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    Quicksave - Saving your servers, one line of code at a time. [diamond]
    Version: V1.o

    Have you ever had a structure that you were particularly proud of? There are tools out there that stop a none op from destroying it but what if you want it to be untouchable? Problem is how to only protect the structure?! This is the plugin for you!
    This plugin was developed to help eliminate forms of griefing on servers. By defining the corners of an imaginary square, that area is protected from harm!

    What does it do?!:
    • Protect certain areas from destruction.
    • Protection Toggle for quick building.
    • Editable Config file for continual protection.
    Download Link: V1.1 :[V1.1].jar
    Source Files: V1.o [Official] :[V1.o]src.rar

    Old Versions:
    V 0.1 -[v0.1].jar
    Old Source Files:
    V0.1 -[V0.1]src.rar

    1. Go to a block that you would like to be one of the corners.
    2. Type: /qs corner 1 //This stores this as one of the corners.
    3. Go to the opposite corner of the square, like using to drag to select feature on your desktop.
    4. Type: /qs corner 2 //This will store the second needed corner.
    5. Youre Done! The area in the square will be uneditable!
    Additional Directions:
    /qs protect - Turns protection on.
    /qs unprotect - Turns protection off.
    /qs help - Shows directions above.

    Version 1.1 [8/11/11]
    • Fixed TNT bug where TNT would still destroy structures. Now TNT will not explode if the blocks effected by the explosion are in the protected area.
    Version 1.o [8/8/11]
    • Updated Check for corners.
    • Added Protection toggle.
    • Added Config file support.
    Version 0.1 [7/30/11]
    • Initial Plugin Release
    Other Notes/The Future!:
    - Graphics (Banner, and Instructional video) coming soon!
    - Version 0.2 - Add settings file for continual protection, Add Command for protection on off for editing.
    - Update Banner, Source Code, and Video
    - Start work on cleaning code and working on multiple protection areas.
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    i agree with @kibbles4everyone but i have a problem. when they break the signs, or try to atleast, it goes back but the words are gone. please help me fix this.
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    really good plugin just what ive been looking for to protect my tower... however would it be possible to set up an area within an area... so the inner area is not protected howver the remanding outter area is protected... this would be great for my arena so people cant break the glass to get into the arena once its started :D [diamond]
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    hey one more thing could you make it to were whover safes the area can still modify it but no one else can??? or maybe have a white list as to who this mod affects and doesn't??
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    Using the new PermissionsBukkit-Plugin broke QuickSave for me,
    when players have the right to build, they can destroy but not place blocks in the protected area.
    Uninstalling quicksave for now and sticking to the Alerter-Plugin, which isn't quiet als simple as QuickSave but still works fine for me.
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    Could you add some Name-support ?

    i want to protect more than one Building, and i should be able to give names to the Areas, which i want to protect, so i cand efine, which one i want to unprotect.
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    TNT bug is now fixed. Idk what to do about the water/Lava.. i would suggest just streching the area to account for that
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    pixel pirate

    /qs unprotect does not work... ive tried the command and it says protection is off but i still cant build or remove blocks.. and it made my entire world like this too LOL. i even followed the video :x
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    Im not sure what to tell ya.. if you havent try V1.1. you could uninstall/reinstall it and see if it works then.
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    pixel pirate

    yeah i fixed it earlier.. i dont know what it was but after i re installed it was fine
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    Alright GOOD!
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    when im not even opped i can still unprotect and area how do i make only certain people allowed to>
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    is there a way to make only that ops can do this????
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    scaffolding? pillar, more like. sounds like a good plugin. I will try it out, but I don't want sections I can't edit or make editable. Definately on my favorites list. :)
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    Simple and lightweight, perfect for what I need, thanks :D

    Another possible update you could do would be to define the regions in cuboids (so the opposite corners of the cuboid rather than opposite corners of a square). Just an idea :) Nice work
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    Ok so I have just read every comment and as far as i can see these are the updates,

    [1] = Done and fully working the way its supposed too
    [0]= Not

    *Multiple seperate area protect [0]

    *Shortened Command [0]
    i.e /qs 1 & /qs 2

    *Off / On Feature [1]

    These two should really be looked into, then this will become an amazing
    protection Plugin, I know other suggestions were made
    for example,

    -Cuboid Protection Not Square
    -Naming protected areas

    But I think that this would be over complicating a nice simple easy to use protection
    plugin, -Blurgh
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    Thanks for the feedback! Lately ive been super busy like 9-5 camp everyday then working at night so i havent had much time to work on it but i plan to put away some time for it this weekend. As of now the features i will be working on are the multiple protection areas (gonna need some help with that if anyone wants to offer some) and simplification of the commands because these are what multiple people have asked for. As far as the cuboids go i feel that if you could just state a height of protection or something like that? Im not sure cuboids would be a wise move but its definately possible. Suggestions are always welcome and thanks for the response! [cake]
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    This plugin is a live saver!

    Worldguards region codes don't work for me with the essentials plugin pack and I needed some kind of easy region protect. Perfect plugin for the job! Very small and simple plugin :)

    Just wondering if you are workin on a way to have multiple areas?
    Like just add a line to the code to assign the first and second corner a matching ID and then require you to choose which ID you want to turn on/off or all ID's at once so you can work on assigning more than one area at a single time. That would be a major improvement.

    Also can you make a way to just toggle disallow mobs to destroy blocks and disallow people to modify blocks as well?
    That way you have more options. I originally wanted area protection just for mob stuff- player stuff isn't much of a problem for me because I'm on a private server and also use MCEdit. This would allow me to assign a no-mob area around our houses and a no-player-modify around our chest markets or community buildings.

    /qs mob <regionID> corner 1/2
    /qs player <regionID> corner 1/2

    As of right now I just have it surrounding our entire village at night. It gets old having to toggle it every day in MineCraft so at night all we can do is mine stuff.
    For now a simple fix would be to toggle auto enable/disable at night would be a great little improvement until you get this other stuff figured out.
    /qs auto enable

    Then this would be the perfect plugin for me with only like 4 differents codes to remember ^.^

    Anyway thanks so much for the plugin, I will continue using it and waiting for an update!

    After reading the comments...
    I also agree don't ruin a simple plugin like this! (just add different versions) Just a few simple codes are all you need.
    The whitelist is also a great idea.
    IDK, but would it be easier to set it up just like the server whitelist, where you have to edit it before the server is online? Just make the plugin generate an empty .txt file in the plugin folder that you can assign a world name to as well as players and the regions ID as stated above.
    Less code in-game for me =win, although either way works for me (just need a code for the region ID and the player name).
    Also group regions together. And allow to do multiple specific region toggles.
    /qs <regionID> whitelist add/del<player>
    /qs group <regionID> <regionID> <grouped regions ID>
    *be able to add a region to two different groups
    /qs <grouped regions ID> whitelist add/del<player>

    You could make a blacklist as well that is always on for a specific player even if you have the protect toggled off for everyone else. That way you have members, enemies and guests.
    Thats all ;-)
  19. When do u think multiple areas will work... i really really need it..

    BTW, Great job man, i really appreciate your work, AMAZING PLUGIN!
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    hey, very nice plugin! But one thing, you cant kill blocks, but you can place blocks in the save area..... -.-
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    Does it only protect removing blocks? or can it do removing and placing blocks. Cuz i dont want random structures in my city
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    Is there a possibility that you could add a certain item to set the zone with instead of chat?
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    Would you be able to add a feature so that only admins or semi-admins can build stuff?
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    this is an awsome pluging only thing i think it needs is multi area protection so like /qs set -select corners 1-2 then /qs add [name] and you have made an area with that name to protect then just do /qs protect [name] or /qs unprotect [name] and only admins can do /qs list to view all the names of protected areas. and /qs delete [name]. but only the area creator can protect, unprotect, delete the area thay made. just a sugestion but other then that its great
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    This should be considered Dead/ Inactive the developer hasnt even logged into his account for more than twenty days. I will have my Dev. Team begin on a plugin using the source code and add more features such as multiple quicksave zones and permissions support.
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    Please Add Multiple Areas No Plugin Can Protect Areas Correctly Only Youres.. I Really Need It Please :)
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    sounds verry good but where are the prommissions.
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    Hallo i cant set more corner 1-2
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    Maybe im just stupid, but why is it possible for players that not are OP to create protected areas? Im running a survival server, and I only want to protect the spawn.
    Is there any way to disable the /qs corner 1 etc. for non-OPs? Please answer quickly...

    - GaUnReTech
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    does it have group control?
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    its Nice!, but could it be possible to add a message when people try to destroy it? example: ''This is a protectede zone" or something like that

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