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    Quicksave - Saving your servers, one line of code at a time. [diamond]
    Version: V1.o

    Have you ever had a structure that you were particularly proud of? There are tools out there that stop a none op from destroying it but what if you want it to be untouchable? Problem is how to only protect the structure?! This is the plugin for you!
    This plugin was developed to help eliminate forms of griefing on servers. By defining the corners of an imaginary square, that area is protected from harm!

    What does it do?!:
    • Protect certain areas from destruction.
    • Protection Toggle for quick building.
    • Editable Config file for continual protection.
    Download Link: V1.1 :[V1.1].jar
    Source Files: V1.o [Official] :[V1.o]src.rar

    Old Versions:
    V 0.1 -[v0.1].jar
    Old Source Files:
    V0.1 -[V0.1]src.rar

    1. Go to a block that you would like to be one of the corners.
    2. Type: /qs corner 1 //This stores this as one of the corners.
    3. Go to the opposite corner of the square, like using to drag to select feature on your desktop.
    4. Type: /qs corner 2 //This will store the second needed corner.
    5. Youre Done! The area in the square will be uneditable!
    Additional Directions:
    /qs protect - Turns protection on.
    /qs unprotect - Turns protection off.
    /qs help - Shows directions above.

    Version 1.1 [8/11/11]
    • Fixed TNT bug where TNT would still destroy structures. Now TNT will not explode if the blocks effected by the explosion are in the protected area.
    Version 1.o [8/8/11]
    • Updated Check for corners.
    • Added Protection toggle.
    • Added Config file support.
    Version 0.1 [7/30/11]
    • Initial Plugin Release
    Other Notes/The Future!:
    - Graphics (Banner, and Instructional video) coming soon!
    - Version 0.2 - Add settings file for continual protection, Add Command for protection on off for editing.
    - Update Banner, Source Code, and Video
    - Start work on cleaning code and working on multiple protection areas.
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    You're missing the category, craftbukkit build, and description in the title.
    Submission Guidelines
    Looks good though [cookedmeat]
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    Thank you. I think i have fixed everything you mentioned. Thanks for the help.[sheep]
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You forgot the CB build at the end - [1000]
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    Your plugin title is still a mess. It needs this formatting:

    [TAGS] <name> <version> - <description> [CB BUILD]

    Don't put the <>'s in the name, version or description.
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    it will be added soon! i just wanted to post it asap
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    Link to download source?
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    its up now. when i posted i didnt have the src files on my laptop but now im one my desktop! sooo problem solved
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    much appreciated, I really would like to learn how to work with protection and saving areas. Your source should help :D
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    if you have any questions, feel free to pm me
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    Well, I can safely say I love this mod. With a few tweaks, it'll be perfect. I cannot WAIT until you add unprotect/multiple areas.

    A few suggestions though,

    Can you make it so you can set SPECIFIC areas? Like, you choose the top corner of the building and then the bottom corner on the opposite side and bam. Perfect square, only the area that is protected. I don't want everything UNDER the area or ABOVE the area that I defined to be protected. Just the area I define.

    Also, some tips; simplify the commands. /qs 1; /qs 2.

    Or since you're having multiple areas, let us name the place we're protecting. /qs [user defined name] 1 and /qs [user defined name] 2. Then the unprotect command would be /qs [user defined name] delete.
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    I was going to try and add a feature like that. the only thing is is you might have to build a weird scaffolding or use fly mod for some structures.... what is you just set a height? and it would take the Y value of the lowest corner and add the height to that? idk... hahaa and thats a neat idea! ill see what i can do.
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    thank you!! :D
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    Looks good, but not using it before it has On/Off-Features. :)
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    how do i get rid of protection? i deleted the plugin but my world is still un editable
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    Almost done with them! just working out a few kinks between reading the config file and toggling the protect features.

    Try restarting the server. The current release, even with the plugin installed will reset protect inbetween server restarts.
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    ok so it works great however i found a couple problems so whether or not you can help these i dont know so here is problem
    1. i first make a safe area and its all go however i go to the edge of the square and i build 1 block higher and place water there the water then flows into the protected area....same results with lava obvously
    2. i make a safe area and i put tnt on the edge i then detonate the tnt and my structure is gone that was within the blast radius...
    3. i made a tnt block and safed it i then went to the edge of the block placed a presure plate button ect.. and the tnt block blows up..
    the only reson i posted this was because i want to go public but want to control stuff like this
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    Could you also implement a whitelist for certain players who are "allowed" to change things in the area?
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    wow! cant believe i missed that. I think with some tinkering i could fix the TNT thing but im not sure about the water/lava.. thank you for the feedback though!

    Sure thing! update soon?

    Actually i was coding and realized right now it works off the OP list so if youre OP you can do commands.

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    Nope, when /qs protect is active, I'm unable to change anything, even while being OP.
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    I was just wondering but are you only able to protect one area at all? What if it's multi world? Could I protect 1 area in world 1, then protect another area in world 2?
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    OHHH! i thought you ment just being able to work the commands. hmm i could definatly look into it.

    as of now yes. im not sure if it would work on a multiworld server (protecting one in each world) as i dont have one. if you would like to test it for me that would be mighty kind of ya!

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    It seems to work odd with multiworld, here's what your config.txt says:
    Corner 1 x: -387
    Corner 1 z: 845
    Corner 2 x: -394
    Corner 2 z: 853
    Protection on: N
    It worked in my 2nd world, but sadly it overwrites the config of my 1st area.

    Also I think the area is protected in all worlds.
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    Hmmm well thats odd, kind of expected but odd. Ill see what i can do but i might need some time/help as i havent written anything that handles multiple worlds..
  29. it would be really nice also if you can give permissions so that admins can change the things inside
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    it seems like u can only set up one structure and take it down, u should add like a name system like /qscreate [name] and u go into a mode where u put corners then u put /qsfinish to save it and maybe a /qslist for the names u made and /qsremove [name], just an idea lol

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