Inactive [ADMN/SEC] CFBanner v2.10 - Get rid of Zombe & Rei's Minimap Forever! [1.0.1-R1]

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    What is CFBanner?
    CFBanner is the one way you can stop Zombe Mods from being used on your server. This blocks flying, noclip and general all-around cheats.​
    What are the Permission Nodes?​
    Blocks Zombe Client Modification "AND REI'S MINIMAP!"​
    v2.10 - Fixed Zombe, added Rei Support​
    v2.00 - Completely rewritten, Bukkit Perm Support​
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    Yes - it will only stop people using those two mods to fly!
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    cf.display is no longer used.
  4. okay but what about the other 2 nodes? i have them set to allow flight but it still disables my flying capability...
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    It works fine for me on bPermissions, you might want to consider switching.

    Edit: Fixed. Re-download.

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    This plugin looks great, thank you! I have a couple questions.

    Does this prevent people with zombe/cjb from joining the server? or does it just stop the use of the mods?

    One last question. We have 4 worlds (2 worlds + 2 nether) and they are all the same (survival, pvp, etc..).
    How do we get CFBanner to protect them all? I see that there is no multiworld but I'm wondering if there is some way we can do this.
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    It stops the use of the mods, it doesn't kick them.

    By default this plugin should automatically block the mod on all worlds?

    CFBanner 1.9.2
    - Added configuration file!

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    You should add the [SEC] tag, since its preventing grief, as flying is a normal tool for griefers same as xRay[CJB Mod] etc.
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    Out of curiosity, when does CFBanner kick? Is there a way to detect if Zombe/CJB is installed?
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    It kicks once they login.
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    Ikr, but how does it detect zombe/cjb installed on the client?
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    If I understand correctly, this plugin only works because CJB and zombe coded a way for you to identify and/or disable their mods in the interests of being good neighbours. Do you see any risk that changing your plugin to kick the modded clients will motivate them to remove that good neighbour code again?
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    Since I set it to configurable, No. If it was a forced kick and you couldn't change it then yes.

    It doesn't. The kick is only meant to be used for extreme conditions.

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    Hey there I have a problem im using cfbanner its stopping them from using zombe fly mod
    I dont know about CJB and my problem is nukecraft players are owning all the diamonds in our server because if it
    is there a way you can block nukecraft please big thanks love your plugin
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    I need to somehow get in contact with the NukeCraft developers.
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    Well I have the client of nukecraft if you need it for testing cause I really want it blocked.

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    I dont want/need the client, I need to get on contact with the Developers.

    Go on the internet and find me their email address and I will see what I can do.
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    It tells me that the permission nodes don't exist on PermissionsBukkit 1.2k
                cf.allowfly: true
                cf.allowcheat: true
    Detecting wrong permissions perhaps?
    2011-10-12 01:20:47 [INFO] [CFBanner] Plugin has been enabled!
    2011-10-12 01:20:47 [INFO] [CFBanner] Permissions found. Using Permissions v2.7.7
    2011-10-12 01:20:47 [INFO] [CFBanner] 1.9.2 loaded!
    Might be because I'm running on 1240, but eh.
    Should have previous downloads maybe?
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    Try using bPermissions. It has a very easy tool to transfer from PermissionsBukkit to it.
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    could you add support for mycraft?
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    I'm not adding support for anything until I somehow get in contact with the Developers.
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    tha d0ctor

    can you please add a function to disable the CF banner MOTD, thanks!
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    MOTD? What?
  25. Guessing he means the info on login.
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    There is no Information displayed. Unless you got kick message on true.
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    tha d0ctor


    if you are an admin and you have * for your permissions you are forced to view the login information even if you add a negative permissions node i.e. "-cfbanner.*"

    You are allowed to cheat.
    You are allowed to fly.

    its not that big of a deal I would just like the option to disable it seeing how it messes up the formatting of my MOTD, thanks!
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    Erm.. are you using the latest version? I removed those a long time ago.
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    People have been PM'ing me getting confused of what version this works with, this works with everything since #1000!
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    is op can fly?
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    You get kicked instantly without being able to disable zombe.

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