Inactive [ADMN/SEC]ProtectOP v0.1 - Extra layer of OP protection![1.3.1-R2.0]

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    ProtectOP v0.1 by CPCookieMan
    Works on 1.3.1 servers!

    What does this plugin do?
    It adds an extra layer of protection against those that gain OP when they shouldn't. No more worrying about people forcing OP through exploits, or OPs giving their friend OP. This plugin keeps a list of everyone that should be an OP, and does not allow anyone else to be OP. If someone is OP and they shouldn't be, the plugin automatically deops, kills the player, and switches them to survival mode.

    It's lightweight and effective!
    There's no frills to this plugin, and it won't slow your server down.

    But how do I get it?
    That's easy! Click the download link to download directly from my super fast server!

    Where do I go if I find bugs, have questions, or want to suggest a feature?
    Either post a reply to this thread, or email [email protected] to reach me directly.

    Can I get the source code?
    Sure! Email me at [email protected]m. If I get enough people that are asking me for the source, I'll publish it for everyone.
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    CPCookieMan links aren't allowed on Bukkit.
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    Noted, I took it down.
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    Is this going on bukkit dev?

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