Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Regios v5.0.01 - Advanced Region Management! + Multi-World, Protection + More![1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Regio's - Advanced Region Management! + Multiworld support, protection, entry control, health control, movement control, custom messages and more!
    Version : 5.0.01

    Changelog :​
    Version 5.0.01 : Fixed NPE's regarding ChunkGrids & Regions​
    Version 5.0.0 : Updated for 1.0.0 and fixed glaring protection issues.​
    Version 4.0.80 : Mobs Fixed and Economy Support for iConomy6 (Thanks to Pianosaurus)​
    Version 4.0.71 : Complete Recode.​
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    Im using Permissions 3.1.6 (Yeti) and I have all Permissions becuase Im the Server Owner.I have try the Commands /regios set-owner,/regios help....but nothing work,everytime it says: Use /regios help for help
    Is there maybe a problem with Multiworld Support?First I use the Plugin multiworld and since yesterday I use multiverse.Since Today it didnt work.

    Greetz Flozzel

    Edit: Since Today I use the Recommendet Build (1597),before this I use a unstable of Bukkit 1.0 Build.
  3. I'm not sure without further info and investigation sorry. Your best bet would probably be to wait until I update this for 1.0 and fix some of the bugs which will be in a few days :)
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    Deleted user

    Great. Another plugin to add to the huge list of WorldGuard plugins.​
  5. Sarcasm?
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    Deleted user

    Yeah. :p I mean there's like 15 other plugins that do the exact same thing that this plugin does (WorldGuard, Alerter, EpicZones, etc.)
  7. I think this is pretty unique and has loads of cool features.
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    If i remember well there was an option to set a price scalable with the size (like per-block prize).. what i can do if I want to let users select a new area and "/region set" themselves for a price?
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    Yeah this is true
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    So Adam, our server has been eyeing Regios for a while now, and we really like the features you have which worldguard needs extra 3-rd party plugins to accomplish.(Selling and Buying regions mainly) We are going to switch to Regios when you update to Bukkit 1576, but I have a couple questions about the functionality we need.
    (I apologize for not having tested these questions before asking, but we are waiting for your new build to add it)

    We have a trade area built for our server, that we will be using regios to add buyable shops. We have around 200-300 shops prebuilt, where the regios region will be right inside the blocks making the shop, that way they can't change the building design. We only want people to be able to own 2 shops total, and since the regions will be pre-existing, I am afraid setting regios.restrictions.2 won't keep them from owning more than 2 shops. Does that setting restrict their total ownable regions to 2 even if they aren't the one creating it, just buying it by right clicking the sign? We are worried about this since it would ruin our entire shop economy if people can buy out all the shops we set at a cheap price, then re-price them at much higher.

    Also, I have a suggestion for a feature. (Yes, this is a very specific request for our needs, but hey, I think people would like it.) Add the ability to insert items into a players inventory upon entry or exit of a region, and the prime scenario would be the ability to say how many of that item id are added to their inventory along with any number of different items. That way when someone enters a region, you could have it set for them to get 10 snowballs, 1 iron sword, and 3 pieces of bread. (ie. any number of different items with individual amounts each.) This would obviously happen right after an inventory swap occurs, if there is one upon entering the region. We have many challenges, and we use multiverseportals to reward people winning with iconomy money. But there are certain points in challenges where we would like to give people an item to use, without having an infinite dispensor they can just sit there abusing. I would prefer having them fall down a hole through a horizontal region halfway down it that gives them the items, that way they can't get back up to drop through the region again to get items over and over. We have explored this with CraftBook, but we still don't have a sound way to insert items directly into a players inventory.

    Also, very important question. I just read through the past couple of pages and saw you didn't plan on updating this adam, passed the torch, and then decided to continue updating this again.... So adam, do you plan on just working on this over your break and then stopping forever? And if you do stop, PhysX, do you plan on keeping this updated longterm or just for a bit? I am now slightly afraid to base our probably longlasting server and entire trade economy on a plugin that might stop being supported. Worldguard and a selling region plugin might be smarter if this is going to be dropped randomly. I just want so many of the features you have that Worldguard doesn't :(

    Sorry for the length, but I appreciate your plugin from what I have seen, and would love to implement it.

  11. The reason I dropped Regios for a while because I had a lot of stuff going on at school with doing my A-levels. Plus the constant Minecraft updates and API breaks frustrated me. I am not going to stop developing this don't worry :).

    Ok so for your questions, the region restriction restricts then to the region they own. So its not when they create a region but if they have one owned in their name - hope that makes sense.

    As for the inventory management I had considered this while making Regios and while I did not incorportate it directly into Regios it is very easy to do so the way I made it.
    You can either use the Regios API and a custom plugin to do this or you can combine the force command set option with an inventory plugin which will allow you to force the player to execute a command/set of commands when entering regions which could be used to give them inventory items. There are also inventory manipulation features which will allow you to wipe and the cache the players inventory so their inventory will be saved and restored to them when they exit the region or vice versa for leaving.
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    excuse me adamkis, is this planned? ^^ thanks sir!
  13. I fan owner has the rights to sell than he can set whatever price he likes.
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    Yes, I had considered the idea of forcing commands upon entry of an area, but I still am not sure what this looks like for players? Do they see what command was just used by them, or does the command simply happen. For example, if I had the region trigger /i bread 3 upon entry, would they be able to see that command happen, or just receive 3 bread and have no idea how? And while with permissions we might be able to set something like that up, I am hesitant to insert something that if they messed around enough, they might find the command we had them use, and abuse the crap out of it spawning a million items. (We are a hardcore PvP server, we don't attract all of the most honorable players lol)

    And as far as using the API and making a plugin, both of our admins have the capability to code this, but neither have the time. I just wish there was a simple way where the control is all in our hands as the people running the server. Any other way including what you suggested leaves the player with a loophole they can abuse if they try hard enough.

    And for your answer to my question about region ownership, that makes perfect sense and is exactly what we were hoping for! Outstanding! I assume with Multiverse we will be able to set number of regions they can own per world?

    Thanks for your quick response!

  15. Maybe with multiverse but I'm not entirely sure. If you wanted people to have items but not abuse them you could use the regios cache wipe on exit enter option which would wipe and save their inventory when they enter a region, then you could have infinite spawners or whatever and then when they leave their invent would be wiped and restored to what it was before. Just an idea :)
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    Guys, spawners do not work in the latest version. Everything seems like easy mode, i cant even spawn 1.0 mobs using /spawnmob

    I confirmed that it is regios, removing it fixed all the spawner problems. And yes, im using the version that PhysX posted in the .zip file a page or 2 back.

    Oh and that permissions problem is back, but changing the order is not fixing it, i had to set both to 250 to fix it. Which means my players have 250 free regions as well
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    yes but what with the unowned land? if i want user let create their custom regions i cant let them pay?
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    Yep, the inventory save and wipe was already planned, but the abuse I was talking about isn't the possession of the items, it is dropping the items. If we set up a dispenser to drop the items we want them to have right then, they can just spam it over and over and over until there are thousands of items on the ground. This in turn can extremely lag the server if they sit there for 20 mins doing it. And I know someone would do it lol.

    Either way, sounds like there isn't a stable version of Regios for 1.0 yet just from the comments I see, planning on getting one up when you go break?
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    Hello! I'm running CraftBukkit 1597, and Regios is not working well for me... about one and a half months ago when I had my server (I took it down until 2 days ago I started out fresh)... it worked fine but now it's not working :(

    I type /regios set
    then it tells me to left and right click, well it doesn't work!
    Is this a known issue?
    Great plugin otherwise...
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    I like alot of server admin im sure are sticking to 1.0 r1 for a long time is there anyway to do a hot fix for regios for 1.0 r1? seems to just be a conflict with new mobs. I've been dependent on your plugin since i could remember by far the best regions/protection plugin thus far :) we even used your plugin to make podcast centers on our server so members * using spout* could walk in and listen to the latest podcast of the month. That alone is what keeps me loyal to your plugin :)
  21. Sorry I don't understand your question

    I have Christmas break today so I will be starting on fixing Regios from today :)

    Are you using the selection tool which is specified in the configuration file. Nothing will happen if you are using the wrong tool.

    :) Don't worry I am working on fixing all issues and bugs on this from today and adding new features if I can think of any ;)

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    <3 you sir saved our podcast :)
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    Can i donate in euro ? :D
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  25. Sure :p Paypal doesn't mind what currency you donate it, it converts it to pounds for me anyway.
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    Hi, how do you make that default players have access to the following commands, /regios set, /regios create (name), /regios protect (name), /regios expandmax (name)​
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    Progress? My players are getting worried, as their protection system is down... I really need the spawner fix...
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    Permission ? Look at regios wiki
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    >21:10:44 [INFO] [Regios] Permissions not detected, checking PEX...
    >21:10:44 [INFO] [Regios] PEX not detected, defaulting to OP.
    > I think this is why it only working for op how do I change this
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    Firstly I think this is a great protection system. Epic zones and World guard wern't working for me. I only have one problem with the plugin. when i deny anyone entry people can still enter. But becuase exit is denyed to they can't leave. It seems to be entry is not working for me. could the fact that it is in a second zone be a problem? Here is the data for that zone

                Location: Rivers,0,0,0
                Enabled: false
                Message: You left [NAME]
                IconID: 3
                PlayCustomMusic: false
                Enabled: false
                Message: Welcome to [NAME]
                IconID: 2
                UseTexture: false
            ForceCommand: false
            CommandSet: ''
            ShowProtectionMessage: true
            LeaveMessage: <RED>You left <BLUE>[NAME]
            ProtectionMessage: <RED>This region is protected by owner <YELLOW>[OWNER]!
            ShowPreventExitMessage: true
            PreventExitMessage: '<RED>You cannot exit this region : <BLUE>[NAME]'
            ShowWelcomeMessage: true
            PreventEntryMessage: '<RED>You cannot enter this region : <BLUE>[NAME]'
            WelcomeMessage: <BGREEN>Welcome to <BLUE>[NAME]
            ShowPvpWarning: true
            ShowPreventEntryMessage: true
            ShowLeaveMessage: true
            DoorsLocked: false
            PreventInteraction: true
            PreventEntry: true
            ChestsLocked: false
            PreventExit: true
                Enabled: false
                Password: ''
            FireProtection: true
                General: true
                BlockPlace: false
                BlockBreak: false
                Cap: 0
            Price: 0
            ForSale: false
            HealthEnabled: true
            PvP: false
            HealthRegen: 0
            LSPS: 0
            VelocityWarp: 0.0
            MonsterSpawns: true
            MobSpawns: true
            ProtectionMode: Whitelist
            PreventEntryMode: Whitelist
            ItemControlMode: Whitelist
            PreventExitMode: Whitelist
            WipeAndCacheOnExit: false
            PermWipeOnEnter: false
            PermWipeOnExit: false
            WipeAndCacheOnEnter: false
                AddNodes: ''
                RemoveNodes: ''
                AddNodes: Shop.entry
                Enabled: true
            Name: GlobalShop
            SubOwners: benquincy
            Owner: Peter_Warwick
            World: Rivers
                Point1: Rivers,-9515.0,0.0,7863.0
                Point2: Rivers,-9497.0,128.0,7893.0
    Help With this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    What is the selection tool? Isn't it the gold axe?

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