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    SATools - Server Administration Tools:
    Version: v0.402
    Last Release: 10/3/11
    Donate!!!!!!!! <-- Please?

    This plugin is almost like a server wrapper, which in the future it may become. This is a plugin meant for people who run a server from a home computer or a location where you can access the server using a GUI. This plugin creates a GUI to make managing a server a lot easier, especially when you don't want to type and remember a lot of commands and stuff.

    Info: If you want to be a part of this project whether it be development or design, please let me know I am always accepting new ideas.


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    Thanks for this link, I was never professionally taught Java I am self taught and in my early days I was told by classmates that the GC is awesome and stuff. I have just never researched it enough. Ill probably have all my code re-done anyway in next update, thank you for this mate, I love learning. By bukkit connection what do you mean?

    I have a request for gfx people out there who may read this. I need a new icon image, and with all my coding I do not have the time or skills to make a good one (hence the current one). SO hear my calling :).

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    Wow!) Really great plugin. Add please console into your programm or chat and can you make it in browser? like milkadmin? And it is bad that after closing your programm server shuts down..//
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    ... I'm Make ServerSay Morning Text Color ... All This Stuff
    But I'm Make 23900 Near Morning Morning Come And Nothing Happen
    Help !?
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    @OneThatWalks you can make a pic of a work bench and put SA on it? (i'm not good at that stuff, just a thought)
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    v0.4 will have console built in. Remote connection (browser usage) will come later. Also yes the server is supposed to stop when SATools is closed.

    Same here, it was working not to long ago and now scheduling has come to a halt, going to have to revise the code.

    I'll try that out soon, thanks for the suggestion.
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    I am running two server on the same computer both whit SATools so it would be good if you could modify the windows title with a setting so i know witch tool go to witch server.
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    Why run 2 servers when you can have multiple worlds?
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    COOL This plugin is SO AWESOME THANK YOU VERY MUCH OneThatWalks!!

    You deserve these: [cake] [cake][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Sweet Ill put them in my large chest until I learn how to actually build in minecraft ;P
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    Hello, im new to the forums, I made this account to tell 1 problem, resizing the client, luckily i had a second monitor to see and move it, but on my laptop i cannot see the top or the bottom, please can you allow it to be resized.
    Thanks :D
    BTW just downloaded it and looks brilliant! Good Job!
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    Working on that issue for v0.4. I own a full 1080p 27 inch screen so I forgot that they still sold such small screens on laptops and such.
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    Still working with new GUI coding, hate how my GUI builder makes GridBagLayout properties. It wastes so much space of the file when I can be defines once per container as one object, instead of multiple ones. May use net beans and see how it treats it. v0.4 may be a little while away, especially with school starting soon. Though I hope to have v0.4 out by then (August 9th).
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    hello developer,

    my cpu usage with this plugin rises from ~20% to full usage. I dont know what the cause may be.

    im using windows platform
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    IF you are using an older OS, or lower memory, and a slower CPU this is bound to happen. In this plugin unlike in various other plugins I use Threads to keep everything on track. These threads are full of questions to ask craftbukkit, meaning a higher CPU usage. I currently run a i5, 8gb RAM, with win 7 64bit. Which handles this plugin beautifully. I am however, toning down the amount of usage on the major recode for v0.4 so there may be a slight CPU decrease in the next version. I just have to find the best way of doing things.

    Another v0.4 update:
    View attachment 5193

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    so is it going to include the console or is it still going to be stand-alone?
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    v0.4 may not include the console its just a testing feature, it will have all the other featues from previous versions.
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    I dont know, i havent checked into that yet.. just that im running free build on one and survival on the other.. im gonna check into that btw.. thanks

    uuhm.. one question, How do they work? is it a plugin i need? (problobly) then wich one allows to have diffrent plugins loaded on diffrent worlds (And settings) ??

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    Multiverse is the only one that comes to mind (i haven't installed it myself yet), but there are a few different ones i believe.
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    How Do I Run It?


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    just to add info to the pot here i have the same problem as that other guy ever since i added this my cpu usage runs anywhere between 40%-100% and i have a pretty good computer cpu=amd phenom II x4 black edition, 8gb ram, and i have win 7 64 bit home premium edition installed

    but the only time it hits 100% cpu usage is when i get on which is odd since i never had such a problem before

    ps i do love using SAtools so it's no big but if you did find a way to lower the foot print this made that would be awesome and thank you for a wonderful plugin
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    I am investigating the memory usage, I havent been able to get much coding time lately. I do occasionally get some in but the memory problem I have stupidly buried in the code very deep.
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    Hi, when 0.4?
    And can you add to your plugin autorestart tool and plugin list where will be posible to activate\diactivate any plugin also restart one of them?
    Like simplerestart, it would be nice :)
    Thx) wait for relise)
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    Working on v0.4. I created a BukkitDev page for this project. Feel free to drop in anytime. I will use that page a lot more then this page.

    An ETA for people and an updated TODO list untill the next update I have sorted my priorities a lot.

    ETA: 2-3 weeks

    Fix a few bugs.
    Add anti-grief
    Fix UI (Mostly done)
    Remove useless objects
    Add bukkit management tab

    Maps may or may not be in v0.4 after v0.4 I will fix some issues then I may bump this project to v1.

    Another feature I plan to add to 0.4

    SATools for Admins on the go and server moderators.

    SATools will have a built in admin and moderator system now as well as white list so you can easily make other users moderators and have them given a SATools program that will send information over their server. With the addition of this I hope to add clans support and other things that could be managed as well. I will try try to work on getting a remote connection SATools working so Admins can communicate with their off shore hosting servers.

    Thank you guys for your time.

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    Here is some images of the upcoming update v0.4, are you excited?

    Top left: Hopefully I can get a console working.

    Top right:The server management tab containing the basic features we already know and love.

    Below: The inner-player view. I will have a list of the players that you can select and you will see this screen.

    Please express any ideas or concerns you have and I will keep at it. This will take a while, I haven't even started the back end.
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    IOn Vash

    When you get the map up and running, do you think you could allow it to read, search and show players homes from plugins like simplehome?
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    @IOn Vash,

    I was thinking of something like that. There would be "areas" that are assigned that players could assign when they build a home. The map would outline their area, so then you could see what they have.
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    hay i just love this plugin im not trying to rush you but do you know when .4 is going to be released i just cant wait
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    Sometime in the next few weeks. I am trying to get a few things sorted out and fixed and stuff. I am still in the design phase I am going through ideas of what can be implemented. The map will be ridiculous to integrate due to my low level of bukkit knowledge APIs. Possibly a lack of methods to do such in the first place. I will try to keep updating people.
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    i have an idea for it since theres 1.8 now how a bout just like how you can make people god mode you have a button that lets you switch people from freebuild to survival mode
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    You would need two separate worlds. Free-build and SMP. Then it would just switch worlds.

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