[ADMN] Spectate - Watch what other players are doing in first person [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Chipmunk9998, Jan 27, 2012.

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    WOW. Great mod, will really help catch the griefers!
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    Great, but id like an option to do it like "/spectate (playeryouwatch) (playerwatching)" or even just "/spectateme (player)" so you could make people look at your view and such :p
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    with or without spout?
  5. Chipmunk9998
    After spectating from creative into survival and i end it, my inventory goes back correctly. But when i enter survival my old inventory is gone and replaced with the one i was spying on. I am using MultiInv to separate survival and creative inventories and im guessing its the culprit. Is there anything you can do about this? Also seems to happen to a lesser degree to the inventory of the world you are in.

    Perhaps an cpmfog option to not even bother with inventory and do view only? Could be a quick fix until it can be checked more.

    Also, perhaps remove the /spectateoff command and just have it so when you run /spectate it checks if you are already spectating and if so ends it. Or check for parameter, if parameter exists then you are trying to spectate and if it doesnt you are ending it.

    Whether or not you remove /spectateoff or not, id like it so that you need the permission node to START spectating, but you dont need it to STOP. Reasoning for this is that you actually switch world when using it and therefor you may end up trapped into spectate mode if the person is in a world where you arent allowed to spectate.

    Spectated people seem to be getting pushed around aswell. So they quickly become a little annoyed.
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    Will definitly try this out!
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    This is nice but yesterday while spectating a player a creeper blew him up and we both died :S lol ! lost ma xp idk if its a glitch or this is normal but all in all this is a GREAT PLUGIN ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :)
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    already caught a griefer! Thank you!
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    Can you integrate this with VanishNoPacket? That way when you use this, people with hack clients won't see you inside of them!
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    Bug to report.

    A player lost connection whilst spectating someone, after reconnecting they were stuck in spectate mode and unable to use /spectateoff to end spectate. The player reconnected several times, but was always stuck spectating. When the person being spectated disconnected, then they were back in control, but they still had the inventory of the person they were spectating.
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    How to screw around with someone:
    1. Spectate them
    2. Disconnect
    3. Connect again
    4. Feel free to place/break blocks and screw around with him (Use gamemode for super effectivness)
    5. ????
    6. Watch him freak out - profit
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    this looks awesome can anyone do promo video?:) I'd like to see it
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    Can you add short commands (/spec and /specoff for example) and switch between players without "/spectateoff" "/spectate" ?
    BUG: When i'm spectating players with bow, they can't damage mobs. (1.1-R3)

    Thanks for this plugin!:)
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    Sorry about not updating guys, I've been busy with another project. I'll soon update the plugin with requested features and bug fixes.
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    Where is Herobrine!? LOL
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    This is not working for me, but it seems like a very great plugin. if I do /spectate [player name] It just won't work.
    I use permissionsEX and added under Owner .spectate.use. Please tell me what to do

    not .spectate.use
    - specate.use
    my b

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    In the config, is "Enable Permissions" set to true? If not, set it to true.
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    I found one Bug when i "Spectate" i can use/set his water i think that is also working with Lava
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    I think this is a great idea, I'm going to try it out tomorrow. I do think you should add a feature that will let you see all of the currently connected player screens. Maybe even a feature to record it, so you can leave it on when you're not there. That will help for complaint validity, if another player accuses someone of something.
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    I think a nice addon to this would be a permission node such as 'spectate.deny'. It wouldn't let other people spectate you. I am an owner of a server and don't need people spectating me.
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    Works on 1.1-R4

    Just thought Id let you know because I was looking for something like this, and I was sad it was for R3... so i tryed it, works fine
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    Works Great :D

    Just What I Needed ;)
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    when i start my server it says: "error occured while enabeling spectate. is it up to date?"

    what can i do?
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    Are you using R4? If not, you should really update, because Spectate 1.5 will only work with R4.

    If this doesn't help, post the logs in the thread.
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    When spectating it works fine, but my friends can't see me when i have the plug-in on. Even when they press Tab I am not on there, they can only see when i destroy blocks...
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    Just wanna say how frickin' awesome this plugin is - great work! :D
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    First off, what an awesome plugin it works great! Secondly, I would love a feature that allowed an admin to set certain players as spectateable by EVERYONE rather than just those with admin privs or a different permission for someone who spectates everyone and one who spectates only those on a list. The idea being, I want to set up a 1v1 arena that wont be spectatable from stands or bleachers so to speak... but would be cool to spectate the player they're rooting/betting for in first person mode as they fight through the labyrinth.. man that would be such an awesome feature, is it at all possible? btw I'm totally a donator :) (you should post a donate link btw)
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    extremely good plugin. just one problem. when using /spectateoff you become invisible to the other players.

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