[ADMN] simpleExperience v0.2- Control Your Levels Like A Pro [1.0.1-R1]

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    simpleExperience - The Experience plugin: Version: v0.1 With Simple Experience you can change your levels easily without having to install a huge plugin that most of it you will not use.


    * /level [set/take/add] [Player] [amount]
    * Op based permissions
    * Permissions nodes Now as well simpleExperience.set allows you to change your levels

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>


    /level [set/take/add] [player] [amount]



    Version 0.2

    * Change Others Levels

    Version 0.1

    * Releasing my awesome plugin


    As Soon As Possible Going To Make It So You Can Change Others Levels.

    @TnT or @NuclearW Is this acceptable to be moved to Plugin Releases ?

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    Not quite, you need the version number in your thread title, as well as sections for commands and such.

    I suggest you read the guidelines, they are stickied in this forum.
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    Moved to releases
  5. i'll try it out!

    WORKS ty
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    Link is broken. Follow it through all the way to see.
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    I only get this message:
    Sometimes i also get:
    Put Name Of Someone In Game

    Can it be that the mod can't handle underscore in names ? < wu_jing >

    Ok, so it seems like i get the level i add, but i must logout/login to be able to see and use the levels for enchanting. If i dont relog, i will remain on the same level i was.

    Also, if i have lvl 30 and i add 40 lvls more (i still only see the 30, not the "current 70" that i should see *same bug*) But if i enchant an item for lvl 25, then the added levels is there again and i can see my full lvl that i should see (lvl 45, since i enchanted an item for 25 levels, had 30 and added 40).
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    @Ametz Thanks For Your Informative Error Report I Have Changed The Plugin And Tested It Myself Seeems To Be Working
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    It would be very helpful to control how many experience orbs are droped by mobs. And also to prevent XP farming. I would find it useful in my RPG server. Thanks ;)
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    Found a bug. If you are at level 10, and type /level add sanpletext -20, you'll end up with level -10, it also works with /level take, and /level set.. So you maybe shuold try to prevent level to go under zero?
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    Ok i will try and make this not happen but really you shouldnt set it to under zero
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    is there any possibility to have a command for all players? (also offline?)
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    If anyone knows a sulution, let me know the sourcecode.
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    working with 1.1?
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    Works with Minecraft 1.1, thank you for this plugin. It's simple and easy.
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