Allows multiple warps even though there not listed?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 3happy, Jun 12, 2014.

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    So, I have my perms perfectly done and they work, but my problem is that when someone at my server is Rank A, they should only be able to Warp to A. But, they can also warp to B even though its not listed. I have the multi warps # turned off so I know thats not the problem, and when i go into game and do /mangdelp A essentials.warps.B, It even says that Rank A does not have that permission.
    My PasteBin for the perms:

    Please Help!
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    No plugin list?
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    we have TimTheEnchanter, Multiworld, Groupmanager, CommandSigns, AlphaChest, WorldEdit, Simple-AutoSave, Vault, PlotMe, WorldGaurd, TreeAssist, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, SimpleRestat, PrisonSuite, RazSignShop, WarpSigns, ItemINfo, ChestShop, ClearLag, PrisonRankup, PrisonMine, EssentialsProtect, Essentials.spawn, Essentials.anitbuild,

    They also, can't use my [command] signs, or any sell signs

    I managed to fix the sell/command sign, problem but i still don't know why they can warp to B? If it helps, I've it worked before but now once i retyped in Perms it doesn't.

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    3happy When you say you have multi warps turned off in the Essentials config, are you talking about the line that says per-warp-permission: true/false? If so, that's your problem. You need per-warp-permissions set to true if you want to control which warps people are allowed to use. When it's false then everyone can go everywhere, regardless of whether they have the specific warp perm or not.
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    No we have that on, but we fixxed the problem! Thanks though!
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