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  1. Hello there

    I am traveling to Ireland at Tuesday, week 11, will be back developing at Monday, week 12.

    But please still let me know:
    Any nice requests i could do for you?
    Plugin request is currently closed, please wait until I'm done with the other ones...

    All plugins posted here will be made, unless you write something that would take years to make (fx "Make a plugin that generates chinese pangrams" ect.)

    This CAN include custom GUI, BLOCKS and ITEMS
    Current Requests:
    - #2 Buildpoints (Zino) Nearly done ... - Get points for building
    - #3 Call of Minecraft (The fluffey) - Call of duty styled Minecraft
    - #4 UltiWarp (Time2MinecaftServers) - Ultimate warping plugin
    - #5 Dragonz (flancia3) - I think title says everything :)
    - #6 Zombie Infection (tsuna25) - Title says it all
    - #7 Chatblock (Tim Andersen) - Block messages containing server IP's in the chat
    - #8 AirBoats (bikboii) - Fly with a boat!
    - #9 CrossChests (zackandreweli) - Cross server chests made easy
    - #10 Listeners (coming soon ...) - Execute commands 0r send messages when an event is fired!

    Current important requests (these will be done first)
    - #1 MKBan (matymathew) In progress ... - Advanced life-ban system. Nearly done!
    - #2 PVP-Bounty (AndyFox42) Not yet started ...

    Requests done
    - #1 TypeManager (Tim Andersen) Done! - Light-weight world settings manager
    - #2 Update some plugins (CaelThunderwing) Done!
    • Made by Uniqueform
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    Hmm, so, I'd like a plugin that generates chinese pangrams. :p

    Or maybe self-enumerating pangrams? Oh! Chinese self-enumerating pangram creator! Thats what I want. Run a command:

    /cpangram, it should write a chinese pangram
    /secpangram, it should write a chinese self enumerating pangram.

    Well, if that proves to be too difficult for you, how about just a plugin that creates self-enumerating pangrams for scandinavian languages?

    /spangram, it should write scandinavian pangram
    /sespangram, it should write a self-enumerating scandinavian pangram

    And one more:
    /pangramify, it should, using the vanilla font, write the pangram in the map, 9 blocks high
  3. U mad ? That would take years
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    Nah, making plugin to generate scandinavian pangrams would actually be way easy, self enumerating scandinavian pangrams could take some mad skillz and some time tho.

    Ofc if you don't know any scandinavian, how about just making a plugin that can create self-enumerating english pangrams?
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    Tim Andersen

    I have a "creative-survival-pvp" server. all in different worlds..
    Now. i would like a plugin that put people in survival modee when thay enter a certain world.
    So my donators do not have creative when entering a pvp world and so on.
    Is this something that is allready out there?.
    Iam using Permissions EX right now.

    I got this problem on the server, That people get in. Post some random server IP. Then leaves. I would like to hear if its posible to develop a plugin the Catch these advetisements before thay hit the chat. Gives the person a warning. If its done 2 times. Ban.

    Rainbow plugin with gold at the end!
    is this plugin possible?. The rainbow could be made out of collored wool. and random loot chest at the end. how problematic would such a plugin be to make?

    Right now we use spout plugin, and spoutcraft to run a "basic" radio station, the thing we want on our server, is the ability to queue files, put a giant list on, and let people hear one number after the other.
    is there a way to connect winamp shoutcast radio to the server?, i have to be converted to ogg someway. not sure if it is posible..
    If not, i got giang list of ogg files, i would like the server to send the playgcommand every 3 min or something like that, with the new file in it. that could work to.

    Hope there is something you could do inhere ;)
  6. you're from denmark, right?
    I could easely make the multiworld plugin thing, so I would start it now - Afterwards I will take a look at the other ones you've posted.
  7. Aha, if you could make a plugins with : "buildpoints"

    enough buildpoints will rank you up.
    you can get buildpoints with:
    /bp give <player> <amount>

    and take:
    /bp take <player> <amount>

    /bp <player>

    /bp top

    your own amount:

    with mysql connection.
    and config.
  8. what kind of config?

    Alright people, this is my list of plugins I will make right now:
    #1 creative / survival / pvp management (Tim Andersen)
    #2 Buildpoints (Zino)
    Thank you for making requests!

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  9. Sure, i'll give you the source - I can also release the plugin and make it open-souce, depends on what you want :)

    #1 Plugin done - Made for Tim Andersen

    Name: TypeManager
    Functionality: Manage world settings
    - By Uniqueform

    Download here

    Starting developing #2 today, finishing tomorrow :)

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    Suggestion 1: (I really need this :D)

    A type of system where when you get a kill you get a set amount of xp (seperate from in-game normal xp, define in config)... You can only use certain guns when you have gotten to a certain level. Like the prestige system in cod, there is a curved amount of xp to each level, making it harder to level the higher the level you are. Levels do nothing but enable you the use of a certain gun ID, meaning it would need support for spout sub ID's: 318:1065


    #You need to be level 20 for this sniper (dragunov)

    xpperkill: 25

    #Curved xp system

    UnlockAt: 318:1065-20 318:1065 is the gun id. 20 is the level..


    A nice gui like a call of duty +20 after a kill in the middle of the screen would be awesome too. (like RPG Essentials)... Maybe even a seperate XP bar to keep track of how close you are to a level (Like MCMMO).
  11. I'm surprised I have yet to see this done. What I need is a simple warp plugin that requires a specified item to warp.
    I've always thought redstone is rather useless and could be used for more "magical" things. Using redstone to warp seems logical to me.
    Anyway if anyone could create a warp plugin that includes everything below I would greatly appreciate it!
    • Create Warps
    • Remove Warps
    • Warp
    • Require Items to Warp
    • No Items Required For Certain Groups
    • Warp List
    • Private Warp List
    • Warp Signs
    • Anything Else?
    /warp list (multiple pages)
    .warp (Use /warp)
    .warplist (See all warps)
    .warplist.own (See your own warps)
    .setwarp (Set warps) Possible Limit?
    .removewarp (Remove warps)
    .removewarp.own (Remove your warps)
    .warp.free (Can warp without required items)

    Once again thank you, I really need this plugin.
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    For signrank you can already do this... Use the permissionsEx Promote command and make a sign out of it... Using CommandSigns: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/scrollingmenusign/

    Or, for bPerms, use MultiCommand and tie all of the promote commands into one command. Then sync it to a sign.
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    You sir...are a genius, I'll try this out tomorrow although I would still like the signrank plugin :D
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    Well poop, I came to a problem... It won't promote that users name... Unless you can use %player?

    Thats for PEX, if you are bPerms you are set though.
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    I am indeed using bperms ;)
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    How will you define the user? I sort of failed there... Can you use %player or player%?
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    I thought you were the one telling me how to do this! XD I don't know
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    Lol I didn't realize my own issue :D. I am dumbb :D Well, might as well continue with signrank request.
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    Hey! I am running a spout rpg server, and I would LOVE it if someone here could help me add new mobs!

    Mob 1. I have been thinking.. and I REALLY want a new mob called bandit. This would pretty much be a human(nordic) bandit. He runns around killing people(like most mobs), but only spawns by bandit spawners.. using spawner gui. I could add these spawners all over bandit camps, and there will be massive raids/quests, forcing you to go in and slauter the bandits.. I haven't quite decided if these bandits should have a bow/arrow or sword, but I think we could discuss that. I want them to drop Bandit's blood(drops one bandit blood 100% of kills).

    Mob 2. I was hopping there could be another mob, that actually acts more like an npc.. in the way that it stands still and you have to spawn them individually. This will be either a Nordic guard, or a Protecters guard(protecters are the main guild on my server, kinda like the empire from skyrim). And he wil just stand still all the time, but if he sees someone hurt any mob/person, he will go attack the attacker. He kinda acts like a zombie pigman. These mobs are VERY strong, probably as strong as a person with full iron armer and an iron sword... making you not really wanna mess with them.

    Mob 3. Citizens! I want a bunch of the pretty much same mob, just different name and different look. I want these guys to be peaceful and spawn only with mob spawners. They will act like most peaceful animals. There will be 4 types of citizens: Dwarvan citizen, Orcish citizen, Nordic citizen, and Elven citizen. They will all be pretty much be the same shape... just make the dwarf shorter :p. I want them to drop a random piece of food or leather armor.

    Mob 4. If you have played skyrim, you have come across those freaking invincible trolls... well, I kinda hate the name trolls(I hope you can help me come up with a better name!), but i REALLY want some epic beast to roam my snow-capped mountains! I want these guys to kill you in 2 hits, but be pretty weak(compared to their attack), I think they should be about as strong as a normal person with like no armor(making it possible to snipe them!). I want them to spawn only above a certain elevation, and on snow(not just in a snow biome, cause some of the areas of my map aren't technically snow biomes, they just look like them!). Probably spawn like 30 blocks below build limit and higher..

    I REALLY hope you decide to take interest in this plugin! I would so appreciate any help I could get.. even if you only want to help with one or 2 mobs! I will make sure to credit you on my server for making these mobs a part of my server! I also had a question, is it possible to add armer using spout??? Thankyou, and have a nice day!

    If you don't mind, I have 2 more mob requests!

    Mob 5. Hunter, this will probably either nordic, or elvish, but I'm thinking that elves are great with bows and arrows, plus they need more of a point to my server... so imma go with an elvish hunter! I want these guys to be fast(they don't have to be if thats too hard), they will shoot any mob, but not players. They will spawn around trees/wood/leaves/in a forest(not a forest biome cause my forests aren't technically forests :p). they will cary a bow and arrow, and be as strong as a player with leather armor. They will drop arrows.

    Mob 6. Orcish barbarian, I want these guys to just walk around randomly in the nether, and rarely in the real world, but if they see a player, they will charge at you, with their big mace. They will be as weak as a normal player with no armor, but can kill you in 3 hits, if they run into you when charging at you, that counts as a hit... i want them to be quite FAST when charging, but normally just walk around with their mace swung over their shoulder. I want them to drop... I'm not quite sure, could you help me think bout that? ooo! maybe a new type of meat? like orcish meat... or orcish blood!

    oh.... :( i didn't quite realize you were done taking requests... OH! i would like love you if you could at least start this plugin when ur done with the others! oh i so need this!i would REALY appreciate it man!

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  22. Hey - I am not done taking requests! Keep posting man, i'm doing the most of them - I will write a proity list later today.
    - Thanks for requesting!

    Updated proity list - look at my first post

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  23. [quote uid=10063 name="godgodgodgo" post=988421]I thought you were the one telling me how to do this! XD I don't know[/quote]
    For you i updated it.
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    [quote uid=36964 name="Zino" post=988902]For you i updated it.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    That was very nice of you, I am sure he will be ecstatic. I love this community.
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    If you dont mind i requested zombie infection i was wondering if you could add a smoke feature like a smoke grenade or something that makes lots of smoke for a clear getaway because i always wanted something like that :D Also factions support like maybe when you create a faction you do /faction humanonly and if a human turns into a zombie they get kicked i dont really need it but it would make things easier.
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    ok thx man!
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    Wituz, Tim Anderson
    My plugin AntiPub already accomplishes #7, and more. It'll also be having a major update soon. Not sure if you already developed it, but thought I'd provide that as a more 'long term' solution to the person who requested it as I'm going to keep it updated.

    Edit: The only thing the plugin doesn't do is ban after 2 times, but there is notification options, and there's really no need for banning, considering the post is never seen in the chat anyways. I'll possibly add a ban feature in this upcoming update, or the one after it, if it's requested that is.
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    I personally love this plugin, I use it every day. Any way you could add it to bukkit dev so BukkitUpToDate can auto-download it when it is released?

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