Inactive [ADMN/SEC] bPermissions v2.9.2 - no support on this post, ask for support on bukkitdev [1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jul 21, 2011.

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    This is possible if you use the override-player: true option.
    Superperms is designed with no "*" node but obviously is you want one we'll do our best to provide it.
    It would be best to manually add the nodes, that way you don't give someone something you don't want them to have.
    If you want the '*' node you can just /op someone ?
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    Im wondering if its possible to somehow make a group that consists of several groups. f.e. if i want to promote a guy to Mod Ill need to add the ranks below Mod in order for him to get those permissions, just wondering because then it would be easy to use /p global setgroup Mod Name, if i do it now Ill just get him in the Mod group and doing /p global addgroup LowerRank Name is going to take a while if you end up having alot of ranks. At the moment Ill normally just set their group in the world.yml file as several groups, any help?
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    You can use promotion tracks to add several groups in a single command
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    More advanced example of tracks.yml please :)
    I'm using multigroup setup and automated promotion system.
    One of plugins i use , is bit problematic (Residences) , because i can assign only one group defined in Residence config file , if there will be >1 , Residence takes the first one and ignores the others.
    I tried to make tracks.yml and promotion works. But ... i need to demote before promoting which makes it pain and does not always work in the same way. Sometimes demoting removes -default group (which is not defined in trakcs.yml) and sometimes not.
    I have 4 promotion levels
    Noob -> Gracz -> Weteran -> Vip
    Every starting player gets 2 groups Noob + default
    I need to promote from Noob to Gracz without losing default group , but with removal of previous Noob group.
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    Is there a way to prevent people from destroying blocks too?
    Because not giving them the '' node will still give them permission to destroy blocks, but not for placing them.
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    SORRY, This may sound stupid. But is there a way to promote some one using a command?
    E.G= /bp promote user (Blah) Or /bp user (Blah) Group set (Blah). Thanks.

    Edit-I also wanted to know if there is a permission like all permissions=- '*'- ?
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    Wow, really can't read can you?
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    @codename_B You've probably already answered this, but... No plans for inheritance ? That's the only thing that's stopping me from switching to bPerms to be honest. Inheritance makes much more sence to me in pretty much all the scenarios because ranks have hierarchy, so a higher rank has the same rights as the lowers ones, and extra ones.

    The thing is, I don't want to have several groups for each users, I just want one each, as it defines them.

    Saying that... Is it possible to create a permission "permissions.rankname" in the Bukkit permissions.yml file, and then add that permission to the group "rankname" ?
    That way, I could have : rank1 < rank2 < rank3
    permissions.yml ->
    permissions.rank1: list of permissions
    permissions.rank2: list of permissions
    permissions.rank3: list of permissions

    And then in the actual config of bPerms, have :
    - permissions.rank1
    - permissions.rank1
    - permissions.rank2
    - permissions.rank1
    - permissions.rank2
    - permissions.rank3

    And then have a single group affected to each user.
    Would that kind of setup work ?
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    I think I see what you're saying...
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    Yeah Same. since plugins like setrank don't work. I use WordRank to make it so that people can rank themselves up after reading the secret password from my forums. But it doesn't change their group name that iChat displays. WHen I check the permission file it says their are both ranks instead of just the new rank. I want to be able to delete it. or make it so if they are multiple ranks it shows the highest powered rank. If there is a way to do that and I'm missing it. Whats the node I need to put on their names
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    i acidently did the /pb tutorial thing can i have the command to undo or stop the tutorial its so annoying i cant doany other commands i know i can just go into the command thing and reset the plugin or somthing but wut if somone else does reloging doesnt help??????? and btw i love all ur banana stuff but lol for those i cant find the .jar but thats cuz i am new at this
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    Sorry to say, but I think you missed me a little higher.
    I appreciate it you answer to that 1 week-old question of me, because someone already abused the fact that he can still destroy blocks, without ANY permissions.

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    need more info
    bug cos plugins
    I know not
    your plugins
    without plugins
    of yours I
    cannot help
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    Safe Creeper.

    And ofcourse... bPermissions.

    I found a bug in plugins before, where people spazzed out of walls in stead of suffocating. That was because of the "Explosionrevert" plugin, but now I use safe creeper.

    I haven't try to run bPermissions alone yet and I can't do it either because even though there is a build 1488 for Minecraft 1.0.0, none of my plugins are supported.
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    i dont exactly understand the point of promote in the config and tracks
    are u supposed to type /promote playername rank ?
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    Well, the webgui could be easier to use, and SpaceBukkit looks like it'll go a long way toward making plugins easier to manage. In particular, the huge lists in your webgui that open up again every time you click 'save' are sortof annoying.

    Regardless, I love bpermissions and will continue to use it either way. The ability to simply click a 'promote' button in Spacebukkit is exciting, though.
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    Deleted user

    How is this different from PEX?
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    Doesn't use reflection, isn't hierarchal, has a webgui, different formatting.

    They're both permissions managers tho.
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    Deleted user

    I just asked because I wanted to switch from PEX to bPermissions, but I wanted to see if it was worth it.
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    You should check the NoCheat bukkit dev, there the developer have a GREAT comparison and testings about all the permissions systems, so he explains there wich advantages have ones and wich disadvantages have others, because the permissions systems we have now are very kind of equal, there is no one system much better than other and most of the plugin developers are focusing on SuperPerms for compatibility with all permissions system.

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    Hey, I posted a question on the bukkitdev page about 22 hours ago, and chose your bPermissions plugin because I saw you online constantly and always helping those who asked, so I'm just going to copy/paste my question here :

    Hello there, just a simple question. I set up a server using bPermissions (obviously), and am having a bit of trouble with the default setting of groups. I currently want the group "default" to be default. At first, I created the permissions file and logged in as an admin after manually adding myself as an admin, and everything worked fine. I then manually deleted my status within the world file, and rejoined, then proceeded to check the world file, but I was still not added as a default user, and could still use all commands (not a surprise as I am an OP). I then tried adding the command "default: default" exactly one line before declaring "groups:" and then rejoined, and still was not added as a default user within the world file. It is probably something simple that I am doing wrong, so please help.
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    In 1.9.2 and below - the default users are not added to the file. They are default however.

    You can check this with /lsgroup NAME
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    Oh, ok. so I can fix this by updating to a version above 1.9.2? And thank you for the very speedy response.
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    It is a matter of discussion. At this current moment in time, all joining users are added to the group. This may change.
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    Edit: nevermind fixed it.
  30. using 2.8.1 bpermissions and 1.1 recommended bukkit. I have bug:

    I type something in my ...\plugins\bPermissions\world <- into groups.yml , permission nodes and after short while the groups.yml goes back to normal / default as it were when downloading plugin. THIS PLUGIN CANT SAVE THE YML FILES! THEY GET EMPTY ALL THE TIME! the reason why my servers players cant use certain commands!!! for while there is uhome usage working and for short while they dissappear
    default: default
        - uhome.own.set
        - uhome.own.warp
        groups: []
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    Use /permissions reload after editing the yaml files by hand, alternatively use the commands or the gui.

    bPermissions will never wipe a poorly formatted yaml file, instead it will broadcast a (bright red) message to your server informing you of the error and telling you to fix it.

    Let me repeat, I have specifically coded bPermissions NOT to wipe the yaml if there is an error.

    On the other hand if you edit the files by hand and don't use /permissions reload then that's you own fault :/

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