Inactive [ADMN/SEC] SimpleJail 2.0.3 - Jail those nasty players [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    SimpleJail - Jail those nasty players!
    Version: 2.0.3
    Requires: PEX, PermissionsBukkit, or Vault

    This plugin gives bare basic jail functionality. It allows you to set two points: the Jail point and the Unjail point. Then, when you jail a player, he/she will be teleported to the jail point and demoted to the Permissions group specified in config.yml. Unjail will re-promote the player and teleport back out of the jail, to the unjail point.

    • Super customizable
    • Use /setjail and /setunjail to easily set the two teleport locations
    • Set the group that jailed players will be demoted to in the config file
    • Players' initial groups are saved, so a normal jailed player will revert to a normal rank when unjailed, and a player with the VIP class will revert to the VIP class
    • Works with PEX, PermissionsBukkit, and Vault
    • Players in jail will respawn in jail
    • You can "tempjail" players who will be automatically unjailed after a set time
    • You can jail/unjail players even when they are offline
    Permissions Nodes:
    • simplejail.jail — Allows the use of /jail
    • simplejail.unjail — Allows the use of /unjail
    • simplejail.setjail — Allows the use of /setjail and /setunjail
    • simplejail.jailtime — Allows the use of /jailtime, which shows a players remaining tempjail time
    • simplejail.* — Allows all SimpleJail commands
    Download SimpleJail 2.0.3
    SimpleJail on GitHub

    Have suggestions or problems? Want to see possible additions in the works? Check out the SimpleJail issue tracker on GitHub!

    Version 2.0.3:
    • Fixes the problem where users would be unjailed to the jail point.
    Version 2.0.2:
    • A purely API update, this restructures some code to allow plugins to be less active about redefining jail locations.
    Version 2.0.1
    • Now gives a more suitable error message when no permissions plugins are installed but Vault is.
    • Made /jailtime work with offline players.
    • Updated API to allow the jail and unjail methods to return information about the jail.
    • Made commands use the correct autocompleted names in messages.
    Version 2.0
    • API updated for use with SimpleJailCells.
    • Now uses Metrics for statistics logging.
    Version 1.7.11
    • Fixed bug with some new API code when restarting the server.
    Version 1.7.10
    • More offline player fixes.
    Older versions (open)

    Version 1.7.9
    • Fixed NPE when dealing with offline players.
    Version 1.7.8
    • Fixed issue with saving the jail status to the jailed.yml
    Version 1.7.7
    • Added Vault support to make SimpleJail compatible with virtually every server setup
    Version 1.7.6
    • Added tons of new API hooks for future features
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.2.3
    Version 1.7.4
    • Lowercased all permissions nodes
    • Made lacks permissions messages more intuitive
    Version 1.7.3
    • Improved the messaging system
    • Added "lacks permission" messages
    Version 1.7.2:
    • Fixed PermissionsBukkit unjailing with multiple groups
    Version 1.7.1:
    • Fixed some issues with PEX
    • Fixed offline jailing/unjailing
    • Updated for MC 1.1.0
    Version 1.7:
    • Added PEX support
    • Added offline jailing/unjailing of players
    Version 1.6.1:
    • Fixed issues with the new configuration system
    Version 1.6:
    • Updated to CB 1337
    • Added multiworld support
    • Various other incomplete additions in progress
    Version 1.5
    • Removed support for Permissions 2/3
    • Added support for tempjails
    • Bug fixes
    Version 1.4.7
    • Fixed bug with non-Bukkit permissions
    Version 1.4.5-1.4.6
    • (Finally) fixed superperms support
    Version 1.4.3-1.4.4
    • Fixed initialization bug
    Version 1.4.1-1.4.2
    • Fixed bug with superperms
    Version 1.4
    • Added support for Bukkit "superperms"
    • Fixed bug where users were being duped in the Permissions config
    Version 1.3
    • Made jailed players respawn in jail
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed bug where players in implicit groups couldn't be unjailed
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed config file not saving properly
    • Fixed Permissions 3 support
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    does this plugin require Perrmissions?
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    I'm sorry, I just have no idea what could be the issue...
    If I cannot reproduce the issue, I can't figure out what could possibly be wrong. Unless others are able to reproduce the issue, I am not sure if I can do any more.
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    :<. but understood
  5. I'm having a problem with my mods not being able to use the command even tho it's in their permissions.

    Here's their permissions:

    It tells them they need the SimpleJail.jail permission when they try to /jail.
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    Buckethead, Xickle — I think I figured out the problem. Bukkit does some odd internal lowercasing of permissions, so just use all-lowercase versions with SimpleJail 1.7.4. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I absolutely love this plugin. But I've got a critical issue here; whenever I jail someone they are able to get out using the /f home (factions) command.

    This is my permissions for the group Jailed:
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    Sounds to me like that command is enabled by default. If you're using PermissionsEX, you can fix that by doing something like this:
    - -factions.home
    However, that might leave some permissions available. To be sure that group has no permissions, try something like this:
    - '-*'
    If you can't get it to work, then it's an issue with Factions, no SimpleJail. Try contacting that plugin's author instead.
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    Thank you, that fixed the issue!
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    Hey, all! I am adding a plugin API to SimpleJail, which gives me the ability to add the most requested feature for SimpleJail, jail cells! I need your help for information on how it should work. Please take a look at this thread on BukkitDev to contribute.
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    Yea, please make /home and /spawn commands disabled for jailed users.
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    You can set what Jailed players can/cant use in your permissions.yml file or whatever plugin you use for Perm's eg pEX, or GroupManager.

    Hello Jake, I have also had the same problem with what the other users have also made issues about. However, i have followed your advice, and changed everything to lowercase, yet i am still un-able to use any of the commands.
    No errors, No messages. only my command showing in the console, which it wasn't before i changed to lower-case by the way. I use GroupManager and if you wish to have a good, juicy look at my Permissions file go ahead:

    Thankyou, any help will be much apprectiated.

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    That's the issue, GroupManager. As of now, only PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEX work with this plugin. I may add it in a later release, but for now, it won't work. Sorry!
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    Great plugin, just one small issue I'm having. Could you add a config option to auto-mute players that are jailed? This would be the most efficient plugin if you add this feature!
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    any update on the permission-less option? :p
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    This plugin still works mostly on a permission-based system. Perhaps once the cells addon is implemented, I can add something like this, but for now you can use a mute plugin that mutes the jailed group.

    Again, perhaps once I finish SimpleJailCells I may add a sort of permission-less addon. Still, for now, it'll stay like this.
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    Awesome, I would love a cell feature, so that I can transfer my jailed prisoner to a torture, execution chamber.
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    Ok, as unfortunate as that is, Il look into PEX or PermissionsBukkit, thanks for feedback.
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    This forum wont let me search topics, so im sorry if this has already been covered.

    I like htis plugin, its a good alternative to banning, BUT my players can use /spawn to get out of jail.
    I suppose the only way to disable this is to create a jailed guest group? that doesnt have access to those commands? Or is there an easier way of this plugin disabling them from going to spawn and such?
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    The idea behind this plugin is that you can have more power with a specific jailed group rather than having the plugin implement protections itself. Just modify the jailed group so that the players cannot use any commands that you don't want.
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    Jordan R

    Can you please please please make it so I can set like a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th jailpoint. You can do it like /setjail2 for setting the second jailpoint.

    /setjail3 for the 3rd
    /setjail4 for the 4th
    and so on.

    -And how this will work is that you just type /jail (playername) and that player RANDOMLY goes into any jail point.

    -OR a better idea is that you type /jail1 (playername) and he goes into that specific jail cell. If there's already a player set in that jail cell the plugin will deny your request and put him into a different cell other than the one you requested automatically.

    -Also a setting in the config to automatically shut PvP off on jailed players until their unjailed so they can't kill each other in the 1 cell provided and escape.
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    does it works with Essentials ?
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    This didn't make things ANY easier I tried setting a jail & all it did was /setjail [jailname] PLEASE HELP!
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    This plugin is compatible with PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEX only.

    That doesn't sound like my plugin at all, since this plugin does not use jailnames. Are you sure SimpleJail was the one you used?
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    Does this actually work at all yet?
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    What are you referring to? If it's the multi-jail support, then no, sorry. The standard plugin works fine, though.
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    (I am new with these stuff so im sorry if this a simple thing)When i oppened the server it says [simplejail] ERROR- could not find permissions plugin, then the unload and stuff ,what should I do ?
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    This plugin requires a permissions plugin, and it supports either PermissionsEX or PermissionsBukkit. You must install one or the other to use SimpleJail.
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    ok ty i will try
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    Does this work with bPermissions?
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    Really looking forward to using your plugin, having trouble with griefers and need to deal with them and give them a second chance later. I send these naughty players to a different world that is a bit tougher and nastier than the regular place they live. I have to jail most of them when they are offline so I really needed your plugin to work. As they dont play the same hours that I do. So far it seems if I baby the plugin and reload the server after using the commands it works. However it does throw this nasty error the next time the user tries to join.

    02:33:50 [INFO] Disconnecting Aaron_Merric [/]: Internal server e
    02:33:50 [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fai
    led to add player. net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer@60c(Aaron_Merric at 231.0,6
    4.0,240.0) already is in chunk 14, 15
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to add player. net.minecraft.server.Enti
    tyPlayer@60c(Aaron_Merric at 231.0,64.0,240.0) already is in chunk 14, 15
            at net.minecraft.server.PlayerInstance.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.PlayerManager.addPlayer(
            at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(ServerConfiguration
            at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    02:33:56 [INFO] Aaron_Merric [/] logged in with entity id 1580 at
    ([shadowworld] 231.0, 64.0, 240.0)
    02:33:56 [INFO] Fetching addPacket for removed entity: CraftPlayer{name=Aaron_Me

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