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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by oliverw92, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I haven't looked into it too far, but the only way I could see to do it would be to somehow track blocks for a certain amount of time and see if a block physics was triggered by another block breaking. It isn't a simple or resource friendly thing to do
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    I hear you. :/ it's a shame this isn't easier.
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    Done and done :D
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    i have admins:* so that anyone in the perms_users.txt file has all permissions, but this plugin appears to be the onyl one that ignores it
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    Using PermissionsBukkit, and keeps giving me the error in game: Not enough permissions,etc.
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    Good to see someone else picking up the remnants of Big Brother. Will be converting to this plugin tonight :)
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    I would like to see SELECT ALL / SELECT NONE for the little checkboxes in the web interface, and maybe something you can click next to the keyword filters to tell you what you can put in there (another pop-out panel for in-line documentation, plox? :)... or link to the wiki page if not). Maybe a link to the current forum thread and the wiki somewhere at the top so people can find answers and report problems easier.

    My upgrade seemed fine, btw :)
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    It took me forever as I know next to nothing about MySQL ! I found the sql scipt fine, but I don't use phpMyAdmin (I tried downloading it but I got lost and confused), so I had no idea how to import the script in to the MySQL database - and after several forums and google searches, I finally found a command - /. i think, which imports sql scripts, through the command promt mysql windows thingomajig.

    Maybe make a quick note on the wiki saying windows mysql users can type in /. c:/bigbrother.sql; for example, to import the script =p

    Otherwise, all is well and good, so far. I'll keep you updated if anything else seems to go astray!
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    Heyho @oliverw92

    Thanks for your great plugin.
    I use BigBrother and now I'm testing hawk. Works great, but some requests/suggestions:

    - Able to edit the colors for the results, or please alter the the color from the output from Data: (e.g. Data: COBBLESTONE)
    - Shorter commands.
    /he rollback a:explosion p:Environment r:20 to: /he rb Environment explosion r:20
    /he <player> <action>
    r: t: f: is ok, but no need for a: or p:
    - What's about to log which player triggered a creeper-explosion?
    - What's about to log and rollback the flowing lava/water (not only the source-block) and which player placed it?

    - Command: /hawk redo ;)

    Little Interface Bug with Opera:
    - Checkbox to "Mark all" or standardly all boxes are marked.
    - In the results-table, the commands and chats with other color. (e.g. block place light blue, destroyed dark orange, chats light gray, commands, brown)
    - Option in the config file to set the default XYZ for each world, if XYZ is empty (and so, you could make a droptown box for the worlds)
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    Conversion from BB went smooth (despite shrinking the database by 70%, I guess due to not converting liquid flow), now testing extensively.

    I really like this so far!
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    I'm having a problem with the 'tool', it tend to stop working at random for random users.
    ATM my MODs can use it, but i (the owner with '*' permissions) can't.

    It might be happening when you log off the server while tool is enabled?

    I hope i can get this working. It runs so much smoother than BigBrother :)
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    Awesome plugin! Well done, also I love the web interface what it has.:)
  15. Was doing some testing with permissionsbukkit and found that the hawkeye.* node had to be passed using the superpermbridge, otherwise each node had to be added individually.

    This may be something I'm not understanding in regards to how superperms work, something permissionsbukkit is missing, or just general bad luck on my part. Might be something to look into perhaps?
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    Is there H2\flatfile support?
    Cause i have a little server and I don't run mysql... :S
    Your plugins sounds awsome, but why should I switch from BB to you plugin?
    In what cases your plugin is better than BB?
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    Does this log superpick, or would I need another plugin for that?
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    @matan7890 & @ProjectInfinity

    + chest logging
    + /hawk page for the tool-log
    + a bit faster, smaller db
    + teleport
    + preview
    + logging, if I use /spy
    -+ webinterface
    - unclear to read the logs ingame (to much text/formating/coloring)
    - long commands
    - no creeper trigger logging
    - no "log" for flowing fluids
    - doesn't log Superpick from WE

    + clearly arranged texts/log
    + shorter commands
    + very easy to use
    + Flatfile or SQL
    -+ webinterface (add-on plugin)
    - no page for the tool-log
    - stupid chest-logging
    - doesn't logging, if I use /spy
    - doesn't log Superpick from WE
    - no creeper trigger logging
    - no "log" for flowing fluids

    I'm using BB since hmod, since today I run BB and Hawk together and testing.
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    That's a good suggestion with the select all/none thing.
    There is already in-line documentation about what to put in the boxes. If you click in the text boxes a little tool tip should appear on the right of it saying what you can enter. If they aren't - what browser are you on?
    I like the idea of the logo linking to the wiki, nice one.

    Oh I see. I might touch up the wiki page for the scripts at some point. Glad it is working fine though!

    - Yeah I am planning to completely overhaul the display manager to make things more attractive.
    - The commands won't really be changing much - there IS a need for a: and p: because in the end it is clearer for both the users and the plugin - how is the plugin meant to know which one is action and which is player? And if it forces them to be a certain way, how is the user meant to know that?
    - I still need to look into how you can detect who triggered a creeper. I know it is possible, just gotta work it out
    - It already logs flowing lava and water. It logs who placed the initial block but it is very very hard to track who caused the lava to flow. You should have enough information from who placed the source to see who caused the griefing, then you can roll it back using something like /hawk rollback p:name r:5 a:lava-flow

    Thanks for the interface bug report!

    - As said above - i'll add select all/none boxes.
    - I'll have a think about the colours. It won't be a priority though since there are so many actions.
    - Not sure about the dropdown - what if people want to select multiple worlds. They can't do that with a drop down. Also I really dont' understand what you mean about the 'default xyz'

    Glad it went smoothly! Yeah it will be a lot smaller because it won't covert the liquid flow as well as a few other things like BB's chest logging

    In the current build your player session is destroyed when you log off, which means when you next log on your tool is off. In the next version sessions will persist over quits so it will remember for when you next log on.

    I need to fix that bug - did not realise how PermissionsBukkit handles *


    I'll look into that - thanks.

    There is no H2 or flatfile support. As N3Xi5 himself has said - adding H2 to bigbrother was a terrible idea. It is VERY unoptimised and is NOT suitable for millions of results. Installing a simple MySQL setup is very easy. I created a help page on it on the wiki, you should check it out. In terms of why plugin is better:
    • Rollback previews
    • Proper chest logging, viewing and rollbacks
    • WorldEdit selection rollbacks
    • Heavily optimised database
    • Logs WAY more actions
    • Awesome web interface
    It does not log the superpick, but it is something I will look into. The actual proper thing to do would be for WorldEdit to make the superpick fire a block break event whenever it breaks something. Then _all_ logging plugins would support superpick automatically.

    Drop me a pm with a link to your web panel and the password to use it if you have one set.

    I'll look into the PermissionsBukkit issues.

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    Can you make it disable the tool on logout or something simmilar? And do you know of a temp fix?

    Using Permissions 2.7 btw
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    It should be disabling the tool on logout at the moment. You just type /dl tool again to enable it, or /dl tool to disable it.

    Oh you are using Perms2.7? I don't get that - I can use HawkEye fine :confused: Try giving yourself hawkeye.* permissions, see if that fixes it.
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    /dl tool, does nothing. Sure it's not /hawk tool? :p
    Also it can be enabled and disabled, and it even gives me a log if i don't have one.. But the log just dosen't work.. It rollback stuff like torches when i break then, and picks up the log again if i place it, but dosen't give me any info :/
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    Thanks for your answer @oliverw92

    You're right ;)

    If I leave XYZ on the webinterface emtpy and use Radius 20, from where will it search, the spawnpoint with radius 20?
    If I could set set a XYZ in the config, it searches from this location from default (if the fields are empty).

    Very nice would be, to insert 2 3 4 coordinates in the config and give them names (e.g. the 4 biggest cities),
    so I could choose a name from a dropbox and the coordinate-fields automaticly insert the coordinates ;) (or I manually insert some coordinates for a different location)

    Would be super awsome, because on my Server the creepers explode like the singleplayer for all members (not or guests), and sometimes I have to find out which user has triggered the creeper and didn't repaired the damage.
    a: is ok, but p: is needless
    Hmm... in BB I do /bb rollback environment r:12 d:1d for a creeper explosion,
    I don't want to use /he rollback a:explosion p:Environment r:12 d:1d , or /he rollback p:Environment r:12 d:1d
    Faster writing without p: ;)

    And can I use * for all users and actions? e.g. /he rollback * r:10 t:12d or /he rollback playername a:* r:10 t:12d

    For all bludgers, CommanedHelper code: ;)
    safe:/hrbe $r $t = concat('/hawk rollback p:environment r:', $r, ' t:', $t)
    safe:/hrbx = /hawk rollback 'a:explosion' 'p:environment' 'r:12' 't:3d'
    safe:/ht = /hawk tool
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    he give me an error on webpage and don't show result

    Error! Unable to open/write to log.txt!
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    but not if its opened by a command :p
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    But I have a local server - and it's will make him very laggy if i'll add more programs to the background (if we will not remember all the others that are now in the background =_=)
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    Just use the search command that @oliverw92 told you to use more than once, it will tell you the exact XY coords, then you can use /hawk tpto <id> (Where ID is the event ID shown with the search) and it will teleport you to that exact location.
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    My admin group now both have '*' and hawkeye.* - Still nothing

    I really need a temp fix - I can't use the log tool and i can't search.. Can i delete myself from HawkEye somehow? Would it help to just delete my user from the hawk_players table?
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    its easier with placing the log ... i cant use the interface ... so it gets a big mess ... -.-"
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    I didn't say use the interface. Use the search command like he mentioned.
    /hawk search r:3 a:command,chat
    It will give you everything you asked for. Once you find exactly what you're looking for, find the ID of the event, and type
    /hawk tpto # (# being the ID)

    Why can't you use the Web Interface?
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    What permissions system are you using? Are there any errors in the console?

    I will think about the default XYZ thing

    The popular locations thing isn't going to happen sorry. A lot of effort for something that wouldn't be used very much by many people.

    I will consider making any parameters that aren't prefixed with the '<char>:' to be considered a player name.

    If you want to search all players, just don't put a p:. If you want to do all actions, just don't put a:

    Make sure your webserver has write access to log.txt

    I suppose that could be a valid need for it. I'll allow commands to show up in the tool.

    MySQL will not make your server laggy :\ Just install WAMP like it says on the wiki and give it a try.

    If you want a quick fix, you need to give every permission node manually to the group (hawkeye.search, hawkeye.tool etc). I have worked out the problem but it won't be released until later today/tomorrow. Basically for now, don't use any nodes with * in.

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