Filled An option to combine each enchanted book on every item of the game in vanilla survival

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Devevid, Jan 24, 2021.

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    What I want:

    Basically, a plugin that removes the enchantment restriction on mutually exclusive enchantments (such as Fire Aspect on a Axe or Sharpness on a Trident). This is already possible with Commands and an anvil in Creative, but its not in survival. So I am asking for a plugin that can Achieve this in survival.

    I did find a plugin tho,

    The problem is that it is not working with Netherite and a Trident, because it is 1.14

    Does somebody know a plugin for 1.16?
    Or can somebody make a plugin for 1.16?

    Yours faithfully,
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    Hey there,

    I believe that I've managed to get this working. Essentially it will allow you to put literally any enchanting book on any weapon/armor (Protection IV on sword, etc...).

    The experience cost should be the same as with normal enchantments (1 level per enchantment level). Meaning that Sharpness V will cost 5 levels. If I messed anything up here, please let me know, as I never really used much of enchanting when playing Minecraft so I'm not really knowledgeable on it.

    It is currently made to work for 1.16 servers only, but if needed I can make it backwards compatible as well.

    If you have any issues, questions or further requests on this plugin, feel free to post them in here ^-^

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    Im playing on a 1.16.4 test rn, but it does not work for us, am I doing something wrong?

    Screen: (Book is Sharp 5)

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    Hmmmm, that's really weird. I tried the plugin out again right now and it worked fine.

    There are two issues that I can think of on top of my hat:
    1. Have you installed plugin correctly and are there any errors in server console (I know it's a dumb question, but I have to ask it ^-^)
    2. Has the enchanting book been renamed? Because in order for this plugin to work, the enchanted book must not be renamed or anything
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    Did you try the Plugin in Creative or Survival?
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    Yeah I tried it in survival and it worked fine... This is really weird. I even tried it on a fresh copy of a server. I'll look into it a bit and see what could be wrong
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    I work with Devevid and run the server too. I put the plugin in the plugin folder and it turns green when I type ./plugins. In survival it just doesn't work to put an enchanted book with, for example, Protection IV on a diamond sword. Very strange. Couldn't it be that you sent the wrong 'test' version or something along those lines? Or that I did something wrong when installing it?
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    @CastilloNLDE @Devevid

    I managed to find the issue. For some reason the plugin worked fine on Paper server, but didn't work at all on either CraftBukkit or Spigot. I rewrote it and tested it on all three servers, so it should be fine now.

    The only thing that is a bit buggy right now is enchanting and renaming at the same time. It works fine for vanilla enchants, but any custom ones (Protection on Sword) need to be first enchanted and then renamed or vice versa. I'll look into fixing this sometime in the following days.

    I apologize for the mistake on my end ^-^

    If there will be any further questions, issues or requests, feel free to post them here.

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    Thank you very much, it works.

    Just one little problem:

    If you enchant your item in the anvil and take the enchanted item with [SHIFT] you'll receive a second "fake" item, but if you press Q it's fine.

    A little buggy, but not a big issue.
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