Inactive [ADMN/SEC] bPermissions v2.9.2 - no support on this post, ask for support on bukkitdev [1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Using dat.
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    Great plugin! I just wish I woulda tried this one before the other two.. heh

    I really love how the Multi-World is handled with this one! (inheritance and shared worlds would be nice too though)

    Edit: I need to learn to read. >.<
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    Heh, thanks, that's awesome. :D
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    With all the bother I've gone to to make worlds very seperate from each other >.<
    Would world mirroring be ok?
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    Can this be used with the modifyworld plugin from PEX?
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    1Question :

    Theres a picture with :
    When a player is OP he has all Rights like * in Permissions 3.X

    Is that TRUE :p?

    ( @codename_B )
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    The what now plugin?
    Should be.
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    WTF xD
    You are FAST :confused:
    i send it and i ahve a answer lol xD

    But thanks :)
    Thats really NICE :D
    i give this a 2. try :p
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    You shouldn't be opping anyone you don't want to have all rights.

    EDIT: rather than being all complicated and per-block-id permission nodes, bPermissions has a simple anti-build system.
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    Updated spout. Still happening.
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    It's a known bug with spout, it doesn't affect the running of the server.
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    So I start using this plugin and I manage to create a group called 'default' using the in game commands, I then try making another group called 'Member' but it doesn't appear in the configs? Does it remain invisible until there's a member in it or it has some nodes?

    EDIT: Never mind! xD
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    Yeah that's what I meant, something like how P3 had it set up.. ;)

    Also I've had bPermissions on my server all day and not only is it way easier to set up than PEX, it also works with all of my plugins where PEX didn't, so thanks for the great plugin!

    It's nice to finally have a good SuperPerms option anyways, even though based on when this thread was started it's been here for awhile.. >:|
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    I'm opping because some plugins require it.
    Still, my following questions
    -will that plugin from PEX work (I do want the specific block restrictions it provides)
    -will negative permissions override the op's *

    (My only problem with PEX is that neagative permissions aren't working well/right, so that's the only reason I want to move off it)
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    The command seem to not be working for me exactly. Like permissions reload does an interval error and /p global member kahlilnc will add me to a group but will keep the previous group as well.
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    Can I use the title graphic as a banner.
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    Please bring back the inherent node! it will make it so much easier!
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    I'll work on it :)
    It's called multigroup.
    Ofcourse :)
    "inverval error"? Are you using spout? Also that's called multigroup and it was THE most heavily requested feature on this plugin.
    OP overrides everything.
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    Hello I recently installed Bpermissions and none of the commands are working. I have checked the Config file many times and made sure my capitalization and spelling were correct. All I get is "Unknown console command." whenever I use a command. I have the most current version, most current craftbukkit, and I cant edit the yaml file without the plugin crashing.
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    ok this i s getting a little riidculous. what is the diffrence bettween permissions, bukkit permissions, superperms and this. also ARE THERE ANY OTHER PERMISSION TYPE PLUGINS!. is there like a standard most people try to meet
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    I love how they just decide to spring this on us to make the change to the new "popular-backed" permission plugins. It slightly annoys me that I have to get 2-3 plugins to do the same thing that Yeti's 3.1.6 used to do.
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    Hey my chief tag isnt working heres the files

    opps noticed that i slept chief wrong, so in here they are slept wrong still dont work

    ok, it isnt auto adding people to default rank, they dont start with their tag or anything

    is this still in sevelopment? because it seems to not load all of my group nodes

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    Will the plugins that work with the "Normal" Permissions plugin work with this one I placed all my nodes in my old permissions and put it online and the when i went to get the commands i found out he is stopping it :( So Please whenever you get the chance an answer would be awesome. Thank you :)
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    Works fine for everyone else. What nodes aren't "loading" are you sure you've assigned the groups to people? The names are case sensitive.
    This is bukkitperms, superperm, build in perms etc. It's just a manager for them, you can use any manager you want.

    Should do yep!
    Things that won't work:
    prefix/suffix, getting groups.
    Getting groups works on the 1.2.1 version of this plugin on bukkitdev

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    Tabs as in what? For the yaml file? Or do I have to tab instead of space for the commands?
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    As in, do not use "tab" when editing YAML. Only use the space bar. Remember that for all .yml documents.

    Also, Why the hell do we have to keep everything in one huge horrible file instead on having a nice folder for users and a nice folder for groups? Was that too neat and orderly?
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    I didn't use tabs in the yaml, I counted out the spaces in the template and used that many instead. Also that doesn't solve my command problem.
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    Have you run it through the yaml online parser?

    edit: also if none of your commands are working it is a yml problem because its the only reason the plugin wouldnt work.

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