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    XPM - Xtended Plugin Manager:
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin can be used for ingame plugin management like enable/disable, listing etc.

    • /xpmlist [all|on|off] - Lists all/enabled/disabled plugins
    • /xpmon {PLUGIN_NAME} - enables a plugin or loads + enables it, if it was dropped into plugin folder while server is running
    • /xpmoff {PLUGIN_NAME} - disables a plugin
    • /xpmv {PLUGIN_NAME} - Gets the version of a plugin
    • /xpmcommands {PLUGIN_NAME} - Gets the commands of a plugin
    • /xpm [help|?] - Gets XPM help
    • /xpmreload {PLUGIN_NAME} - reloads a plugin
    Download latest
    Download source

    • config.yml will be generated if its missing
    • list-command-description: Show command description when listing plugin commands
    • list-command-usage: Show command usage when listing plugin commands
    • list-plugin-version: Show version number of available plugins when listing them
    Permission nodes:
    • xpm.on - Enabling Plugin
    • xpm.off - Disabling Plugin
    • xpm.list.all - Listing all Plugins
    • xpm.list.on - Listing enabled Plugins
    • xpm.list.off - Listing disabled Plugins
    • xpm.v - Get Plugin version
    • xpm.commands - Get plugin commands
    • xpm.reload - Reloads a plugin
    Version 0.2
    • Added reloading feature
    • Added function to enable (including load) of newly dropped plugins
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    oh, now this is something I've been waiting for... Nice!
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    Very Nice I will be testing this out in a bit.

    Doesn't work, it says its dissabled but unfortunately it hasn't. Tried with 10 plugins to see if it was the issue of certain plugins.

    I have no other plugins that would conflict with this installed.
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    Looks good
    Two suggestions:

    Make command aliases easier to remember (ie /enable [pluginname] /disable [pluginname]

    Add a plugin reload i.e. /reloadplugin [plugin name] disables and reenables a plugin
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    Hmm, I tested it with all plugins that I've had on my server... could you please give me some plugins you've tested with?? It would be nice...

    @PatrickFreed: Thanks... that's my first plugin... I'll look forward for including the "reload" feature...
  6. Would disabling and then re-enabling not work?

    Also, could i enable a plugin for the first time (eg drop a new plugin in, then xpm enable instead or /reloading or restarting the server)?
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  8. Sounds good but, there's 1 question :
    If i disable a plugin , am i able to delete it ?
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    Can you add multiworld support, so you can have plugins disabled on certain worlds
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    It actually does exactly the same as PlugMan does but I want to add some extra features in the near future, such as searching for plugin updates (including download) and html export of the plugin list with all their commands + help etc.

    But I have one question: I used the PluginManager.disablePlugin(targetPlugin) function which should disable the specified plugin but as PatrickFreed already mentioned, that doesn't work. Do I have to da something more to get this function work as expected??

    Perform the reload as an disable=>enable function should work because the onEnable() function of the plugin to reload should be called...

    Enabling a new dropped plugin is a very interesting question... I will do some research for that...

    For multiworld-support I had to look up how to do that...

    Reload - done
    Enabling a new dropped plugin - done

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    AFAIK The disablePlugin function dispatched the event to the plugin, and basically it's up to the plugin to handle to disable/unload event. It seems that there are some plugin developers that tend to skip this part. ;)..
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    Well... maybe that's why I can disable the 2 or 3 plugins on my dev server and some other plugins on my game server wouldn't be affected by the disabling... -.-
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    Does this support multi-worlds?
    I am looking for something to enable/disable plugins per world so I can stop the plugins for my rpg world from running in my creative world. Some of them have no permissions/commands hence not being able to stop them from running in the creative world, for example iConomy and related plugins are the most concern as it makes it easy for players to earn money just by playing in the creative world without the risks as fall damage etc is switched off.
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    Hi MuttsNuts,
    for now, it has no multi-world support...
    But it will have in the next release...
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    i cant see the plugin on the link. only the source O-o
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Can't wait for next release then :D.

    Thanks for a real cool plugin btw.
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    where is the plugin????
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    Sorry... I added a download link now... ;)
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    Ok guys... but I had to disappoint you... Jayjay110 give me the hint, that multiworld support for such a purpose can not be handled... correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Can be handled, just not by you, you have to get the plugin devs to do it on their own plugins, make a plugin hook kinda thing so they can hook into you plugin and check for disabled plugins etc.

    (I dont know how to make hooks so dont ask lol :p)
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    That's unfortunate as its pretty hard getting quite a few of the developers to add multi-world support etc.

    I don't know the first thing about programming/coding etc. It all looks far to complicated to me so sadly I'm no use to anybody.:( Full of many ideas though...
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    Where do i so i can chose who can do what with the permissions right under the
    list-command-description: true
    list-command-usage: true
    list-plugin-version: false
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    No, the standard behaviour is, that only OPs can use the commands. Otherwise, if you're using Permissions, you can use the permission-nodes given in the description above...
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    Does this plugin function with Bukkit Build #1000?
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    Do u know what i come to google and it says this when i trying to download xpm for craftbukkit referrated links
    and it doesn't download anything.
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    if i klick on "latest build" i come to google home :D plese add download link

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