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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mukrakiish, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Anyone who's been watching the Google Doc then the following ci.bukkit build list...can see they have been working Non-Stop. That is pure insanity, even if you were doing a full time job.

    The bukkit team deserves a huge round of applause for the dedication and hard work they invest in what they deal with, the hoops they jump through and how hard they work. I can only hope they have gotten a good deal of donations to help offset the crazy work they've done.

    Thank you so much =)
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    Peter Hsieh

    Thank you Bukkit Team!
    Appreciated beyond imagination.
    Tip to MC Servers running Bukkit~ Share a little of the server costs in Bukkit donations. They really deserve it. :)
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    qyestion is.... was it night for them?!

    but regardless of that, awesome work. as per usual :p
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    Dinnerbone started I think around 3 pm his time and it hasn't stopped for almost 18 hours (I think I've got my numbers fairly close). He got a second team member helping a few hours later...then once everyone in North America got off of work/school then they started as well I believe.

    Either way, that's crazy.
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    Hats off to dinnerbone for his hard work and dedication to the project. He needs more pizza!
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    Pizza is super delicious when your starving and coding.. no new builds for the past 7 hours.. maybe they finally passed out and got some sleep lol
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    Thanks to Dinnerbone and all the Bukkit team! I think he slept for about 5 hours if I read his tweets right...
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    Thanks to the Bukkit Dev team! Keep up the excellent work!! Pretty flawless integration so far, I'm not having many problems at all using the latest #1118 with 1.8.1!
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