Alcohol. (Pub plugin)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by mattyj555, Feb 26, 2011.

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    On my server i have a pub. simple enough but all i serve is milk and water :( i was wondering if somebody could make an alcohol plugin. using wheat as barley and adding water and sugar to make beer. etc. some other drinks maybe? basically i want to make my pub reallistic. so pub plugin PLEASE!
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    nice idea :confused:
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    Edward Hand

    Adding new items to the game is not possible with bukkit plugins alone.
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    how about turning water in vodka and let the player get drunk, blury cant walk straight :p
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    Edward Hand

    Not being able to walk straight is very difficult to implement. Blurry vision isnt possible without client mods
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    adding new items is impossible? surely there is a way of creating new items.

    if not, maybe remake milk as beer? but then we would be at a loss of milk :(

    Anyway. What else would you need to add items to the game.
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    client support, as far as I can tell...
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    1) Items must be a mod, not a plugin
    2) Crafting is client-side.

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