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    Quicksave - Saving your servers, one line of code at a time. [diamond]
    Version: V1.o

    Have you ever had a structure that you were particularly proud of? There are tools out there that stop a none op from destroying it but what if you want it to be untouchable? Problem is how to only protect the structure?! This is the plugin for you!
    This plugin was developed to help eliminate forms of griefing on servers. By defining the corners of an imaginary square, that area is protected from harm!

    What does it do?!:
    • Protect certain areas from destruction.
    • Protection Toggle for quick building.
    • Editable Config file for continual protection.
    Download Link: V1.1 :[V1.1].jar
    Source Files: V1.o [Official] :[V1.o]src.rar

    Old Versions:
    V 0.1 -[v0.1].jar
    Old Source Files:
    V0.1 -[V0.1]src.rar

    1. Go to a block that you would like to be one of the corners.
    2. Type: /qs corner 1 //This stores this as one of the corners.
    3. Go to the opposite corner of the square, like using to drag to select feature on your desktop.
    4. Type: /qs corner 2 //This will store the second needed corner.
    5. Youre Done! The area in the square will be uneditable!
    Additional Directions:
    /qs protect - Turns protection on.
    /qs unprotect - Turns protection off.
    /qs help - Shows directions above.

    Version 1.1 [8/11/11]
    • Fixed TNT bug where TNT would still destroy structures. Now TNT will not explode if the blocks effected by the explosion are in the protected area.
    Version 1.o [8/8/11]
    • Updated Check for corners.
    • Added Protection toggle.
    • Added Config file support.
    Version 0.1 [7/30/11]
    • Initial Plugin Release
    Other Notes/The Future!:
    - Graphics (Banner, and Instructional video) coming soon!
    - Version 0.2 - Add settings file for continual protection, Add Command for protection on off for editing.
    - Update Banner, Source Code, and Video
    - Start work on cleaning code and working on multiple protection areas.
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    i registered my account here, only to to say thank you Regallegion you just saved me 5 hours of building... :) awesome plugin best thing is that it can protect very thal building. p.s sry for bad english... keep up with this mate, ill download any newer version!! :)
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    Can u plz make permissions for admins to build and destroy in a protected area?
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    Ty Cool and AWESOME Plugin ! ;)
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    can you make a plugin that lets you save a house with a command that selects one corner like /sv 1 then next corner /sv 2. and you can choose a name for your house.then you type /sv [house name] and right click where you want to put it. pleas i really want a plugin like that.
  6. This is a small problem because myself I know alot about Bukkit Plugins, having had 7 servers, problem is with the Protection restarting itself between restarts, I can no longer use QuickSave on my spawn area to prevent it being griefed, which is a small problem. I love you plugin 100% but with the Quicksave Protection restarting between server restarts, esepcially when I am running SimpleRestart it causes all sorts of problems with griefing, would there be anyway you could fix this so you can choose to reset protection when there is a restart.
    For the overall genius of this plugin I award you 10/10 Great Job!
    Keep It Up!
  7. may you update the plugin for 1.2.3

    You can find their DEVELOPMENT BUILD (I have the development on my server and it works OK) in this link

    It has all the builds of bukkit. With this tool you can update craftbukkit to 1.2.3 or 1.2
    I DID /qs corner 1 and then on the other side I did /qs corner 2
    then it was not protected i can still edit it :(
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    can you please update quickly i need this. Unless what plugin is just like this?

    hurry up! my server is compleatly greifed

    wrong version type

    most 1.2 or 1.2.3 plugins work on the latest builds such as 1.2.4 and 1.25

    but not 1.1 plugins

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    Is this plugin working fully for 1.2.5 R1

    I realy need somthing like this.

    or do you know of somthing els easy that i could use.
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    This post has been edited 13 times. It was last edited by Regallegion Aug 12, 2011.

    I was going to load down and use this great looking plugin.

    Has it been abandend by the owner Regallegion.

    Man I neeed a good plug in like this for multiple protection areas.

    can any one help ??

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