Plugin Help An Skript Coder needs an Help (How do I fix the lambda statement error?)

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Ah_Roon, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Hi, I wanted to remake the Boobah's Punishment Skript, so I remade an skript, but it displays the error, Current skript
    And it displays this error:

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    [17:49:06] [Server thread/ERROR]: [add 1 to {p.%arg-1%::pOffences.General1}] is not a valid lambda statement. (, line 295: format slot 28 of player with lime dye named "&a&lSeverity 1" with lore "&fPast Offences: &e%{p.%arg-1%::pOffences.General1}%||%{p.%arg-1%::GeneralL1}%||||&7Targeting||&f Killing the specific player repeatedly in game. (Only Applicable on GTA Server)||||&7Violating Specific Map Rules||&f Violating specific map rules that is on /rules command.||||&2Please be sure to give Warning first if 0 Past Offences and 0 Warnings." to clo se then run [make player execute command "%{p.%arg-1%::General1}% %arg-2%"]->[add "&ePunishment Type:&fServerOffense||&eSeverity: &f1||||&eReason: &f%arg-2%||||&eStaff: &f%player%||||&eDate: &f%now%" to {p.%arg-1%::history::*}]->[add 1 to {p.%arg-1%::pOffences.General1}]')
    [17:49:06] [Server thread/INFO]: �[0;37;22m[�[0;33;22mSkript�[0;37;22m]�[m �[0;31;22mEncountered 2 errors while reloading �[0;33;�[m!�[m```

    How should I fix this error?

    After being asked by skript developer, I'm posting on this bukkit forum but I'm not sure this is the right place to post help here.
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