat has many bugs...
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    There isn't. The server doesn't have access to your computers files.
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    When Nocheat died it spawned two new plugins: NoCheatPlus (NCP), and AntiCheat.

    In my experience NCP has been cleaner but I believe that supporting both developers is the best solution. More development on making methods to fight cheating, the better.

    I wish there was a way Jeb and team could integrate it into the game so that server owners could just toggle it on/off (similar to flight toggle)
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    Nodus has NoCheat+ and AntiCheat and NoCheat bypass, unless they update to stop that, then it will stop Aimbot maybe.
  19. Just a feature which detects the rotation of the player could stop each aimbot except hes slow
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    NoCheat project was stopped, but then someone else started a plugin named NoCheatPlus (much better then NoCheat).
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