Inactive [ADMN/SEC] bPermissions v2.9.2 - no support on this post, ask for support on bukkitdev [1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Looks fine to me. Did you try to import the file yet? If you need help, feel free to ask, check out the dev page:


    Did you change your config.yml? You need that:
    override-player: true
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    is there a - node? to remove a node from a specific player?
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    It's been three days asking around the clock in #bukkitdev with no answer so sorry for the reply here despite what I was told :(. But its an easy question!

    Is it possible to Mirror all User's groups WHILE having world dependent group nodes?
    ie: I want a moderator to stay moderator SERVERWIDE but have his commands change per-world.
    ie: I want "Default" group to have build rights in "WorldA" but not WorldB". I also want all "Members" to have /mvspawn in "WorldA" but not "WorldB"

    Since Users and Groups are in the same file I can't just symlink them like back in Permissions3 heh :p
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    This is the best and most useful plugin I have yet to find for Minecraft. Thank you for all the hard work keep it up! :D
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    Yes, like that: - ^node2.node :)

    Ill find out :) Though I fear it's not possible
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    If you want different files for users and groups use the "yaml_oldschool" setting - also ask on BukkitDev in future if you want a prompt response Dx
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    Ahh. So yaml_oldschool will split users from groups and have a set for each world? I'll let it generate its own files first and go from there. (As for now I must go to work ><) Thanks
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    Call it devBukkit. :D

    I don't even know why they started calling dev.bukkit bukkitdev. It's silly.
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    hey, Im new to this Permissions and I currently can't find none for 1.8, this is the only one I can find, do you have an Wiki for this? I currently don't understand shit. it'll be nice if you replied :] Thanks
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    Read the last post... follow the link in the quotes... download the newes bpermissions for 1185.
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    Edit: Nevermind, fixed it.
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    i want to update from permissions 3.1.6, but i cant even download bPermissions!
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    What seems to be the issue?
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    i said i cant download bPermissions the link doesnt wrk -.-
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    Perhaps try the download link on the bukkitdev page.
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    its the same one
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    it works.. except for prefixes and users r messed up for me
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    Is there a way for me to color my groups? I was able to do this in Permissions x3 with iChat. "[Admin] Nerevar: Hi. i'm typing this message." I'm not sure how to do this in bPermissions though.
  23. Jepp. Link not working.
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    That link isn't supposed to be the main link, that's a dev link to our Jenkins build server (which is down atm) due to hosting issues.
    The files hosted on BukkitDev work just fine, and have versions and if you can't tell what the latest version is... then maybe you should stop skipping school
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    Codename_B, please, if you would, answer my question. I did read the guides posted on BukkitDev...

    But I can't figure out how to assign specific groups colors via iChat. I tried using bChat, but it not a color for each group. It's just overall, and thus doesn't meet my needs.

    Edit: I got it working. - prefix.+color.

    Second Edit: '*' does not work. 'override-player' is set to true, and I am in the Owner group, which has the '*' perm.
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    v1.7.5 bPermissions....

    I downloaded bPermissions and put it into my plugin's folder and then started and stopped my server. The problem is that once I did this the only new folder that showed up is called "stats" (witch is different than what is shown in the walk through youtube vid on the DEV site). In that folder is a config.yml. In the config.yml it says:

    That's what I get. So, I don't get a permissions folder or anything else. Is this how it is suppose to work now?

    FYI: I would have asked for help on the DEV site but it doesn't look like anyone uses it. Hasn't been used since Sun, 28 Aug 2011.
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    Hasn't been used since when?

    12 hours ago!

    Also, you're doing it wrong.
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    Well looks like i was wrong. the forms go in reverse order on the DEV site. Haven't seen that in a long time. I just went to the last page of it and it said Sun, 28 Aug 2011.
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    Okay So I'm new to this Permissions style. I went from Permissions 3.x to this. Cause it seemed most similar. But Now I can't get any of my permissions to work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if I'm even doing it right. Please help me. I was pro with Perm 3.x Now I feel like a nub all over again.

    Is what my world.yml looks like. tell me if I'm suppose to be placing it somewhere else. Also the plugin is loading.
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    Im coming from permission were i could do a - * to the admin to give him access to all commands and:
    - bukkit.*
    for all bukkit commands
    and to withdraw a single command
    - -bukkit.ban
    Is this also possible here?

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