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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by GeekPlaya, May 17, 2011.

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    Maybe a mod that kicks, then bans (if again) someone who posts an IP to a server?
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    Do you ever look through You can just do it manually. Theres not really any filter for IPs, because every IP is different. Also some people may have their domain name DNS records set to where you can log in to the server using a domain. You can use ChatLogger to go through and look for those dirty advertisers. Thats what I do :p
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    I look there every day thank you.
    This is not a plugin on there and using RegEX (which I do not understand), it can easily be done. All it takes is for someone to make a plugin for it.

    It's not a bad idea, and it's an issue on a good amount of servers.
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    does not require a seperate plugin to filter ip addresses.

    herochat and regexfilter can already do it.

    (for herochat)
    - \b\d{1,3}+(\p{P}*|dot|point)\d{1,3}+(\p{P}*|dot|point)\d{1,3}+(\p{P}*|dot|point)\d{1,3}+\b;terrible server

    i'm working on one for domain names, however it will filter any that you as owner would type in also.
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    This wouldn't be hard at all to make (granted, it would also have a hair trigger, since it would kick people for ips/names of other things, ie web sites); but at the same time I can't imagine many intelligent server admins thinking it's a good idea. If players will leave your server just from the mere mention of another one; you have bigger issues than your totalitarian censorship.

    This seems like it would piss off more people than it would help; and I don't see this being helpful in the first place.
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    I have several ideas for this, and I am currently working on a plugin for it, give me some time (I'm lazy) and I'll have a plugin that logs how many times you say the IP format, scans the ip of the server in the config to make sure you are not just saying the ip of the server you are on, and will ban for a temp time (configured) if you say a non collaborated ip multiple times on the server. No promises that I will be getting this done any time soon. I am replying this on my phone, so if it sounds weird, yeah u get the picture.
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    Don't scan the ip from the config, just get the ip of the server using Java. The server-ip= is left blank in most cases.
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    Wut I meant was make it so that u can specify which ips to allow in a config :p srry it's hard to read on my phone (the box doesnt fit the screen!!) so there's probably some issues with the writing :p
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    Ah... I see. Sorry about that :p - Sounded like you were going to scan, But that would make sense.
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    Back to my wonderful computer!! Now I see why you would be confused :p

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