Inactive [ADMN/SEC] CFBanner v2.10 - Get rid of Zombe & Rei's Minimap Forever! [1.0.1-R1]

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    What is CFBanner?
    CFBanner is the one way you can stop Zombe Mods from being used on your server. This blocks flying, noclip and general all-around cheats.​
    What are the Permission Nodes?​
    Blocks Zombe Client Modification "AND REI'S MINIMAP!"​
    v2.10 - Fixed Zombe, added Rei Support​
    v2.00 - Completely rewritten, Bukkit Perm Support​
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    Haha it's ok :p

    The OP isn't very clean anyway. :p


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    hey i think u should make one for mycraft i hate fkn mods on my server
    nice plugin to :)
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    There is no way to disable MyCraft, get NoCheat with this plugin to prevent other flying mods.
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    none so far, only is it posible to make it to where they cant "sprint"
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    Can you add support for the zombe info mod?
    Or to some other mods by zombe?
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    I can only block Zombe's fly and cheat, sorry.
    If the developer implements a way to block the other mods I will include them.
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    Ok thx..
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    No prob.
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    Hello !

    I've uncompiled your jar because i want delete code of version check (i've close http port on my Minecraft server) and i see your plugins does nothing, it just read permissions and show a message when player has no permissions but there are no code of detection. When you make detection code ? I've an idea of that but it's probably necessary to modify bukkit code.
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    A new update for the plugin is coming soon that will let you decide whether or not you want the plugin to check for updates or not.

    The code of my plugin works strangely, but it works.

    Edit: Done.
    Download the newest version and delete your config.yml file to get the new configuration options.
    In your case, set "checkforupdates" to false.


    Version 1.5.1
    Added the toggle to switch version checking on and off.

    Pushed a silent update that fixed the onEnable event. (Sorry anybody's console that may of got spammed with that).

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  12. Call me bad names, bash me, delete this post (though I don't think this is possible in the bukkit forums) whatever I'm still going to ask, anyways...
    Has anyone discovered a work around for this? If you have please Private Message me (don't post it here!). I personally love using Zombe's mod. The server owner of my server recently added this mod and it is driving me crazy!
    I do have to commend the author of this plugin for sufficiently driving me crazy.
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    If the server owner has not allowed you to fly, he has not allowed to you fly. Simple.
    There are other client mods out there that let you fly. However I would imagine your server owner has installed NoCheat along with this which makes all Flying mods pretty much useless.
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    I would guess you're driving the owner crazy too :p
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    Haha he probably is :p
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    Instead of having this be a plugin on it's own, this should be incorporated into NoCheat.
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    I have already said that if you read the thread.
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    I didn't feel like reading 4 pages.
    I just wanted to state my opinion
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    Fair enough.. but this plugin is best with NoCheat.

    Updated to 1.5.2
    - Cleaned up source code

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    It's 7.2kb, not below 0.1kb XD
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    I can't find this in clanforge control panel :(
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    I meant from the previous file size (7.3kb)
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    Great plugin! Now ya just need to make one that bans xray mods ;)
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    Your video has a terrible quality...if you want,i'll create on in 1080p!
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    I would appreciate that greatly :)
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    I have a feature request:
    The zombe mod sends /zombe-icon command to server when player joins to determine if the icon mod is enabled, but could you make your plugin listen to that command and notify all players who has permission node to get notification that the player uses zombe's mods and also write all zombe uses to a log file. Thanks.
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    I will see what I can do but right now I am waiting on that new BukkitContribAPI ;)
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    Thanks! Btw, you mean Spout API? ;)
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    I prefer calling it BukkitContrib, so used to it :p
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    showmessages is set to "false," but I'm still getting the "Blah blah is disabled" messages when I log in. Is anyone else having this problem with the latest version? It was fine with the previous versions.
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    Hey the 1.5.2 update made it so the config doesn't work

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