[ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5 - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    [ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5a - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

    GuestPrev - AntiGrief Guest Manager:
    Version: v1.5a

    GuestPrev allows you to manipulate your guest accesses and events,
    it protects your server against griefers or unknown players.

    Feel free to open your server to the public without having to worry about griefers.

    Simple, Light, easy.
    No Permissions system required. (But supported)

    Features: Prevents guests from the following...
    • Placing, Breaking, or Interacting with Blocks
    • Using, Destroying, or Moving Boats/Mine Carts
    • Picking Up or Drop Items (Option to Authorize Certain Items)
    • Opening Chests, Furnaces, or Dispensers
    • Interactions with Doors, Levers, Buttons, or Pressure Plates.
    • Trampling wheat and using ladders.
    • Creepers explosions on guests.
    • Workbench Use (Option to Authorize Use)
    • Attacking types of animals/monsters.
    • Exploring the unknown world not generated. (Preventing from increase your file map size.)
    Additional Features:
    • Auto-locks Guest Inventory Changes
    • Stops Players From Using Blocks to Climb Over Walls
    • Enable or Disable Guest Chat, Guest Server Access.
    • Send a private message or kick all guests. (for servers overloaded of guests)
    • Optional/editable Every Notify Messages for guests.
    • Configurable guest interactions.
    • Can make virtual walls for restrict your guests at some ways.
    • Admin Command Tools (Teleport,Kick,Ban,Mute,Froze,Etc...)
    • Set a max amount of online guests in same time.
    • Reserve slots for members.
    • Can disable other plugins commands access.
    • You can optionally set a chat-prefix for recognize who are a guest.
    • A system who logging the players activities. (First Join, Latest Connected/Disconnected)
    • Make your Guests (Spectators) invincible.
    DOWNLOAD: Private now, you can PM me if intersting...
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    Soul Reaper

    Ah so the player was you, just saw your name xD
    its more of a local server >.<
    The plugin that gives back glass is set to the lowest priority (otherblocks) so shouldn't this one override? I'm directly connected to the server so lag shouldn't be the reason why.
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    I will be trying this plugin soon and was curious if the names in the whitelist are case sensitive?
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    It's case unsensitive dw. It's impossible to have an account "MyName" and another one "mYnAme". In the 1.3 server whitelist every-names are changed to LCase.
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    well done, nice plugin.
    one request: could it be possible to make permission support? and an option in the properties file so that u can choose if u want to use permission or the .txt file? because then it would completely replace AntiBuild...
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    So this does more than just AntiBuild, correct?
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    yes it protects more things and is stable what AntiBuild isnt, but antibuild has Permission support.
  8. Sunshe! LOVE THIS PLUGIN!! This makes having Guests much easier than before - thanks!

    Request: Please make an alias like /gp for the commands and /gr to do /guesprev reload
    My fingers will wear out typing /guestprev add nub101 and /guestprev reload
    I would be much happier if I could also type /gp add nub101 and /gr or /gp r

    Also if you can include the source that would be awesome!

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    Soul Reaper

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    So wait...if i use this in replacement of Nijiko's Antibuild, i have to not only still promote people normally with GroupManager, but ALSO add them to the "guestbook" which stores playernames in authorized.txt??

    Why can't it just be like Antibuild where default class just cant build?? why all the extra work?

    nvm lol

    acually no not nvm!
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    Cosmic Break

    limiting by group would be better and alot easier.
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  13. I disagree. Turnover of new players who log in once, want build rights (obviously) and play once and don't show up again - is high. Adding like 5 lines to Permissions to add that one guy, every time someone joins, is a huge waste.

    I much prefer a simple list of "known players" and then only the "regulars" need to actually be listed in Permissions etc to get custom titles, commands, etc.

    Also as well as the shorter command thing, let the admin-mod type /gpadd willy (for example) and detect who is online and not listed (willystylee above) and add him (like how /tp mods work) then ALSO auto-reload the config file so its saved each time you add a member - that doesn't involve timers or a loss in performance.
    And yes why not /gpadd as one word? save needless parameters. Make it as easy to add people as possible.
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    i agree with both of u, so would it be possible to optional enable permission support?
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    Cute. Thanks for plugin.
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    Hi everyone, just come back from my little travel. Happy to see all your messages.

    Yea i working on it, masters changes gonna be created for make the happines to everyone.

    - Support Permissions/OP
    - Add shorts commands
    - Optionaly, a login message for guest joining the server ( Guest only ) Exemple: "Welcome Guests, you can register on our website to be accepted..."
    - Configurable Item ID List for allow guests to do some basic actions, like collect leather to make a simple armor using Workbench, Workbench allowed in a side property line.
    - Enforced events priorities to not be eated by other plugins.
    - And more...

    Of cours i want this plugin stay light and compatible for everyone with or without Permissions. :rolleyes:
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    very nice:) you could create guest messages with other plugins like MCDocs, so u dont need to implement this, but the other changes are great:)

    i dont found the like button in this thread, maybe it must be in plugin releases?
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    Lol yea i have removed the end of my previous topic, i think it's not possible for now hehe. :p

    Edit: i dont know MCDocs, how it work?
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    u could associate txt file with commands, like /rules shows the content of rules.txt
    and its supports a MOTD with group association: /motd:Admin -> motd_admin.txt /motd:Guest -> motd_guest.txt
    so could different MOTDs for differnt groups, but for that u need permissions.
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    What i can already say to you all, update your craftbukkit at 456#. Because all previous version gona be not work anymore. Same for Permissions, nijiko need to update it, Reason: "PLAYER_COMMAND" API as been changed to "PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS". so almost all previous plugins who was used commands recognition gona not work, my bad.

    Next version of GuestPrev gonna be works only from 456#+
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    oh, hm, hoping that the other developers would be as fast as u.
    btw: niji only support iConomy for now. Permission 2.4 is went to http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissions-v2-4-phoenix-rebirth-of-the-original-451.5974/
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    Yea i waiting on him for Permissions update. All is ready, Just need self-testing to be sure if all work perfectly with him new update, before release it. ( You can watch changelog at first post :D )
    GuestPrev 1.2 is on waiting Permissions update.
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    ok im just switching to the reborn Antibuild, but then ill come back:) AntiBuild is tiny, but with perm support your plugin is the best:)
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    GuestPrev 1.2 is released for #440.
    Watch the first post for more details.
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    i just tryed it with the latest craftbucket and got severe errors. :(
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    ok, i would but my other plugins require a later version. guess ill have to wait. :( plugin sounds great anyway. worth waiting for.
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    By the way if someone can say me if i did a lot of spelling mistakes on my first post please. or can guide me to improve my english post. i work hard on it.
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    Changed a LOT of things for you. (Even the default text in the properties file) Hope that's ok...
    You'll have to do the formatting still (bold text, colors, and text boxes)


    Thanks for making a great plugin.
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    Looks cool, but makes it look for the guests like they aren't very invited :p
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    True...maybe the thread should be called GuestPrev - Guest Grief Protection?

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