Alternative to AuthDB?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BlancoLanda, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I remember AuthDB as the best login plug-in... but it's not working at the last bukkit version. Do you know any similar and powerful logging in plugin like that? What's the best alternative to this? Thank you! :D
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    Haha these offline-mode plugins...
    You could try xAuth
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    or buy minecraft so theres no need for offline auth?
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    It's really simple!
    1. Remove the old plugin
    2. -> online-mode=true
    3. -> Buy
    4. Profit
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    LOL. That may work with tiny servers.
    The problem is that builtin Minecraft authentification some times is not enogth.

    I have my premium Minecraft acount and my server is in on-line mode but I wanth the user to register and introduce them selves in the server forum before leting them login and have permissions to play.

    So. Stop asuming that the only need for an authentification plugin is to run an Off-Line mode server.

    By the way, BlancoLanda. I'm now migrating to xAuth (
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    I make my users register on my website before being able to build, and I don't need any authentication plugins.

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