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    Over 100,000 servers have used Buycraft over the last 2 years.
    What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it?
    Buycraft enables you to sell in game items/memberships to your community, allowing yourself to fund your server bills to keep your Minecraft server alive. Buycraft is basically an online shopping cart system for your own server!​
    How will my players use Buycraft?
    After you have created a Buycraft account, you are given an online webstore which you can use to promote your items for sale. Your players will visit this website and be able to purchase the items that they want, be it a collection of armour, or a monthly VIP membership.​
    What can I sell to my users, and how?
    Buycraft enables you to sell ANYTHING to your users, from a collection of armour upgrades, to monthly VIP memberships. When a player purchases a product, it is automatically processed on your Minecraft server, and removes all hassle of managing payments by yourself. All these different options will take the worry out of funding your Minecraft server.​
    Some of the awesome features available:
    • Create donation packages which can reward your players with anything you imagine.
    • Setup advanced packages for memberships ranks, with support for automatic Paypal subscriptions.
    • Many Payment gateways supported! (Paypal, Stripe, Google Wallet, Paymentwall, 2Checkout, Onebip, Paygol, Payza, and Coinbase.)
    • Coupon codes to offer discounts to your players.
    • Run promotional sales to gain attention to certain donation packages.
    • Cumulative ranking to enable your players to upgrade their ranks.
    • Custom variables to offer advanced customisation of your packages.
    • Detailed donation statistics to see how well your server is performing.
    • Multiple webstores per account, with the ability to create sub accounts for your other moderators/administrators on your server.
    • Advanced fraud protection to prevent chargebacks.
    • Webstores available in over 8 languages.
    • You can change your webstore theme and even integrate it into your own website.
    • Everything is hosted by us, resulting in a hassle free and inexpensive way to run your own webstore! The Buycraft platform is updated regularly with many new features added each month.
    Have a feature suggestion? Post it below!

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    Ok, the reason I want it to go through Buycraft is the auto-expiring system it has. It would be a lot easier than installing or coding a new plugin just for that.
    I think the coupon system lends itself very well for this, if only it would allow people to checkout with zero price (if the basket is not empty).
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    Is there a way i can use this plugin to bridge a user group promotion on my website?
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    Thanks, as this other guy said, manually fixing up the pre-paid package issue because the first one still ran it's expiry commands would be fine for a few users, but BeastCraft averaged about 80-90 membership purchases a week last time we opened it up. Which is as I'm sure you can imagine a real bitch to manually manage.
  5. Ill work on it, and see the best way of doing this.
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    I love buycraft so much! but sadly,the owner sets the regular price for 14.99GBP ..i know now currently its 9.99GBP ...i just hope the price stays at 9.99GBP as a regular price as i wont afford 15pounds per month..please stay on 9.99GBP please...
  7. It's not going above 9.99. Never. Ever. That's just marketing techniques we are experimenting with.
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    I run BuyCraft to give out non-expiring donator packages. However, I am about to do a world reset and would like all donators to get their package again. There are FAR too many donations to go through them one by one and re-add them manually. Is there any easy method that already exists to do this?
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    i love you!!! i hope in sometimes it'll be cheaper or something but thnx for not being over 10pounds!! i almost quited buycraft
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    I'd suggest just backing up your permission files for the users and just keep that.
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    I have kept the permissions file, however each rank comes with a large amount of items that I would like to be automatically re-given to donators.
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    Another useful thing about it is that it would get players to at least see the web store if they haven't yet, and they may well come back again to donate.
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    Hello. I had set up buycraft for a friend's server using his IP. I want to change the server since his shut down, and I am in the process of making one. I get a message telling me that I can't delete the server because one server must be present on the account. Help?
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    Just create a new server in the control panel, and remove the old one after that.
  16. Go to web store settings, it will be on that page.
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    Umm, When my players donate, its not giving them the package or saying they have donated...
    donate.cursecraft.net is the web page
  18. Make sure you've set everything up correctly
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    It worked before, could it be that im using a <object> to open it up? @ www.cursecraft.net/pages/donate

    Well, i changed it to redirect them to the main page,
    But i got the donations to my paypal, but buycraft webstore / plugin did not recognize it. So people did not gain anything.

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    You guys keep playernames who purchased a package correct?

    If so, I have a feature request:
    Could you make a small API (json, xml, anything would work for us webdevs) and have a list of users who donated? So we can place this list on our server website. Since this is going through buycraft and not paypal, I don't think I am able to receive a request for playername. Hope you guys can do this, it would be awesome. (At-least make it for premium users)
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    A really useful feature would be clearing the payment history, mine's full of test payments :)
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    WHen they donate, it sends us the money but buycraft does not recognise that they have donated.
    So it does not say in Payments that they have donated, so it wont give them there stff..

    About 15 people donated in under 24 hours.... i need this fixed
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    Could you make a "light" BuyCraft-Version? Without any Commands, just the Listener if someone bought something and a simple Config..I would love you for this!
  24. Hi could you please look over your Buycraft IPN setup and make sure it is not disabled? This is to do with your paypal account, not with Buycraft. We are having zero bugs/failures with everyone elses payments.
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    "This account has Premium membership, and it will expire on November 28th, 2012."
    It's a Joke ? I have buy for premium for life !
  26. Did you click on the end subscription link on the email we just sent out?


    Yep, you clicked on it.. the email couldnt of explained more clearly.
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    Done this, and didnt work.
  28. Could you look in the ipn history and check if any messages appear. If they do, what are the statuses?
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    Where can i find my ipn history?

    Got it, There all "Disabled"

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    i dont know how to explain this without sounding messy. I have a Supporter Group rank for sale - it lasts 1 month. I would like it if a player bought this twice in 1 month it stacks the days till expiry so it re runs the purchase commands and adds the time from the last pending expiration to the newly purchased one.

    is this possible?
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    All of my IPN Messages say things like
    11/21/2012 19:05 GMT-05:00 GYHJMGHHKJGHJJ Disabled FHFGHFGHFGHFGH
    Where i put all the random letters would be a ID. Removed for security reasons.

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