[ADMN] SpoutTexturePack 1.0 - Add a bit of magic [1000]

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    SpoutTexturePack - Add a bit of magic!
    Download: SpoutTexturePack.jar

    SpoutTexturePack lets you change all of your user's texture packs to a specified one you provide in the config.yml.
    Once they login, it will quickly download and update their texture pack in-game.
    Spout is not a dependency, however this plugin is useless without it.

    1. Changes entire server's Texture Pack
    Configuration example
        texturepack: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7186172/Foliacraft.zip
    1.00 - Released plugin
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    @cholo71796 I'm actually using a base class like that (implements CommandExecutor); it's mostly the handling of different commands options that's killing me. Java needs something like Ruby's OptionParser. I might go hunting for something like that, actually!
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    Would appreciate an exempt list of some sorts. As a few of my users have computers that simply cannot handle the texture pack I have my server use and this would help greatly. :D
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    "Error (509)
    This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"

    Any alternate links?
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    Also need a alternate link thanks :)
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    does this supports hd?
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    How do I put this mod to work texture pack was coming from my computer
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    You can't—the texture pack has to be hosted somewhere. You can sign up for Dropbox and stick the texture pack in your public folder and link to that.
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    and the address where the texture pack to enter the full path please list the
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    where do I find the URL to put into the YML config folder? I am unsure of how to attain the URL for a download like that
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    Hey, just installed but already having problems. The config file is setup different to the one in the OP. How do I define the URL in the .yml? Also, do we know if this supports HD texture packs yet? I'm wanting to use John Smith's, but haven't had any results yet.
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    @Plague You can mark this as inactive.

    This plugin is outdated and the Spout I used when developing this is outdated aswell.
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    That's such a shame :( Any chance on an update? This plugin has awesome potential.
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    Spoutcraft does chunk caching anyway, so just switch to using it instead of Craftproxy.

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