Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Regios v5.0.01 - Advanced Region Management! + Multi-World, Protection + More![1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Regio's - Advanced Region Management! + Multiworld support, protection, entry control, health control, movement control, custom messages and more!
    Version : 5.0.01

    Changelog :​
    Version 5.0.01 : Fixed NPE's regarding ChunkGrids & Regions​
    Version 5.0.0 : Updated for 1.0.0 and fixed glaring protection issues.​
    Version 4.0.80 : Mobs Fixed and Economy Support for iConomy6 (Thanks to Pianosaurus)​
    Version 4.0.71 : Complete Recode.​
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    Are you going to make it possible to give out regions; allowing people to build in their own regions, instead of the map?
  3. I'm going to add a globalinvert protection so that people can only build in regions if they so wish.

    For all of you waiting for the recode Spout features I am currently implementing are :

    Popups on entry /exit of regions.
    Custom music loading and sound effect triggers.
    More which I haven't been bothered to add :p I like to keep it a secret
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    awesome thanks and by the way when I make signs to sell regions the [Regios] doen't become green what am I doing wrong ?
  5. Not sure, just wait for the recode because I won't be fixing any existing bugs as I am spending my time on recoding :p
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    ok I'll wait for the update
  7. I'll start posting my progress here so you can follow along:

    Finished customisable messages. You can now customise the following messages :
    • Welcome Message
    • Leave Message
    • Protection Message (Triggered when trying to build in a protected area)
    • Prevent Entry Message
    • Prevent Exit Message
    • Authorisation Messages (Yes! Password protected regions :D)
      • Auth Required Message
      • Auth Success Message
    • Spout Popup Messages
      • Entry message (Title is not customisable for obvious reasons)
      • Leave message
      • Entry message block id
      • Leave message block ID
    You also have the option to add custom tags which will be converted in real time such as [NAME] for the name of the region, [OWNER] for the owner, [BUILD-RIGHTS] to notify the player whether they can build or not and [PLAYER-COUNT] To list the players in the current region set.

    Along with this you can use colour tags for further customisation by encapsulating the string in <> for example

    <RED> This is red <GREEN> and this is green

    You can also use colour codes such as : <1> <2> <A> <B> etc...

    Please leave any further suggestions :)
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    you... are... GOD!
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    I don't normally comment on plugins I use, but I must tell you this plugin is by FAR the best region management one.

    It's easier than the rest, simpler and generally better.

    Enough said?

    I'll post up some suggestions later if you want :D
  10. Thanks for your support, it really means a lot to me :D
    By all means post your suggestions, the sooner the better :D

    Recode update:

    Added in support for spout music enabling music to be played to the player whilst in a region. You have to specify the URL :)
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    Is it possible to block the /tp or /tphere or any kind of teleportation/warp command in a region?

    That would be REALLY useful. Though I don't know if it would be possible.
  13. It would be possible to do, however I'm not going to implement it purely because it's unnecessary for most. Maybe see if someone would be willing to make a custom plugin after I release the API.
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    what is the permissions node for buying the region ?
  15. There isn't one, in the recode there will be though
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    ok thanks
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    Alright cheers
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    Adam please implement the ability for a region to alter a players/groups permissions.
    A defined number of people allowed in a region at one time would be very useful too.
    Its evident to me that the number of people seeking these options are far greater than you know.
    Regio's would be top shelf for an even longer time coming if it could do this.

    Readers please concur if this is true for you.

    Thank you for the awesome plugin Adam.
  19. Your welcome, and thanks ;)

    As for definable number of people in a region do you mean a maximum amount of players allowed in a region or the ability to check how many players are in the region? if the latter then i have already implemented that in messages. If not the latter then I like the idea and will probably add that in :p

    As for altering permissions do you mean the ability to add a group to exceptions such as letting all players in group x into a certain region?
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    1. Make it so i can place/delete blocks while setting area.
    2. Maybe a shortcut cmd such as /re or /reg, regios is pretty long :)
    3. Possibly make the areas editable from the config, that way we dont have to type as much.
    4. Maybe a mass protect, or mass pvp, etc., etc. For example, i dont want to have to protect every area by hand :(

    Thanks, and GREAT plugin!
  21. Mass command sounds like a good idea. As for block setting I've removed some restrictions which were previously imposed.

    I am adding an alias of /reg.

    Config will be in flatfile storage now so you can modify it directly if need be.
    Thanks for your support and suggestions :D
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    About the number of people in the region: limiting a number of people into it would be awesome, say by teleporting them to the nearest block outside of the region when they enter it. This would allow only one person to be able to use a space at a time(forming a line at the bankers window) or keep a viewable arena safe from outside interference, provided ranged weapons were checked at the venues doors.

    About the permissions, my suggestion is for a player/group(as defined by permissions, permissionsEX) to have permission nodes added or removed upon entering and leaving the region.

    ..enter region: example
    .....if player does have : = set has and DONT add: perm(s)
    .....if player doesnt have : = set hasnt and ADD:

    ..exit region: example
    .....if player set to has = remove setting and DONT remove: perm(s)
    .....if player set to hasnt = remove setting and REMOVE:

    where "" = "permission node needed to use servers bank plugin"

    the remove setting thing is just a quick thought about avoiding possible conflicts with admins taking perms from that player between their visits to the region that will effect it.

    support for multiple perm handling is a good idea XD

    imagine I've got my feet in your chest, I'm pulling your face to mine and am coving you with my crazy person slobber as i scream about how I NeED THIS!
    cuz thats how i feel about it :p

    You can use CommandHelper to make aliases for any of your commands. its easy to make simple things like /regios = /r
    you can build complicated scripts using all your commands too

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  23. Ah ok, thanks ;)

    So for you'e permissions idea I don't really see the point of it as to me it seems you're giving them the node and then removing it straight after. Why don't you just always give it to them. Maybe I'm missing the point, if so please give me some more examples :D

    Regios recode Update :

    Features now functioning:

    • Chest Locking
    • Door Locking
    • Preventing Exit
    • Preventing Entry
    Planning to finish tonight (GMT)
    • Protection
    • Maybe password regions :p

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    ok :)
    the entire point of implementing the ability of a region to control the permissions is to gain control over the full spectrum of actions available within the region and that being... also allowing an action only to performed within a designated area. It is to allow a more customizable server.

    as of now, i can define permissions diffrently for diferent worlds using the world folders of permissions.
    if regios could satisfy the suggestion with an implementation, it would create a microcosm of the world folders used by permissions and allow us to have regions with different rules rather than needing to traverse to another map.

    this would create a platform for creating true rpg style servers

    as it is now, i would need to stand at the door of my bank building an add/remove the permission node nedded to bank as they passed if i wanted to require them to be in the bank to make transactions.

    any specific part im not explaining well? im really interested in having a region plugin control permissions. im willing to help in any way other than programing it myself. i dont know how yet. this also doesnt seem like a project i could finish as a first project before someone beats me to it.
    i believe this concept is on the edge and would spring forth many awesome creations btw
    thanks for keeping up with my post adam XD

    you can prevent exit twice? sweet!
    how'd you do that?

    err.. clearer : i can define permission tnt in nether and no permission for tnt in world

    what i am suggesting is that i can define permission for tnt in region1 and not for region 2
    both on world rather than world/nether

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  25. Was meant to be preventing entry. I'm going to spend the new hour putting milestones etc up on github not only for you to see my progress but so i know what i still have to do :p

    Ok, I'll add in a give and remove nodes list type thing :p

    There will be item usage permissions with toggleable modes being either white or blacklist. Does this answer your question?

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    can it manipulate any possessed permission nodes in: myserver\plugins\PermissionsEx\permissions.yml ?

    my original thought for this suggestion was restricting iconomy's /bank command to a region

    i guess managing all permissions available or specified by this plugin would be supreme but any functions your willing to add to it are awesomest :) thanks again
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    With the new version of Regios could you add native PermissionsEx support?
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    When the last ver will be released ;D?
  29. I'm in the process of putting everything on github so you can see my milestones and progress, I'll pu t alink in here when I'm done.
    Possibly :p
    I may add the ability to directly modify permission nodes, we'll see ;)

    I am managing everything on Github now so please post your suggestions there by going to the links at the top of the page and click 'New issue' Located at the top-right of your screen.

    You can also track my progress on what I have done and what I have left to do ;)

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    Is there a way to also protect chests with /regios protect?

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