Alas, no more BukkitDev'in for me

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Lolmewn, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Hey everyone,

    with a heavy heart, I too am resigning from BukkitDev staff. It’s been epic, I made a ton of friends, and learnt a lot from the hundreds of thousands of lines of code I reviewed during my time as staff.

    The reason I resign is fairly simple. I’ll be giving an overview of a couple of the reasons.
    • Newly found information regarding Curse and their involvement in the project has led me to challenge my future as a member of BukkitDev staff. You’ll see, sooner or later.
    • I’m getting ripped off. Apparently, Mojang owns Bukkit. This means that, all this time, it seems I have been performing actions on their behalf. This being said, everyone affiliated with the Bukkit project works their ass off to deliver a great product. We get nothing for this. This would be fine, if Mojang wouldn’t actually own bukkit.

    I would like to personally thank a couple of people that have been absolutely great during my time as DBO staff. These people are, but are not limited to:
    TnT - for being such a great team lead.
    EvilSeph - for being such a great Bukkit leader #praiseSeph
    lol768 - for bringing more lol to the lands of DBO
    lukegb - for all the ARAMs between approval of files
    CaptainBern - for being a boss
    obnoxint - for being a great mentor

    ps: For more life story drama shizzle, head over to my blog: - this also has a somewhat more detailed reason for leaving.
    If you for some reason want to contact me, you can PM me here, PM me on DBO, throw a message at my twitter (@Lolmewn) or just send me an email (lolmewn at gmail dot com)
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    Your blog 404s. And goodbye!
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    Thanks for the heads-up, fixed now.
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    <3 Mewn
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    I don't really get it, you're doing this for the Minecraft community, not just Mojang. And if you're mad that such a valuable company isn't paying a hard worker like you, you should have at least made a petition of some kind, but, I have seen none of that.
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    That would completely remove the point of this being a community driven project. It's either we work for Mojang without getting paid, or we work for Mojang with getting paid but it's really not what we signed up for (as it is a volunteer job position), or leave. I hope this makes sense :)
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    I'll still be developing :) No idea who's gonna approve the files, but since there's no DBO staff around anymore anyway I might just start linking the downloads from my CI.
    As for Sponge, I'm gonna see who will be "the next bukkit", and transfer my plugins over to there.
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    Do you think there will be a next Bukkit? Really?

    If so that is great news.
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    I think the collaboration is more of a "lets get ready in-case shit hits the fan" Kind of deal at the moment, but at least there's an organized set of developers ready to take on the role.

    Well, I love the positive attitude, Im only a server owner but its got me on the fence too with all these recent problems!
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    Yeah, exactly. At this point I'm pretty sure that the only thing that lies in front of us now are better times ;)
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    Thanks for all your hard work! :'(
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    Something that looks like it, anyway.
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    Yeah, but still, you could just ignore the fact that bukkit is owned by Mojang. It's actually good that Mojang owns Bukkit because they stopped it from shutting down. I don't know why everyone hates Mojang so much.
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    I don't think you see the problem here. Mojang is a big company. They let us, unknowingly, work for them, for free. Now, I don't expect you to understand how much work it actually is, being BukkitDev staff, but trust me, it's a lot.
    If Mojang wouldn't own Bukkit that would be fine since we work for the community. However, since Mojang does own bukkit, we work for them, for free.
    We can't expect the community to pay for our work, at all. Therefore, we made it a volunteer position. However, Mojang is very well capable of paying for our work. So if they want us to work for them, they better fucking pay.

    EDIT: Please note; I may say a lot of things regarding money here, but that's not what I'm getting at. I mean I don't want to be a slave of a big company.
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    Wise words, my friend. Wise words.
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    I totally agree with you. its like Mojang setup a chop shop in china(Bukkit) now they are hiring kids to slave in the shop(Bukkit) but not paying for the work completed that is keeping the game alive.
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    Exactly my point, thank you.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Lolmewn Thank you for your hard work.
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