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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FullOnGamerz, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. Ok so i need a plugin that does what an Advanced in-game Kit Creator should do i want to have it be able to create kits in game.
    1.I would like 2 ways to make a kit one being a gui so like this |=Items /=Armor

    something like that like armor in the bottom left and with the text it takes everything from your inv (except effects) and puts them into a kit with your name. eg
    /kitcreate inv/gui name
    /kitdel name
    /kiteffect effectname (if you can)
    /kitpersonal inv/gui name playername (a kit only you or the player you picked can use if name empty its you)
    /kitedit name (edit a kit)
    The perms: (use the kit you specified for eg akc.use.starter)
    akc.create.personal (make a personal kit)
    akc.create.kit (create a kit)
    akc.admin (gives all perms)

    I know it may be too advanced but please if you see this help! :)
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    The only "advanced" part of this would be inventory serialization from what I can see. Storing all the information from items to a file without loss of data is hard. What if someone puts an enchanted, written, and somehow magically damaged book in their inventory? The dev who takes this is going to need to consider ways of storing the metadata of all the items.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @JRL1004 ItemStack is serializable in the config, it even contains a getItemStack method
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  5. thx will try but i still need the advanced kit creator but will try :)

    :/ tried it, didnt work as well it would put random enchants on them idk whats wrong

    it has been done before many times in other kit plugins but none of them to my liking

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