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    Protect Block

    <font color="#000000">Protect the blocks you place with Protect Block - V1.5</font>

    Download latest version here - ProtectBlock 1.5

    I'm back. I've been gone for *ahem* a 'while'. Well I've returned and I've come back to updating Protect Block, so get ready.

    Protect Block stops other users from breaking the block you place, when you turn it on using /ProtectBlock-On. You can turn protect block off using /ProtectBlock-Off. You don't need any permissions to use the command but, Op's can destroy protected blocks:) (if a griefer tries to protect their work :( ).
    If you get stuck with commands use /ProtectBlock-Help to get you started.

    The latest version of Protect Block is compatible with CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R2.0, and should be with any later releases.
    Please comment any features that you want. :)

    To see who the owner of a protected block is, hold a wood pickaxe in your hand and right click on a block. If that block is protected then it will come up with a message telling you who owns that protected block.

    Or you could view the BukkitDev pages which goes through all the nodes and commands etc, in some detail for Version 1.5

    Also, come have a look at my youtube channel and subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/TheYianniG

    These are the permission nodes:

    * ProtectBlock.* - Gives access to all Protect Block features and commands. Op's have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock - Gives access to all of Protect Block's admin commands (/ProtectBlock [About, Reload]). Op's have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Friends - Player can edit their Friends List. All players have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-On - Player can turn Protect Block on. All players have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Off - Player can turn Protect Block off. All players have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Help - Player can use the /ProtectBlock-Help command. All players have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.DestroyAllBlocks - Player can destroy all Protected Blocks. Only Op's have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.CanSeeOwner - Player can see the owner of a block by right clicking on it with a wooden sword. Only Op's have this Node by default.

    * ProtectBlock.EnableDisable - Player can Enable or Disable Protect Block on specific/all worlds.

    Version History:

    * Made saving A LOTS more efficient!
    * Everything Faster.
    * TNT will not destroy blocks! (fixed - but with no fancy stuff D: )
    * You can now remove players from your friends list when they are offline.
    * No more On Block Place errors.
    * New save format once again, may take a while to load on first run, as PB will convert the old save files into the new ones.
    * Fixed Block destroy errors.
    * Fixed block owner errors.
    * Added SQL database compatibility. (MySQL specifically).
    * You can now see the people that are in your friends list. (+ Server Console can see other peoples friends list.)
    * You can no longer protect sand, gravel or Anvils.
    * Fixed block placement.
    * Fixed/Made more efficient block destroy.
    * Have added black list of blocks.
    * Stop people from placing blocks on your protected ones, Op's and Players with permission node ProtectBlock.DestroyAllBlocks can override this

    Download here.

    * Fixed Block destroy error.
    * Fixed explosion bug - block data was lost during the protection process.
    * Other minor improvements.

    Download here.

    * /ProtectBlock-Enable
    * /ProtectBlock-Disable
    * "ProtectBlock" can be replaced with "pb" in all commands. Eg /ProtectBlock-On -> /pb-on

    Change Log:
    * Players can no longer place blocks directly next to protected blocks.
    * More efficient save format.
    * Placed chests can now only be opened by the person who placed it and the people on their friends list, and those who have permission (ProtectBlock.CanSee)
    * Placed doors can now only be opened by the person who placed it and the people on their friends list.
    * The whole of a door is protected now rather than just the bottom of it.
    * When you see who owns a block - with a wooden pick - you no longer open chests + doors etc.
    * Have added command alias. you can use /pb-on rather than /ProtectBlock-On - works for other commands eg. /pb help /pb-friends /pb-off etc.
    * Inbuilt update detector, ProtectBlock will notify the Op's of a server if there is a newer version of ProtectBlock available to download from the forums.
    * Have added an edit-able list (in config) which owners can add blocks that they want to be automatically protected - when placed - even if the player who placed the block does not have Protect Block enabled.
    * Friends list save system have been updated. This was what was causing all the crashes. Shouldn't take long to convert the files (Files should become considerably smaller).
    * You can now set specific worlds to have Protect Block enabled (using /pb-enable) and disabled (using /pb-disable). Only Op's and players who have the permission
    * ProtectBlock.EnableDisable can change whether worlds have Protect Block enabled.
    * You can also set all worlds to have Protect Block enabled (using /pb-enabled all) and disabled (using /pb-disable all)
    * Torches and other blocks that get attached to other blocks have their protection properly removed. - may cause some errors every now and again, but shouldn't be anything too major - Protect Block will continue working.
    * You can turn Auto Protected blocks off, on worlds that you have Protect Block disabled.
    * Fixed /ProtectBlock command not working properly (returning message - "you do not have permission.")

    Download here.


    Change Log:
    * Have added a permissions (nodes).
    * - ProtectBlock.*
    * - ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock
    * - ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Friends
    * - ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-On
    * - ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Off
    * - ProtectBlock.ProtectBlock-Help
    * - ProtectBlock.DestroyAllBlocks
    * - ProtectBlock.CanSee
    * Have added a working friends list system - with commands. But have destroyed the manual editing of the Friends Lists.
    * Have added ProtectBlock-Help command.
    * Have added CHANGELOG.txt .
    * Have added permissions override node to allow users to destroy any protected block.
    * Fixed Protect Block enabled on login bug.
    * Protected Blocks can't be destroyed by fire.
    * Protected Blocks can't be destroyed by TNT Explosion's (sort of...).
    * Added edit-able save time for friends lists.
    * Added changable debug option in config.
    * Have removed FriendsList.yml for good.
    * If you are an Op or have permission ProtectBlock.CanSee you can right click with a wooden pickaxe on a block and see the owner.

    Download here.

    V1.1 Fix:
    * Removes save bug.
    * Save format is updated.
    * Use this instead of V1.1 !

    Download <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>


    * /ProtectBlock On
    * /ProtectBlock Off
    * /ProtectBlock About
    * /ProtectBlock Reload

    * You can now add people to friends lists.
    * Specific players can destroy all blocks.
    * You can choose whether Op's can destroy all blocks.
    * You can enable Protect Block when people join your server.


    * /ProtectBlock On
    * /ProtectBlock Off
    * /ProtectBlock About

    * Finally the long awaited Version 1.5 is out! It contains a few changes and many enhancements and improvements. Protect Block now supports MySQL and may support other SQL Servers. Read through the Change log to find out more on Protect Block V1.5 and feel free to message me or reply in the thread for any queries you may have. Enjoy V1.5 - yianni000

    * Version 1.4 is out now! It's just a bug fix for some incredibly annoying errors that - caused the console to be filled with errors everytime a block was destroyed oops :oops:. Thank you for staying with me as I try to make Protect Block a better (working) Bukkit plugin for all types of users to enjoy. As always, any comments or questions don't hesitate to comment. Also, I'm trying to migrate over to BukkitDev so if you find any bugs or problems then feel free to leave a ticket! :) Until next time, yianni000 out!

    * Version 1.3 is out! It has backwards compatibility with version 1.2 and 1.1 and has many new features - see above for the whole list. Lots of bugs have been fixed and PB should be much more efficient in CPU usage and size of files on disk. Also, check out the dev.bukkit.com page which explains all of the commands and permission nodes for Protect Block. Enjoy.

    * Hi Guys, version 1.3 is coming out soon (next Sunday, if all goes well!) It is going through some stress and bug testing. We're looking for any common errors and inefficiencies, but so far all is looking good. Also, the massive memory leak bug that version 1.2 had, has now been fixed in version 1.3. So, when version 1.3 comes out it will automatically convert the old save formats into the new ones and remove the old, so you may want to backup your files. V1.3 also has an inbuilt update detector, so you can download the next version of PB from the forums - this is just a few of the many other changes and improvements that PB V1.3 has. So stay tuned!

    * Finally, V1.2 is OUT :D. See what you guys think. There are a few changes in the command system but you should be able to pick it us quickly. If not type /ProtectBlock-Help and that'll get you started. If any bugs are found or node are not working please comment and I'll try to fix ASAP :)

    * Sorry for the slow update, Bukkit updates and harnessing the full usefulness of .yml config file have taken their tolls... But I will be releasing a minor update by the end of the week, which will have a basic permissions system. :).

    * Next update should contain a proper (command) permissions system, where you will be able to let only specific user use a command (so with a plugin like Group Manager or (Bukkit) Permissions) and you will be able to add friends to your friend list in-game.:) If any bugs or instabilities are found please pm me or leave a comment :). Also, some users may have noticed that another command has been added - /ProtectBlock-Perms. At the moment this is in development and does nothing, so will only return the message "This feature is still in development", however I hope to add many other admin features to this command for ease of use with Protect Block.:)

    * Version updated to 1.1. includes some basic permission settings, allows you to add people to friends lists (this does have to be done manually however, and you need to set Permissions to true in the config file), you can change whether Op's can destroy protected blocks and you can give people the permission to destroy protected block as well. As an extra, Protect Block can turn on for a person every time they login to your server so it's less hassle to enter the command as well.

    Keep the requests and feed- back coming I can only make this plugin great with the help of you guys!
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    Cool plugin! Can you add permissions and friends system? :)
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    Ok, I'll see what I can do :)
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    Very good plugin. Can you add permissions so only certain ranks like admin or mod can use it?
    Other than that, its going on my server ! :D
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    Great! :) Will do, I'll hopefully have that implemented in the next update. Shouldn't be too hard..... :)
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    Thanks! Its going to be great :)
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    This script does not provide complete protection, watch this video with another script but with the same functions as your:

    the bug and that others can be place cubes on your cubes protected and destroy your buildings
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    Ok, have you tried this with my Plugin? If so what exactly isn't working? Thanks, yianni000
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    Changed title to [ADMN] , approved.
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    plz addd premisions ay need it for group manerger its a good plugin but ay need prermissions,
    and if you have time and the bollen ay heave a chelench for you cane you make blokpretecter the the blocks mast stand in is a line som no protectid towers it mast be a huise
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    I'll be adding permissions to Protect Block as well as a friends system, in the next update. Sorry for it taking so long.
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    oke plz ceep me uptodate rely like your plugin
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    It also works on Minecraft-Bukkit-Servers 1.2.5
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    Great thanks for checking that out :). The next update will be coming out really soon, and that'll be made for 1.2.5 :)
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    great plugin! can you set it so fire cant destroy either? my friend just burnt my maze -.-
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    Hi, I can put an option which will protect a couple of blocks around any block you place, which stops people from placing any blocks in your protected region (destroying things like redstone, and burning objects like mazes. I'm sorry about that.).
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    This is a great plugin!! I can't wait till' 1.2.5 comes out.
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    thanks! can you also disable TNT?
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    Sander Simonsen

    What is the command to add friends ?
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    I can certainly try, or at least try to protect placed blocks fron TNT explosions. But, if you want to stop people blowing up your work, then you should also ask your server administrator to talk about disabling TNT explosions.

    Sorry, in version 1.1 there isn't one.

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    can you give me a notice when you disable fire tnt ect.?
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    Sure no problem. I'll post it in this forum. :)
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    I have a problem if i protect blocks and than close my sever console and restart it . than all blocks that i protect where unprotect und player can destroy them. :/( sry für my english :D )
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    Make sure that you close your server by typing stop, otherwise Protect Block won't be able to save the protected blocks.
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    Is there anyway to keep chests un-protected but still have blocks protected?
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    Hi there, I downloaded the most recent .zip file, just wondering how do I install it?
    Looks great by the way :)
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    Hi, Just unzip the .zip file and place the ProtectBlock.jar into your plugins folder.

    ProtectBlock V1.2 will be out soon.

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    Thanks a ton!
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    Dude Can You Make It Compatible For WorldEdit?
    i mean i just created a tower using worldedit then i thought no one can destroy it
    so i left it on my server.then after a few days its damage on the sides? , protect block didnt protected it automatically?
    or am i the one who got the problem? if not please update this on the next version, nice plugin btw :D[diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Hi, Just to explain why it isn't compatible with WorldEdit - WorldEdit can change multiple blocks at a time, and when it does this it simply changes the block id, without destroying the original block and placing the new one. This is why some of your blocks were not protected, Protect Block only protects the blocks that you physically place. I am considering adding a WorldEdit compatible version/option of/in Protect Block, but it is unlikely. Sorry :(. Thanks for the feedback anyway :).

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