All biomes are now snow?!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by killervalon, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I have this problem where suddenly all my biomes turned snow over night. I'm not sure why and how, but how do i fix it?

    (Running Bukkit 766)
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    I have to be honest, that sounds amazing. I have like no snow on my server.
    is it just for existing biomes, or is it snow in places you haven't explored prior to this issue?
    also, does it stay as snow if you play it on single player?
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    You fix it by finding a plugin causing this, since it really should not be happening. Try running vanilla server to make sure. And what exactly do you mean by turning snow? Is there snow on the ground or is there snowing everywhere?
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    Based on your plugin list, I'd recommend disabling WeatherGod. But as @Plague said your going to need to provide a bit more info.
  5. I asked the guy who made WeatherGod, and said it couldn't happen. However, disabling it won't help, all the grass will still be using the snow biome thing.. Meaning that if it rains - snows / snowstorm - thunderstorms without it, it will still happen.

    And yes, it happend a while after i installed WeatherGod, so i think that's the cause. However i need a way to get rid of all the goddamn snow.
    Some people find it cool, however if you see snow snow snow snow, it gets sad. And harder to build.
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    If it rains, it's NOT a snow biome.

    Also weather god should only start/stop weather like I do in my plugin that can never change biomes.
  7. What i meant was that the modes are none - rain / snow - thunder / snowstorm, but i have no clue why that it all suddenly changed.

    NOTE: I installed this and like a day or two after, BAM all the leaves and grass went snow biomey.
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    So you only have snow on the ground?
    Or does it snow there.
    Until you answer this one clearly there really is little help since it changes much.
  9. When weather event occours, it snows all over the world. Therafore the leaves and grass changed.
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    AFAIK that's only possible by editing the world seed (in save).
    Did you have some other plugins previously?

    You can maybe test thusly:
    1. run vanilla server and go somewhere away from current map so new chunks are generated
    2. when you have a non-winter biome (desert, savanna,...) logout and save the world somewhere
    3. now run bukkit with weathergod (or if you do not trust him, try plgEssentials) and start weather
    4. if it rains add some plugins and try again
    5. you should find the one doing the snow
  11. I actually do not care for the plugin, i just have this pretty big server which suddenly got filled with snow, i just wanna get rid of it. I did manage with MCEdit to get rid of the snow layer, however the grass and leaves are still the wrong biome, which will make snow keep coming.
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    Same thing happened to me! Snowing in deserts with snow blocks that appeared all over the ground.
    I trimmed down the list to plugins that I have too (doesn't seem like any of these plugins would actually cause this)
  13. Bump it UP! (Time isnt much, but i couldn't find the post without checking my profile)
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    To remove the snow, you can use /thaw <radius> as part of WorldEdit. I'm not sure how it could snow over the entire world, though. Any way you can upload your world save so we can take a look at it?
  15. Not so sure about uploading it, but i can do a video.

    Oh, and hey smartass, i told that i've already suceeded to remove the snow. However the biome changed so it will just KEEP snowing.
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    WTF? I'm saying that you can use /thaw to keep removing the snow until you can find a permanent fix. I'm just trying to help, but if you want to be rude about it, then you won't get help from anyone.
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    I think he was telling me that I could do that since I said there was snow all over
  18. It will still snow again since it turned to a snow biome..

    Now that i come to think of it, i think i installed Multiverse along with Slowhealth to do a non-monster lose health workaround at that time aswell, however i removed it again. That might be the problem. However still doesnt remove snow.. :(

    Also seemed like alot of people didn't know what a biome is, since they were just telling me to use some plugin to clear the snow.. Yeah, that won't help..

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    I have multiverse too. That is proly the cause
  20. Yup, but again... Biomes, how do they work? =D
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    don't the biomes get screwed up if you log in on a secondary world? I don't think that makes sense but I saw some1 say it once
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    This is also happening on my 2 servers. both of which previously did not have it.

    the only common mods we have are iconomy ichat and minecartmania.
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    Bioms and weather are linked to your saved world seed, if your seed file was damaged or changed by anything it will change your weather paterns AND how new chunks are made. unless you have a backup of an uncorrupted/canged file your out of luck. I had this happen to my old server with when then HD started to lowlevel eat itself.

    if you know your worldseed prior to the problem. there might be a way to set it back manualy or via a plugin, but if their is. i have no idea how.
  24. Fixed it, cleaned snow then copied level.dat and session.lock (even though i dont think session.lock does anything) Now it's all normal. The plugin causing this must be Multiverse, which i mentioned i removed again, it seemed to have made another world, inside this, however not generated. So that all my previous stuff was saved, but spawn, world seeds changed.

    @Codisimus @Leavaris
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    Makes sense, I'll post something on the Multiverse thread is someone didn't already. I'm not sure what you mean by copied level.dat.
  26. I took a early backup, took the level.dat from an older backup that worked, then put it into the current server. And BAM, your done. Since the level.dat contains biome shit.
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    thanks for figuring this out :)
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    Nathan C

    //replace snow air
  30. Oh my fucking god, read the entire topic, AND i even mentioned it.

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