[ADMN/SEC] BuildersPlot v1.3.1 - The Simple and Innovative Way to Protect Your Server [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Builder's Universe, Feb 26, 2012.

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    If you could add a way to limit plots or have it so certain ranks can hold X amount of them.... and be able to edit the default message for not being able to build? Great plugin by the way :)
  2. Ya someone pointed out this door problem as well, don't see why its doing it. I'll look into it.
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    cheers bud appreciate it

    lol was bored so thought i would make you a vid you might want to use till you get a better one or if you would like me to add anything just say

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    ps its not just permissions bukkit only it works fine with bpermissions
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    how are you getting on with the door error bud ?
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    Is there a estimated time for the PermissionsEx to be supported with this plugin?
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    permissionex and bpermissions both use the same system install it it prob already works mine works great on b both use superperms
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    Is there anyway you could add it to where It automatically does bedrock to sky limit? My server gets release tomorrow and if this isn't applied soon it will be a plain to make plots.
  9. Coming in 1.2 (this weekend)
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    Please, create video, Please
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    nice going
    here is something to add:
    no build mode inside of you own unless you have paid for it
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    Also make it to where Admins can unclaim others plots. I don't want to have to delete, redo, etc. Thank you sooo much This works so great!
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    When I make a plot for my friend, It seems to not let him build in it.. It says he's the owner of it.. Please help
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    Any news or info on the coming update? Can't wait to get it all working on the current build, yours is the last plugin I need to update before going live.
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    maybe a new idea,
    place 3 blocks in a plot to claim it?
  16. I'm going to need more info; such as the error message your friend gets and the other plugins you have. It is quite possible you put a plot inside or intersecting a WorldGuard region.

    You can't place blocks without a plot so... :p

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    Are you going to release the new update soon? I thought it would be released 2-3 weeks ago :-(
  19. Hey guys, sorry for my few and intermittent responses. I have been very busy coding and with homework at school (ahh!). As a little compromise to a full release, I quickly coded enter/exit messages for plots (ones that you don't own) and updated the plugin for Bukkit's latest build. I hope this is okay in the mean time while I continue coding away! Download link on this thread should work, else check the post I have on Dev Bukkit.

    Thanks for your continued patience,


    I really LOVE this video :)

    A few suggestions: Maybe show the config files and show some stuff like disabling plots on certain worlds. Also maybe show the build/destroy functions when you aren't op.

    Thank you for making this!

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    i use factions and world guard on my server, would it be possible to claim a plot in a safezone? or somebody's faction for that matter?
    also would it be possible for me to set a pre destinated plot in a safezone (somewhat liek a neighbourhood) and then sell the plots off subsequently
  21. When tested alongside World Guard, there are some glaring conflict issues. It seems to me that World Guard completely overpowers Plots, so if you do claim a plot in a World Guard region you don't have permission for, you won't be able to build in your plot. As for Factions, I haven't tested it alongside this plugin. You can give it a go and tell me the results if you want. At the moment in the latest version iConomy support is not available (I assume your talking about this with the "selling" of plots).

    Hope this helps!

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    no haha i would be selling them via donation. because the server is pvp, a plot in a safezone would act as a sfe haven or a vault if you wish.
  23. Ahh, I understand. By pre-destinated plot, I think making a claimable plot in your "neighborhood" would suit your needs. Then people that donate could claim them. However, the plugin doesn't know when someone who is trying to claim a plot has donated to your server yet (obviously), so you would have to find a way around that :p.
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    ok thanks cool plugin!
  25. Thanks!
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    Could you add something where you can set a number of max plots A rank can have, if so this would be the perfect plugin for me and my servers! I may even consider donating if you put up a link
    Also I was looking at your Todo List and Max out size of plots (bedrock to sky) (/plot <PlotName> max) And Plot entry welcome messages, they would also be amazing!
  27. So basically you would like me to hook in configurable max plots to players who have certain permissions? I understand you specifically want "ranks" but that is rather vague and no certain plugin I could hook into would fulfill that. I think it would be more efficient to provide max plots to certain permissions, then all you would have to do is give that permission to your ranks you have in mind.

    As for the donation link, I'll work on getting it up here :)

    Thanks for your interest,

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    Wow, very fast and detailed response I wish all plugin dev's were* like that... Also on one of my servers I am having a bug Whenever I install A land protection plugin like this or worldguard, Mabye you could help me out? Also, yes that's what I mean, Thanks
  29. Perfect, I'll add that to my todo list.

    As for this bug you seem to be having, if you could provide me with your console error, I'll take a look; but I'm not making any promises; after all I didn't code those other plugins :p

    Thank you again,

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    Well basically when the server loads, The server is fine, and the log says everything loaded successfully, including the land protect plugin (whatever that may be) but then when I move on my server atall the log spams out with a ton of error, I don't know about others as i tested privately

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