Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Regios v5.0.01 - Advanced Region Management! + Multi-World, Protection + More![1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Regio's - Advanced Region Management! + Multiworld support, protection, entry control, health control, movement control, custom messages and more!
    Version : 5.0.01

    Changelog :​
    Version 5.0.01 : Fixed NPE's regarding ChunkGrids & Regions​
    Version 5.0.0 : Updated for 1.0.0 and fixed glaring protection issues.​
    Version 4.0.80 : Mobs Fixed and Economy Support for iConomy6 (Thanks to Pianosaurus)​
    Version 4.0.71 : Complete Recode.​
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    I fixed it now... Took like 2 hours to fix the damn plugin lol.. Still like old though

    I fixed the problem.. Lol took me some hours but works now... But i still want old regios back though :/

    If you would take the time to make a stable version of the old 1 for 1.8 i would be happy :)

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    Can we please get a tutorial on using this with PEX. I cannot get these setup properly.

    I'm using PEX for groups and node permissions. but regardless of region setup, people can still break blocks and place blocks in other owner regions.

    A simple tutorial on setting this up with PEX specifically would be amazing for some of us.
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    so whats happening with region music?
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    im always having problems with this plugin!!! OMG! i do: /regios expandmax spawn
    then i do: /regios protect spawn
    It says its protected but people can still destroy it when there deoped!?!?!?!?!
  6. You need to do protect all, reading the wiki helps.
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    will you release an update soon(tm)? fixing spout gui? :D
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    Still no word on a tutorial. The wiki is outdated and really only gives command listings that's about it.
  9. The wiki is fully upto date.
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    I was taking the lack of configuration information for permissions, meaning outdated.

    I'm having to switch to worldguard or something else since regios isnt updated for the new version and doesnt seem to work with permissionsex
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    I have the same problem. I think ModifyWorld screws it up. ModifyWorld probably makes sure that players can always build in a world if they have permission, so it lets them build even if Regios doesn't.
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    can you make this compatible with bananregion or region market, or world guard
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    make a working REGIOS plz doesent realy work as it should with 1,8
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    The protection does not effect anyone in creative, could you fix that?
    (The uCreate plugin to be specific)
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    Possible to sell permissions to 1 region to multiple players , so people can buy entry into a public mine for money and also if possible set blocks that cannot be broken inside regions like flag wood to be unbreakable
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    I got a problem with selling regions. Players in default permission group have the permission node but they can't buy because it says they don't have the permission. How can I fix that?

    Also I get the following error on server startup (fixes after /reload):
    What does this mean and how can it be fixed?
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    Using a nether portal to enter or exit a region does not update the Spout features.
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    How do you make normal users allowed to use Regios?
    And can I somehow set a limit on normal users maximum region?
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    I've managed to get music and texture pack URL's added. However nothing seems to be happening. Same texture pack and no music :\

    Any suggestions?
  20. Use the spoutcraft launcher
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    Adamki11s i finally installed new regios and cofigured it :) It works fine :) But i got problem Endermans , silverfish cave spiders dont spawn and i don't know why
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    Cna anyone help me... i downloaded the plugin and put in the permissions and it didnt work so i did it again and it still doesnt work. everytime i type in command such as /regios set nothing happens
    Please help cuz this looks like a good plugin to have :confused: If you help you get some [cake]
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    I hope I don't sound that stupid.. Of course I already am using the SpoutCraft client and no music or textures :(

    I do like the look of the Spout panel with the transparent background though, much easier on the eyes _b
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    OK I have a issue here with regios. I am trying to protect my spawn point so that other users can't break/build anything there. When I try to select a region with the two points by using /regios set I can't set the points because instead of setting the points it breaks the blocks that are there. Any ideas? Also, how do i set a square around the spawn point if I can only set two points.
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    I am not able to place paintings outside regions but all other blocks work (I am OP). Placing of blocks outside regions is not allowed for normal players.
  26. I'm going to be doing some work to try and fix some of these bugs now.
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    In this plugin can i make my guests spawn in a defined region and only be able to be there? like dont walk outside, and only build there. And all others spawn in the default spawn location?
    Using permissionsbukkit.
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    When you try to buy a house by right clicking on the sign or /r buy (Region) in the console writes:
    Please fix it.
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    What i do if i want to buy a place with a sign ? I have try to write the same text of the picture, but not working
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    Thanks for your hard work in fixing bugs
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    Update for 1317??

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