Inactive [ADMN] WelcomeRulezz - Simple Welcome/Login Message + /rules command [1.2.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by wannezz, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Great plugin! [pig]
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    You should add
    sites like

    /commands 2
    /rules 2
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    Could you add a list of commands for admins??? Like /acommands or something. Otherwise it's a very great plugin, LOVE IT. So the Admins could have all the commands for just them.
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    Yes, I'll add it to the next update :)
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    Thank you very much, I really appreciate that.

    When do you release an update???

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    Maybe tomorrow... :)

    Updated to v0.9
    - added /acommands for list of admin commands
    - bug fixes

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    Can you make a code to turn of bold, italic, ... ?
    Something like this: {/B}
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    No, I don't think so... :(
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    Now it is automatically checking for new updates.
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    Thank you very much again :)
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    I just downloaded your plugin, and its awesome!
    Theres just one small thing i dont like. It overrides the Essentials MOTD =/
    And your plugin dos not support the "{PLAYERLIST}" command. Can you either set an option to override Essentials MOTD, or just add Playerlist to yours? :)

    Thanks for the great plugin!:D
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    Can you explain what the {PLAYERLIST} command is? I've never used Essentials.

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    Hello, I managed to do it! :D
    you can now do {/} to reset underline, bold, italic,... back to normal :)
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    Well I think a couple plugins beat you to this but if your learning and having fun I will support you ;) I would download this but Essentials does this and it would be useless to run both.
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    There are a lot of people who just want a welcomemessage, and don't want essentials :)
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    im just gonna say that i think this plugin is out of date and my server is out of date can i get the plugin?


    text editor

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    The plugin is not out of date, you can download it by clicking on the download button...
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    Blueberry Stand

    1. Have us be able to make what the welcome message says.
    2. Have us be able to make what it says when someone comes and goes.

    COMPLAINT: (or a bug?)
    1. When someone leaves, the message pops up like 3 times, but the message is different.
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    Are you sure this is from my plugin?
    You can choose what you welcomemessage is...
    And I don't have a message when someone leaves...
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    Blueberry Stand

    It may be welcomemessagezz?
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    I know one GREAT idea that will put your plugin to the Top !

    Can you do that you will be able to add more files like:
    acommands, commands, rule, welcommessage.
    So you will be able to add something like "help.yml" and when you will type: /help, it will open help.yml. Just like commands, acommands and rules.

    Great IDEA :)
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    Thank you for your suggestion, but isn't /help already build-in to bukkit?
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    It's not help.... I wanna be able to add any list like: /warplist and will open list of waprs. So I will need tp add warplist.yml into Welcomemessagezz folder :) This would be the best to add any list or any help :)
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    Nice, I'm defenitely going to try this :)
    But I can't promise anything...
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    ok :)
    And is possible to remove "Welcommessagez sending welcome message to player" from console when player join ?
    It's a little bit spamy, Thanks :)
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    I never said anything along those lines. I specifically said that I run essentials, and that I don't need this plugin. There has got to be tonnes of these MoTD plugins, but as long as your having fun and learning, I support you :p More clear?
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    Where is the rules configuration file???
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    Oh. My. Best plugin evah!
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    It will be created automatically after starting the server.
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    {/} doesnt cancel out bold/underline/etc. am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?
    result in a {U}{B}ban{/} or {U}{B}kick{/} depending on the admin has everything after ban bold and underline and the {/} shows up in game also...

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