Inactive [ADMN/SEC] XRay-Informer 2.2.0 - Protect your server from X-Rayers [1.3.1]

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    XRay-Informer - Informs you about farmrates (Anti-XRay)
    Version 2.1.6 (16.02.2012), ready and waiting for R5

    You have a minecraft server and have troubles with xray-users? The XRay-Informer will be your solution to get rid of them.

    Hello, hello - please make sure, you have the latest version of LogBlock installed. It's 1.50 and not the prev version, which is available on bukkit dev ;-)
    Take a look on the bukkit forums, there's an archive available.
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    What is the permission to give to users to allow them to use "/xcheck"?
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    Yes, everything comes directly from lb.
    You have to mine without superpickaxe (or another //set 0), just mine as everyone else would do.

    Du kannst nur eine Welt pro Aufruf durchlaufen lassen, alle weiteren Welten kannst du mit dem Parameter "world:weltname" hinzuf├╝gen - z.b.: /xcheck player:blafasel world:farm

    The permission node is: -xcheck.check
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    • added xLevel (level based xray detection)
    • Removed local and global banning functions (removed mcbans)
    • New configuration file (updated depreciated bukkit functions)
    • Removed variable ore-id's, moved to fixed: Diamond, Gold, Lapis, Iron and Mossy (cobblestone)
    • Update checker (enable/disable in config.yml)
    • Updated help (/xcheck -help)
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    This fixed in the newest release?

    Also, the "xcheck.xcheck" node is not giving the permission, at least with GroupManager.

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    Please read carefully ;-) it's xcheck.check - NOT xcheck.xcheck

    The data from your screenshot posted are correct. Purslow didn't mined a ore (or had superbreaker enabled, which doesn't break the ore, but //set 0).
    In order to verify this, please let him break an diamond-ore in front of you (ID 56), then wait about 10 seconds and perform the xcheck again.

    Btw: You have not installed the current version (2.1.5)
    You should consider to update:
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    Just a question, why was mcbans removed?
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    Because you have to get sure by yourself and teleport to the coordinates - not let the XRI choose who's xraying and who's not.
    The XRI is not a banning solution, it's a plugin which informs about farmrates ;-)
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    Hello. I tried this on my server. but I can't quite figure out why when someone mines a diamond ore it won't tell me once I use the command "/xcheck player:[player] world:[world] ore:56" it just says "DIAMOND-ORE: -" so please help me out?
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    You have to replace [player] for the IGN of the player you want to check :confused: (note: we need a facepalm smiley here).
    - Is your world logged by logblock?
    - Returns "/lb lookup player ENTERYOURPLAYERNAMEHERE!!!! block 56 destroyed sum blocks" anything?

    Request on close the topic - please read and take time to understand the XRI Wiki:

    Issues? Please use the ticket system on github:

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    Thanks! :D
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    Please redirect your support requests to either the dbo or github pages!
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