allow player to choose a permission group with a sign

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    hi everyone,

    i searched for a plugin like this but couldn't find any and i don't even know if it is possible. I'd like a plugin that allows my players to choose a permission group, by using a sign (or whatever else).

    here's a situation where i'd like to use it.
    i'm running an RP server and i have magicians and warriors. Magician can use a magic plugin but can't use swords. Warriors don't have acces to magic but can use swords. And then i have the newcomers who can have some kind of training with both magic and sword. Everything is set up by a permission plugin. At the end of the training, the newbies can choose if they become magicians or warriors by clicking a sign.

    I'm using PEX for permissions

    let's say my permissions are :

    Newbies :
    - can use the sign to change their group
    - can use magic
    - can use swords

    Warriors :
    - can't use the sign to change group
    - can use sword
    - can use kicking ass tactics with swords

    Magicians :
    - can't use the sign to change group
    - can use magic
    - can read forgotten books of infinite power

    What the plugin basically do :
    when clicking the sign, the plugin sends the command i would type to switch my users from one group to another one. Btw i'm not coder and i don't know if it is possible to give so kind of admin acces to a plugin

    If Psychoma click the sign to become magician, the plugins sends :
    /permission move psychoma to magician group

    I know i could manage to make this works only with permissions, and asking my player to type a too hard command that they will never type right, but we all know nobody's reading rules, tutorials, or explainations about how to use a plugin when playing on a server. So ... in the name of all my players, please help. I'm sure this kind of plugin could be very usefull for tons of things.
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    bump because this sounds easy. I would do it, but i dont know how permissions commands work.

    All someone needs to do is use getLine() method for Signs and if it has the right string, you could try do something like triggering a permissions command. Er maybe have aliases.
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    CommandSigns or somthing like that does this


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