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  1. OpNotifer [1.0b]

    OpNotifer is a plugin that allows you to see which operator is logging in.

    1. If a op joins on the server, the server will post a broadcast message like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber joined the Game"
    2. If a op leave the server, the server will post a broadmessage like this: "[Admin] xDjBomber left the Game"
    3. Configurable welcome message for the ops, like this: "xDjBomber, welcome you are a operator of this server!"
    4. Enable: True / false, for welcome messages.
    1. OpNotifer.Messages | Allows to see who join with op rights
    Changelog v1.0:
    1. Initial Release
    Changelog v1.0b
    1. Updatet for 1.6.2 Bukkit-Minecraft
    2. Added configurable normal player Messages
    Downloads Links & Dev-Bukkit:

    Download OpNotifer (Dev-Bukkit)

    Download OpNotifer (DropBox)

    Hope this plugin can help anyone.

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