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    Please use BukkitDev for bug reports/feature requests:

    EasyBan - Ban people/subnets/countries from "offline" Servers:
    Version: v2.1

    With this plugin you can ban griefers and other annoying people from your "offline" Server. To combat dynamic IPs EasyBan keeps track of players IP addresses and saves them into a file. Additionally you can ban entire subnets and/or countries if necessary. You can also add different DNSBL to block unwanted client hosts(open proxies, tor exit nodes, and much more)
    The plugin has support for PermissionsBukkit(Superperms) and Permissions. Without a Permissions plugin it defaults to op.

    • Kick and ban players and all their IP addresses
    • Temporary bans
    • Ban entire subnets
    • Ban entire countries
    • Ban hosts with the help of DNSBL
    • Customize plugin messages
    • IPv6 support
    • YAML, HSQLDB and MySQL database support
    Source Code:

    /ekick playername [reason] - Kick a player
    /ehistory playername - List all ips of a player
    /ealternative playername or ip - List all nicknames used by a player/show all players that connected from one ip
    /eban playername [reason] [time] - Ban a player. When time is given the player will be banned for [time] minutes
    /eunban playername - Unban a player
    /ebaninfo playername - Show informations about a ban
    /elistbans - List all banned players
    /elisttmpbans - List all temporary bans
    /ebansubnet networkprefix/subnetmask [reason] - Ban a subnet(e.g. /esubnetban or or 2001:470:1f09:e26::/64)
    /eunbansubnet networkprefix/subnetmask - Unban a subnet
    /elistsubnets - List all banned subnets
    /ebancountry countrycode - Ban a country(Country codes can be found here:
    /eunbancountry countrycode - Unban a country
    /elistcountries - List all banned countries
    /ewhitelist playername - Whitelist a player; Useful when a range ban hits an innocent
    /eunwhitelist playername - Remove player from whitelist
    /elistwhite - List all whitelisted players
    Country bans:
    Country bans are a optional feature just install the GeoIPTools plugin and they work.

    The YAML data backend is the default and doesn't need any configuration

    HSQLDB (open)

    To use the HSQL database download this.
    Create a "lib" directory in your server root and copy the downloaded file to that directory. Open the config.yml in plugins/EasyBan/ and replace "database: yaml" with "database: hsql"

    MySQL (open)

    To use MySQL as data backend download this.
    In that zip archive is a "mysql-connector-java-${VERSION}-bin.jar" file. Rename that file to "mysql-connector-java-bin.jar" and move it to the "lib" directory in your craftbukkit root folder. When the "lib" folder doesn't exist create it. Now create a database with a name of your choice.
    Open the config.yml in plugins/EasyBan/ and replace "database: yaml" with "database: mysql". Additionally you have to add these 5 settings:
    schema: 'XYZ' #database name(when not given it defaults to 'easyban')
    host: 'XYZ'  # MySQL Server address
    port: 'XYZ'  # MySQL Server port
    username: 'XYZ' # MySQL user
    password: 'XYZ' # password for that user

    easyban.${command} (e.g. easyban.ekick)
    Custom Messages:
    After the first start you'll find a messages.yml in "plugins/EasyBan/". To edit a message just change the part right of the ":".

    Update from <0.6 to 0.6 or higher
    Show (open)

    The layout of the bans.yml has changed and needs minor adjustments. Open bans.yml in an editor and change in the bans and subnets sections the lists to maps:

    Old Layout:
    - Pink
    - miau
    - deesck
    New Layout:
        Pink: {}
        miau: {}
        deesck: {}
    subnets: {} {} {}

    Version 2.1
    • added support for DNSBL
    Version 2.0
    • fixed #2
    • new configuration options
    More (open)

    Version 1.9
    • fixed #4
    • code cleanup
    Version 1.8
    • improved SQL code
    • player sees the reason for his kick/ban and for how long he was banned
    • added infos to plugin.yml
    Version 1.7
    • readded support for Permissions. If Permissions and PermissionsBukkit are installed Permissions will be used)
    Version 1.6
    • dropped support for Permissions
    • added support for PermissionsBukkit
    Version 1.5
    • Added configure option for mysql database schema
    • fixed MySQL temporary ban bug
    Version 1.4
    • /ealternative can now be used with a ip(request by AS1LV3RN1NJA)
    Version 1.3

    • MySQL support
    Version 1.2

    • HSQLDB support
    • Whitelist also works for subnet bans
    Version 1.1

    • GeoIPTools support
    Version 1.0

    • Added /ealternative command
    • Whitelist only works for country bans
    Version 0.9

    • Added country bans
    • Added a white list
    • Code cleanup
    • Renamed a few commands for consistency(esubnetban -> ebansubnet, esubnetunban -> eunbansubnet, elistips -> ehistory)
    • Moved messages form config.yml to messages.yml (custom messages will be copied automatically)
    • All actions are properly logged to console
    Version 0.8

    • Added temporary bans
    Version 0.7

    • Added missing message(thanks @l104693 for the report)
    Version 0.6

    • Reasons for bans
    • Saves who banned someone
    Version 0.5

    • Ignore case of commands
    Version 0.4

    • List commands
    Version 0.3

    • IPv6 Support
    • Thread safe
    • Ban subnets with CIDR notation
    • Messages moved to config.yml
    Version 0.2

    • Release
    Version 0.1

    • Internal test version
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    can remove the possibility to ban/kick people with "op" or some permissions node?
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    something like
    and everyone who has that permission is unbanable?
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    yes, unbanable and unkickable
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    Well the plugin is designed to ban a country one by one. So if you want to ban everything but Germany you have to do a lot of typing.

    What you also could do is to setup a ban on all IP addresses with with "/ebansubnet" and whitelist only certain players with "/ewhitelist playername".(Make sure to whitelist yourself before you actually ban all IPs) This in combination with an auth plugin like xAuth or AuthMe is very very helpful against griefers.

    I myself am running a server with BigBrother, AuthMe and EasyBan and it survived several 4chan shitstorms...
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    But I can at least ban everybody from the US. All of the griefers that joined my server were from the US. So, thank you!
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    Is this like an anti-aVo plugin?
    (Searching aVo ban list and got this!)
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    Not in particular. You can ban people with it. It does not matter if they are from team avo or not.
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    can add the permissions to prevent ban? ex:
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    The problem at the moment is that I can't get Permissions of users that are not online.
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    Maybe add a ban override section in the bans file. You can do something like /eprotect [name] and it would add it to a list underneath or above the bans. Then if that person tries to get banned it would check if their name is there first before banning them?
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    A suggestion. When people get banned they are able to join but it kicks them right out. You should have it to where the second they try to join it doesn't allow them to due to ban. The reason for this is, is the constant joining/leaving can cause memory issues. It takes memory for a player to join, whether they leave or not. That and it is rather annoying.

    when we used i think it was essentials or whatever for banning. It wouldn't even let them try and connect.
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    You must use an old version because I changed this in 1.7.
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    I updated to 2.1 and its still showing. Is there something in the config I need to change?
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    Are you using Essentials? Because for some reason that plugin overwrites my "before" join kick. And EasyBan falls back to the old behaviour to make sure the banned player gets removed.
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    yea i use essentials. What commands do i need to put in the override list? or what do i do to fix this. I use essentials for quite a bit
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    I don't know of any fix. I can only give you the same hint I gave JohnPulse. Talk to the Essentials developers.
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    I swapped to CommandBook.
    EasyBan now works perfectly :)
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    Hello, one question : any loging user, log server write [EasyBan] [DNSBL] ([EasyBan] [DNSBL] ) is not listed

    What is it? thnx!
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    It is the DNSBL feature I added in 2.1. You can specify in the config.yml DNSBL lists. EasyBan asks each of those lists if the IP is listed there if it is the user can not connect. In the standard settings EasyBan askes the list from which lists open proxies and which lists all TOR exit nodes. Also useful might be the list from To deactivate that feature just remove all lists from the config.
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    Does this plugin still work with CB#1317?
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    It does work with 1317, but it needs to get updated. When shutting down the server, it gives me some error.
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    Nevermind, it's broken for 1317 :S
  25. is it right ?

    If i type in /ebancountry US
    It doesnt work , why?
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    I don't think whitelist is working either. I'm doing /ewhitelist hydrosis, but I'm still banned.
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    The whitelist is only for subnet and country bans. When you ban yourself by name the whitelist has no effect
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    If I log into someone's account who has been banned, the plugin bans me as well.
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    i would love to have a import command i have about 120 names to ban :(
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    I really needed this. Thanks
    Will this by any chance work with GroupManager?
  31. Well it seems like essentials takes over the rejoin message when a banned player tries to join... Is this plugin dead?

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