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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Wituz, Feb 27, 2012.

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    hey man... i still have that question about armor... can u make custom armor using spout???
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    It's already on BukkitDev! That's what I linked to. :)
  3. Thanks for doing this man. I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you.
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    So, i'm basically looking for a plugin that can make it possible to edit/create what is on maps (the item, not the actual world map). Maybe the plugin will have a "maps" folder, and you can put pictures or words in it, and mark these pictures with a number. Then, when you say /map [number], and you'll get a map with the picture on it. The plugin would also either also resize the picture, or the picture would have to be a certain size/resolution (to fit on the map).

    This is kinda complicated, and please tell me if you don't understand the concept or if it will take too long to finish -_-

    Thank you! :D
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    I envision Landing Zone, a plugin that spawns all players on a platform loaded with portals specified by a config file. Players spawn on this landing zone and enter a portal that generates a 1000 x 1000* world just for them and adds text to a sign on the portal with their name on it. Players can only enter a portal once as long as they have one existing. (Online ONLY)


    /lz allow <playername> : lets other players have access to your world portal
    /lz tp : teleports player to the landing zone
    /lz deleteworld <playername> : deletes player's world (only your own unless admin)

    Why Landing Zone?
    -anti update**
    -anti grief
    -easier to travel to friends/ other players
    -possibility of "social portals" where maps can be uploaded and players can do a group event
    -possibility of a regular world portal with creative mode enabled***
    -players can delete and regenerate new worlds until they find a seed they want
    -possibility to automatically delete worlds after x amount of days

    *can modify
    **can keep or delete world with new seed gen without worry
    ***with a mechanic to delete items after exiting this portal to prevent item generation

    Clearly there are other options for this and a mere sample.

  6. Sure you can!
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    Can't wait for mine, just wait and see what I have created.
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    u know wat, screw that last post(bandits and orcish barbarians), they're both pretty metal and pointless mobs I made just kinda taking advantage of finding someone who can make . I'm thinking the real deal... DRAGONS!!!!! I want these beast ass dragons that spawn VERY rarely, only in the default world, and come in 3 types: ice, fire, and lightning(maybe no lightning... its up to u), the fire will just light like every other block in front of it on fire when it sees an enemy(you), and will be about as strong as a person with somehow 1.5 times the protection of diamond armor(all 3 will have this strength), these dragons will drop randomly dragon scales and/or dragon fangs. You can craft dragon scaled armor using dragon scales, an dragon fang swords. Both will be 1.5 times the strength of diamond stuff. lightning dragons will call upon lightning bolts targeted at u, and ice will probably just trap u in a block of ice to suffocate :p.. now, if you can somehow manage to kill these invincible beasts, you will be GREATLY rewarded by the armor, sword, AND dragon scaled saddle! You can craft a dragon scaled saddle by... i have no idea -.- . once you have this saddle, you can saddle onto a dragon if it gets close enough to u... once you saddle onto you, it becomes tame like a wolf, you can ride it and control its every move, you can EVEN use the fire/lightning/ice!!!!

    Also, i would LOVE to have a horse to ride and be able to craft saddles the same way you craft dragoncaled saddles just with leather instead of dragon scales! I want these guys to not spawn, only when spawned individually by a op. You can saddle them and they will become tame like a wolf and you can control its every move..they will be FAST! I kinda think that there should be no killing them(invincible), they will also not react if you hit them.

    Ik that i may be overwhelming u with all these requests! i am deeply sorry.. but i hope you consider my ideas! I do have some other requests 4 armor, but I will let that wait! Thx SOOOO much!
  9. It is possible to give dragons custom skins, and make their block-destroy thing blockable. It would be like in skyrim! Nice idea, i will prior it a bit up!
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    Alright EPIC! But just fyi... just because i said"screw that last post", I still want the first 4 mobs! Thx!

    oops! And when i said (bandits and orcish barbarians)... i mean (hunters and orcish barbarians), sorry!

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    Thank you so much :D
  12. If you haven't started mine yet I was wondering if you could also add a custom cooldown for the warp command. No cooldown before they can use it again but make them wait like 5 seconds after they type /warp to warp away. Thank you, John.
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    Gliding Boats
    What it does: Players can get in a boat, sail it off a waterfall, and slowly hover forward through the air, downwards, at the same speed as a boat normally would. It should be similar to a hang glider.​
    Permissions: glideboat.use - allows the player to sail a boat through the air.​
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  15. Awsome idea! Added to my plugin list!

    It is truly possible, but it will take me some time to develop. I will add it to my plugin list.
    - Uniqueform

    First off, i'll do the dragons .. later we can evolve it!

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    alright, I like that idea... but do u think u could make bandits second priority? Cause i really need bandits(as well as guards) for epic quests and bandit raids! Thx!
  18. flancia3
    Bandits (pirates) is already in citizens ...
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    If you want you could make this plugin. I understand if you're busy, this seems like a pretty hard thing to do. This was copied from a thread I made:

    "Just an idea that I thought might be cool. I don't need it or anything.

    In this plugin, you can make iron golems do basically anything you want. You could set up a base full of iron golems to protect your base. Iron golems in villages cannot be tamed (i'm not sure if that's possible to code.) All of the commands besides /ig help must be done while looking at an iron golem.

    Here's what the commands might look like:

    /ig help - Shows all commands for this plugin.

    /ig claim - Claims the iron golem you're pointing at (does not work if said iron golem is already claimed)

    /ig unclaim - Unclaims the iron golem, removing all of the settings it had.

    /ig playeratk on - This command only works if you have claimed the iron golem. This commands makes the iron golem specified attack any player besides the one who used the command. If claimed, this setting is on by default.

    /ig passiveatk on - This command only works if you have claimed the iron golem. This command makes iron golems attack passive mobs. This is not enabled by default.

    /ig hostileatk on - This command only works if you have claimed the iron golem. This command makes iron golems attack hostile mobs like they normally do. This setting is on by default.

    /ig playeratk off - This command stops the iron golem from attacking players.

    /ig passiveatk off - This command stops the iron golem from attacking passive mobs.

    /ig hostileatk off - This command stops the iron golem from attacking hostile mobs.

    /ig addplayer <playername> - This command prevents the iron golem from attacking the specified player.

    /ig removeplayer <playername> - This command will make the iron golem hostile towards the player removed.

    /ig atk <playername> - (This only works if playeratk is set to off.) This command is only used if you're a jerk. It makes the iron golem only attack the player(s) specified. You can add more than one player to this list. (i'm not quite sure about this command..)

    /ig info - This shows the info of the iron golem you're pointing at, such as what players it doesn't attack, if it attacks passive mobs or hostile mobs, etc."

    Thread link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/idea-tame-iron-golems-and-make-them-do-things.62992/
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  21. Cool idea! Will ADD it, but it Will tale some time before i start developing it, i have many requests right now.. :)
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    I want a plugin that lets you respawn colored sheep. I want to set the amount of sheep and the percents of the colors. The command could be /resetsheep! I have world edit so if you want to select where to respawn all the sheep that would be great! Thanks!

    From My Thread! http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/req-sheep-respawn-reset.62414/
    Plugin category: MISC./Admin Tools

    Suggested name: SheepReset

    A bit about me: I'm a new server owner and am kinda new to plugins.

    What I want: A plugin that lets you reset (colored) sheep. I want to be able to select the amount of sheep and their colors(beacuse of how my server works) and when the sheep are killed, I can reset them(Into baby sheep :D) There might be a plugin (because i've seen it on a server) but I don't know if the owner made it! Please help, Thanks!

    Ideas for commands: /sheepreset [Name of area(Selected by world edit)]

    Ideas for permissions: sr.admin

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible

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    Thank you so much!
  25. Like it! Added to priority list!
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    Thank you!
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    Rich Boos

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    Hello, I would like to request TWO plugin requests... The first one I want it to be just like BananaProtect BUT make it so OP's or anyone with the correct Node can break OTHER peoples blocks without them letting you... So you could do this so the person you say CAN break your blocks /beallow {their name} and this to remove them from your block edit allowed list /beremove {their name}... And like I said OP's and/or people with the correct Node could break anybodys blocks! I want the name to be SmamspProtect :) The next one I want will be a super simple TP plugin that almost everyone has thought about at least once! The name should be CleanWorldTP, I want it to bring you to any world in the root of your server (Where craftbukkit.jar is located) and you could go to them by typing something like /cwtp {world name} and ALSO have /flatlands which would bring you to a flatland which was generated the first time you use that command... Some Nodes would be like cleanworldtp.{world-name} and cleanworldtp.flatlands it would be AMAZING if you also built the first plugin you made on here with it (Type Manager) So it would be a super clean world tp plugin :) Thanks sooooo much and please reply with any questions and E-Mail me at [email protected] If you have any important questions that you want answered fast or for download links :D
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    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/request-updating-friendlycreepers-appletree-formatted.63130/ from my own post. Mannil is looking into it but he's a tad overload w/ more he has to do i mean more help th ebetter even if it's 2 less he hasto worry about. the only adition i'd say is someone made a request on Jungle trees to drop coco beans, that that as a configurable option to AppleTree to set if it's a jungle tree, drop coco beans if not look back at normal tree configuration

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