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    Over 100,000 servers have used Buycraft over the last 2 years.
    What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it?
    Buycraft enables you to sell in game items/memberships to your community, allowing yourself to fund your server bills to keep your Minecraft server alive. Buycraft is basically an online shopping cart system for your own server!​
    How will my players use Buycraft?
    After you have created a Buycraft account, you are given an online webstore which you can use to promote your items for sale. Your players will visit this website and be able to purchase the items that they want, be it a collection of armour, or a monthly VIP membership.​
    What can I sell to my users, and how?
    Buycraft enables you to sell ANYTHING to your users, from a collection of armour upgrades, to monthly VIP memberships. When a player purchases a product, it is automatically processed on your Minecraft server, and removes all hassle of managing payments by yourself. All these different options will take the worry out of funding your Minecraft server.​
    Some of the awesome features available:
    • Create donation packages which can reward your players with anything you imagine.
    • Setup advanced packages for memberships ranks, with support for automatic Paypal subscriptions.
    • Many Payment gateways supported! (Paypal, Stripe, Google Wallet, Paymentwall, 2Checkout, Onebip, Paygol, Payza, and Coinbase.)
    • Coupon codes to offer discounts to your players.
    • Run promotional sales to gain attention to certain donation packages.
    • Cumulative ranking to enable your players to upgrade their ranks.
    • Custom variables to offer advanced customisation of your packages.
    • Detailed donation statistics to see how well your server is performing.
    • Multiple webstores per account, with the ability to create sub accounts for your other moderators/administrators on your server.
    • Advanced fraud protection to prevent chargebacks.
    • Webstores available in over 8 languages.
    • You can change your webstore theme and even integrate it into your own website.
    • Everything is hosted by us, resulting in a hassle free and inexpensive way to run your own webstore! The Buycraft platform is updated regularly with many new features added each month.
    Have a feature suggestion? Post it below!

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    Are there payment logs? If not you should add them because people will claim they bought something and didn't receive anything and have no proof they bought it. That's why there should be logging on payments to see if they bought stuff or not. Can the players buy multiple perms & items with one payment? If not that would be great if you could add it if it's not yet added.
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    I would love to use this plugin but will you support /Manuadd ?
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    ^^^ Please support /manuadd sometime in the near future. Your plugin sounds amazing and I would love to use it except I use GroupManager and well yeah I need that command.

    Hope it gets added oneday. Keep up the great plugin :D
  5. We made a mistake by disabling it, sorry, its now able to be used.
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    Would i be possible to add an option to search the payments by username and package, and so on and so forth?
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    This is all already implemented.
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    I thought buycraft was a "One time payment" yet im recieving emails telling me my premium membership has expired?

    Now i need to pay £13.99 are you serious!
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    Me too, What the hell just happened!
    I hope i didn't lose all my stats!
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  10. Premium lasts for 6 months, if you did not understand this, sorry for the miscommunication. Please send me a PM and I can get you a voucher.
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    This is ridiculous, end of the day some of us have been here from the start of buycraft without us you wouldnt have the money to have even got this system up and running and now your kicking us in the ass by charging us stupid money.

    I understand the facts of costs but remember without the people that originally paid in the first place you wouldnt be here.

    Also i never saw anything saying "* Premium expires after 6 months if you have received more than 60 donations." When i purchased my premium buycraft so why am i subject to these terms and conditions.
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    Also, I believe I have received 60 donations in the past 10 months anyway. I am all for supporting Buycraft as it is a fantastic plugin, but I bought premium a long time ago when Buycraft was introduced, and now I'm having to pay £14 for it again? Jesus.
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  13. Please PM me if you have had premium removed when you think it should not of been, we had some issues. I will get vouchers back to people who should have them.
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    Ive Pm'ed you LMC

    Thanks for the swift fix LMC much appreciated.

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  15. Please do not abuse us, we have restored all accounts that was effected by the error.
  16. Everything is working as it was before., I'm glad for the quick response I received.

    If this was a scam they'd start blaming you, or running away; they did neither. It shows that they deserve my trust, at least.
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    Why has there been a time limit add to premium, you said it was a one time payment? I have not received an email informing me about this so I am guessing this will not affect me? As the terms and conditions when I signed up was a "one time payment".
  18. If when you signed up it was a one off payment, then you will never have to pay for it again. We would be breaking the law if we went against these terms and conditons.

    In other news, 2Checkout.com has been added as a payment gateway, and it will be released tomorrow after I have written the knowledge base article for it. If you are interested in accepting 2Checkout, I advise to submit an application on there website today.
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    Thanks for clarifying that lmc, I am sure you are tired of explaining that but it helps a lot!
    And good work on the new payment method 2checkout! Is there a predicted release date for the sale limited time feature? :)
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    lmc, is there anyway you can make the payments count as digital goods? The reason I ask is because Paypal keeps asking me for shipping information on the orders when I am unable to provide it.
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    I set my packages as ingame donor ranks, so is it possible to buy a cheaper rank then buy a more expensive rank but not get charged for the full upgrade. Example: donor rank 1 is $10 and donor rank 2 is $20. So if a player goes from free rank to donor rank 1 they pay $10. But if that same player then wants to go from donor rank 1 to donor rank 2 they would only have to pay $10. Is something like this possible?
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    This will be implemented in the future, but is not possible at the moment.
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    I just have a feature request. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a sale option to the store. I use your plugin and have a premium account and was thinking it would be cool to be able to go into my settings and set it so everything in the store (or maybe certain categories) were a certain % off automatically. I thought it would be cool to offer sales during holidays, and then turn it back off the next day without having to edit every package.

    Thank you for your time, and keep up the amazing work on the plugin, it is very useful.
  24. Since when did premium membership expire? I was never told about this. My buycraft account email is [email protected] and I bought it in like February. EDIT: Eventhough I received an email saying it was removed, it appears I still have my premium but I have no access to support tickets still, any ideas? Or did you change systems?
  25. This was a technical error, please ignore it.
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    Rate my store! :D
    It is in danish but the only things you need to know is:
    "Læg i kurv" means "Add to basket"
    "Gå til Kurv/Betaling" means "Go to Basket/Payment"

    Tell me if you are interested in making this on your site, i will tell you how i did. It is very simple. ;)
  27. Website Version 3.8 released
    • 2Checkout.com added as a payment gateway.


    Wow, I actually really like that. Good job!
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    Glad to see you added 2Checkout as a payment option!
  29. No problem, I personally love their service and use it myself.
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    One of my Users asked if he could purchase several times a "Full-enchanted Sword".
    We bought Premium so we have the online Shop, and he wants to add the same Item MORE times to the Basket, like could you add the option if you can buy it multiple times or only one time.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. He is the biggest Donator on the Server so it's pretty important :D
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    The user can actually add multiple items in the basket using the webstore, which gives him the ability to browse through packages and add as many packages as he/she wants. Thats what makes premium worth it :)

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