[ADMN/SEC] SpoutDemand 1.2 - Allow only Spout clients [1060]

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    SpoutDemand - Demand Spout:
    Version: v1.2

    This plugin will check if joining players has Spoutcraft enabled clients, and will kick them if they don't. There is a brief moment(default 20 ticks) before it does the check, so normal users will be online for that delay.

    Configurable kick messages will be displayed upon kick.
    Option to notify the player instead of kicking him.

    • Kick players without Spoutcraft
    • Configurable messages and delays
    • Permissions
    • Broadcast kick message to online players
    • Optional Notify Mode
    • spoutdemand.skip - Users with this permission node doesn't need Spout to play.
    Default Configuration(Auto) (open)

    #This is the configuration for SpoutDemand
    #kickMessage will be displayed to the player being kicked
    #broadcastMessage will be displayed to other online players
    #logMessage will be shown in the server log
    #kickTicks is the time it waits before potentially kicking, a value of 20 would have it wait for 1 second
    #Using colors in messages
    #To begin a color, put '§-' before the text,
    #where you replace '-' with the color number/letter you want
    #An example is in the default broadcastMessage and kickMessage
    #Created by Jesper "Survivalist" Hallenberg
        logmessage: '[SpoutDemand] Kicking user ''%player%'''
        broadcastmessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] Player ''%player%''  kicked'
        notifymode: false
        kickticks: 20
        notifymessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] This server depends on §bSpoutcraft§f, please
            consider using it!'
        kickmessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] This server demands §bSpoutcraft§f!'

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37931191/SpoutDemand.jar


    Version 1.2
    • Added Notify Mode
    Version 1.1
    • Added configurable messages and ticks before potential kick
    • Source included in JAR
    • Added permissions
    Version 1.0
    • Released SpoutDemand
    • Consider potentially requested features
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    I am afraid sometimes players are not getting message.
    @Survivalist - I can see a lot of players don't know how to install or use SpoutCraft. Instead of kicking players it would be better teleporting them into closed room where they can get more information from signs and from players if they are stuck at installing SpoutCraft.

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  3. Maybe I'm not thinking through the implementation correctly, but with PermissionsBukkit and assuming proper inheritance:

    /perm group setperm default worldthatdoesn'tneedspout:spoutdemand.skip true

    Wouldn't that work? I don't have the plugin to test it with yet, I'm just looking into it.

    Edit: PermissiosnBukkit command line help syntax for reference:
    Code (open)
    /permissions group setperm <group> <[world:]node> [true|false] - set a permission on a group.
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    No because the plugin only checks for SpoutCraft at login(correct me if I'm wrong Survivalist). It would need to either intermittently check player world location or intercept world change events and check if SpoutCraft is installed then. Plus with what you are suggesting once a player tried to go to a world without SpoutCraft and was kicked for it, they would have to install SpoutCraft to be able to get back on the server because everytime they login it would take them back to the other world which would cause them to be kicked again.
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    Cosmic Break

    so i can make this only notify people without spout to get it.
    i dont want to kick anyone for not having spout.
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    damn i really need this on my server but i cant get it to work. everytime someone logs in who doesnt have spout it restarts the server it sucks.. so server keeps constantly restarting due to the.. 100's of people that try to join, wondering if anyone else got this to work with MCMYADMIN CP cause.. i really need this to work.. badly
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    Another request for MultiWorld support !
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    Please release the source of this a friend of mine tried to do it but he said it wasn't possible yet.
    Cause the function who delivers the spout check is only called when the person got spout ;)

    Good thing you did this though, I guess he can learn a bit off your plugin^^
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    is there a way to make an option to automatically download spout? or at least lead to the webpage?
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    Both no without client modification
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    another request for multiworld!
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    Theres already an option with spout to make it spout clients only
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    How does one implement ".isSpoutCraftEnabled" in an if statement? I would ask for the source, but it's been asked for already.
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    im still wondering y this exsists?
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    This plugin would be nice to use, mainly to just notify players about spout without kicking them.
    Doesn't seem to work with latest Spout build.
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    Spout already has it built-in...look in its settings! :p
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    Spout has just the notify-without-kick option built in aswell?
    Can't see it in the config files
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    Nope...well,i guess this plugin IS usefull after all!
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    I need MultiWorld Support for this!
    I got 3 worlds:

    World - new players dos not need spout
    World_nether - always needed
    Games - Always needed.

    BTW: Please update and there is a bug with it with permissionEX , i dos not work
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    Does this still work on the current RB?
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    no, would be nice if this was updated though. would like to allow donators to not be forced to use spout only guests
  22. Would be nice if we could force a certain build.
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    Can anyone pick up this mod and update it for us :<
    Perhaps set it so that it looks at the version of the spoutcraft and anything the same/higher than the current value/version is allowed and anything lower is rejected maybe even configurable option for that to adjust what version.
  24. Please PICK UP!!!!
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    lol, Spout added this... does this still work though? XD
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    Is it possible to add the function:
    Player Uses Spoutcraft --> He can play
    Player that don't use Spoutcraft --> teleport player to another world
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    On my server it dont works, no error message, no error ingame, but if I join with mc launcher i wont be kicked. Is there anything to do before it works?
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    I want a Update :p
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    The Wizard

    Please update this plugin. A kicked player see End of Stream instead of the kick message.
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    Doesn't spoutcsaft do this already as an option in the config? Is this better in some way?
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    It would be nice, if there is a Option to Force the Players. So they can´t join either. Because if they join for 5-10 they coul hack or cheat. But if they get kicked instantly it would be pretty!

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