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    SpoutTexturePack - Add a bit of magic!
    Download: SpoutTexturePack.jar

    SpoutTexturePack lets you change all of your user's texture packs to a specified one you provide in the config.yml.
    Once they login, it will quickly download and update their texture pack in-game.
    Spout is not a dependency, however this plugin is useless without it.

    1. Changes entire server's Texture Pack
    Configuration example
        texturepack: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7186172/Foliacraft.zip
    1.00 - Released plugin
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    They must have Spoutcraft for their client and also you must use a valid texture pack url. The larger the file the longer it will take for them to download it.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Needs multiworld, and also when a player logs into the server, the plugin should detect that they do not have the specified texture pack, and give them the OPTION to download it.
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    I would really like that. A GUI screen just like the texture pack menu itself would be great.
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    Hey, Is there any chance you could add permissions support or something else. Where you could select certain users(or groups if Permissions) to bypass the automatic texturepack?
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    Can you add a command to disable the download process, and possibly put them on a downloads black list? I'm using a x256 pack, and some people cant handle it.

    One step further, you could add a choice to download 1 of a few packs, so if i have a x128 and a x64 version of my texture pack, they could choose to use those (and their choice would be stored on a database so that it doesn't re-download every time they log in)
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    So to get this straight - for this to work, everyone needs to have Spout installed on their PC. Otherwise, it doesn't effect them.
    In other words, this doesn't work if just the server has Spout installed - every player needs it too. Right?
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    Every player needs the Spout Launcher, yes.
    No sorry, you could download them all when they login but that'll take ages but will be one-time.
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    Can you add multiworld support? I want to force a texturepack only in a world.
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    I still haven't found a multiworld texture pack plugin: You could be the first!
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    2 questions

    1) is your "No" referring to the command, or to the option of downloading one of a few packs?

    2) does "one-time" mean once everytime they login? or once in a lifetime?
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    If you don't release your source then what is this? Those .java files ARE your source. If you don't want your source floating round the internet I'd suggest you remove them from the .jar. ( Just some friendly advice ) :)

    Anyway good plugin. Thanks :)


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    How is it not possible to add a command? It would be simple to add a /stp [on/off] command, that way they toggle the download, and they can use their own if they wanted.
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    Which would defeat the purpose of having a default texture pack for the server
    If they want to use their own TPs, all they have to do is use the regular MC launcher.. Simple as that
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    Yes, I left the source in the .jar file. But still, reproducing it is not allowed.
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    Can you make it so it checks if the file is already downloaded, and just selects the pack if it is? Because it will crash most clients if you have to download every time you connect.
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    No, it's not as simple as that lol. They wouldn't be using spout then... The server side one would be a x256 pack, but half of the people on my server cant handle that, so I'd like to give them the option of easily downloading the amazing official texture pack of our server, or if they cant handle it they can use their own. I dont want to force them to use it, but I dont want to go through the hassle of giving everyone the dropbox link and having them do it theirselves.

    All I'm saying is that it's a simple feature that alot of people will want, I mean we're only on page 3 of the thread and I've already asked for it :p so expect more requests to come for a simple feature.
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    wait does this have support for HD texturepacks
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    yes, but idk if you'll have this problem, but half of my people cant handle them, so I'm trying to get the plugin developer to make a command that allows them to turn off the auto-download process.
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    ok because i wasnt going to have a 256 texture pack more like 32 or 64, you know the deru doku texture pack, but does spout support HD
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    CainFoool, this is not a good way to handle a developed plugin. How many features have you actually added after 3 pages requests, mainly multiworld? If anyone still wants these features I'm more than happy to do them in a better plugin. Also don't worry CainFoool, I won't steal your source >.>
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    please do, lol.

    Multiworld would be nice, but if you could add an enable/disable.

    This request is kinda more complex, ontop of multiworld could you add multi-texture pack? How this would be used would be if you had say a x256 and a x128 for world1, and a x256 and a x128 for world2, the user could choose between one of the two in both worlds, and it stores their decision.
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    Do you need to be using the spout launcher to use this bcuz my spout launcher doesnt work
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    yes you do. It's the only way it will work.
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    Insulting like that will not get you anywhere.
    If you check my new plugin, TexturePackChooser, maybe you'll shush. I no longer do updates to this plugin anymore.
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    Lol why do you have to make things hard and split up our requests into 2 plugins? Also, you should get a multiworld server so that you can make an addon and test it out, lol.

    @Relick My request still stands, if you can make this better with your own source, then go for it!
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    They don't need spoutcraft to join your server, but they do need it to see the texturepack that you set.
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    I would like to see an option for users to use a specific texture pack from a list of them. So when they login they can change their specific texture pack with a command. Would also like to see this work from the server. A folder for texture packs and maybe even a config for the individual packs with the usernames who use that pack and info about it like it's name and ID so people can type /texturepack 1 or something like that.
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    I'm sorry that I didn't notice this other plugin, looks like it was much better handled than this one. However, this one here is the plugin featured on the SpoutWiki for plugins with spout compatibility, not your newer one. You should either get it changed or add a link here to go to the other one. As for 'not having a multiworld server', I doubt that really is an excuse for a plugin developer. Many server owners do actually have multiworld, for one reason and another and choosing to be a plugin developer is more about listening to what the server admins would like for the server than actually creating the plugins themselves. Ignoring this request is similar to not selling cheese to a retailer because you don't eat cheese at home. (sorry for the poor analogy :p)

    Musaddict, the two plugins do two different things. I will try and combine all of these ideas (command choosing, default pack, multiworld packs) in a single plugin.

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