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    This plugins adds Jail to your minecraft server. Admins can define several jails and then jail/unjail people or jail them on time basis. Plugin also offers wide variety of protections, so players won't escape out of your jail.

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    Totally Awesome, now i can punish and jail villains
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    @Snowy007 Show me your protections config

    @Ronny Lawson do you have jailstick enabled in config?
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    Ronny Lawson

    Matejdro, yes, I do. I have the line "EnableJailStick: true" in the global.yml.
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    IgnorePrisonersSleepingState: true
    CanPrisonerOpenHisChest: true
        MySQLConn: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraftjails
        UseMySQL: true
        MySQLPassword: kokosnoot
        MySQLUSername: root
    JailStickParameters: 280,5,10,,police;50,5,20,,admin
    ExecutedCommandsOnRelease: []
    LogJailingIntoConsole: false
    CountdownTimeWhenOffline: false
    EnableJailStick: false
    SignText: <Player>[NEWLINE]<TimeS>[NEWLINE]for[NEWLINE]<Reason>
        EnableJailPay: false
        PriceForInfiniteJail: 9999
        PricePerMinute: 10
        Currency: 0
    SpoutChangeSkin: false
    ExecutedCommandsOnJail: []
    AutomaticMute: false
        JailPayCannotPayHim: Sorry, money won't help him this time.
        JailPayCannotPay: Sorry, money won't help you this time.
    SelectionTool: 268
    DeleteInventoryOnJail: false
    ReleaseBackToPreviousPosition: true
        Forever: ever
    ManualCells: []
    NearestJailCode: nearest
        MessageJailReason: '§cYou have been jailed! Reason: <Reason>'
        JailPayPaidReleased: You have just payed <Amount> and saved yourself from the jail!
        BlockDestroyedNoPenalty: §cDo not destroy The Jail!
        PlayerNotJailed: That player is not jailed!
        ForbiddenTransfer: §9You have been transferred to another jail!
        ForbiddenCommandNoPenalty: §cDo not try to escape with commands!
        PreventedInteractionPenalty: Don't do that in Jail!  You have just earned additional 10 minutes in jail!
        JailPayPaidReleasedHim: You have just payed <Amount> and saved <Prisoner> from the jail!
        JailPayLoweredTime: You have just payed <Amount> and lowered your sentence to <NewTime> minutes!
        PreventedInteractionNoPenalty: Don't do that in Jail!
        JailPayNotEnoughMoney: You don't have that much money!
        TimeMinutes: <Time> minutes
        ForbiddenCommandPenalty: §cDo not try to escape with commands! You have just earned additional 10 minutes in jail!
        MessageEscapeNoPenalty: §cDo not try to escape out of Jail!
        MessageBlockPlacedNoPenalty: §cDo not place blocks inside Jail!
        MessageJail: §cYou have been jailed!
        JailPayNotEnoughMoneySelected: That won't be enough for your sentence!
        JailPayCost: 1 minute of your sentence will cost you <MinutePrice>. That means that cost for releasing you out of the jail is <WholePrice>.
        MessageJailPayAmountForever: To get out of this mess, you will have to pay <Amount>.
        BlockDestroyedPenalty: §cDo not destroy The Jail! You have just earned additional 15 minutes in jail!
        MessageMuted: Stop chatting and quietly wait for the end of your sentence!
        MessageUnJail: §2You have been released! Please respect server rules.
        MessageBlockPlacedPenalty: §cDo not place blocks inside Jail! You have just earned additional 10 minutes in jail!
        JailPayLoweredTimeHim: You have just payed <Amount> and lowered <Prisoner>'s sentence to <NewTime> minutes!
        JailStatusReason: You are jailed for <TimeS> by <Jailer> because of <Reason>
        MessageAFKKick: Do not be AFK in jail!
        JailStatus: You are jailed for <TimeS> by <Jailer>
        MessageEscapePenalty: §cDo not try to escape out of Jail! You have just earned additional 30 minutes in jail!!
    StoreInventory: true
        GuardAttackSpeedPercent: 100
        GuardHealth: 20
        GuardInvincibility: false
        GuardTeleportDistance: 10
        RespawnGuards: true
        NumberOfGuards: 3
        GuardDamage: 2
        PreventInteractionBlocks: false
        - '59'
        EnableBlockPlaceProtection: true
        InteractionPenalty: 0
        FoodControlMinimumFood: 4
        EnableFoodControl: true
        EnableBlockDestroyProtection: true
        PlayerMoveProtectionAction: teleport
        MaximumAFKTime: 5.0
        RestorePermissionsToEscapedPrisoners: true
        BlockDestroyPenalty: 0
        BlockPlacePenalty: 0
        - prisoners
        PlayerMoveProtectionPenalty: 0
        EnablePlayerMoveProtection: true
        EnablePVPProtection: true
        CommandProtectionPenalty: 0
        EnableChangingPermissions: false
        - '326'
        - '327'
        - '259'
        EnableExplosionProtection: false
        FoodControlMaximumFood: 5
        - /spawn
        - /kill
        - /warp
    ManualJails: []
    Don't know if it is of any importance but since not many people besides me are reporting this problem. I selected the jails using Worldedit and the /jailcreatewe command.
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    @Ronny Lawson make a ticket on bukkitdev about it

    @Snowy007 This is wrong:

    PreventInteractionBlocks: false
    Use this to make empty list:

    PreventInteractionBlocks: []
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    ah thank you.
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    umm when I installed this it worked fine but when I tried to use it ingame it said "you cant use this at your rank" and I was an op please help me
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    Are you sure it said exactly "you cant use this at your rank"?
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    Ok this fixed the error i was getting but players still aren't sent to the nearest jail.
    Most times they are just sent to the last jail i created but sometimes when standing at certain places they get sent to another jail. (again usually not the nearest jail though.)

    Maybe i should just stick with 1 jail per world..
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    Please update for latest build :D. Nice plugin
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    @Snowy007 make a ticket about it on BukkitDev and include config and database please.

    @Mr_H4mm3r it should work on latest build

    @rage5110 please don't advertise your server in my plugin thread.
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    ok testing :)

    I really like this plugin. Ban is too hard and kick is too easy :D
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    I have build my jail like a stage map they run to the end and there is a gate, and i like to make it so that hey can esaape tough the gate but everytimes there a portet back ! whatshuold do ? p.s.: im making a video for your plugin ^^
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    Won't they be able to break the blocks to get out?
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    can you make a way to put out guards where you want them, the quantity and their respawningtime, and have a location trigger of when they have escapee the jail insted of killing the guards? I want to make a jail where you sneak arround to get ennough armour and items to escape.With other words: I want some places to be allowed for prissoners and some not (like in a real jail). It would be great if you could make this :)
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    When i create the cells they go to the cells when i send them to it. but they cant even look even look around! I jailed myself to test and everytime i move my mouse it says 30 minutes have been added! What do i do?
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    @Megalanias set move protection action to escape.

    @Stev98 you can turn it on/off in settings.

    @Linoko Just put all prisoner-allowed areas inside jail zone.

    @popcorn8123 too small jail or you have not selected floor and/or ceiling.
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    hmm I like this plugin but do you have to connect it to your mysql database.
    Oh srry for the server banner i dont know how to delete it
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    You do not need mysql.

    add ticket

    Create ticket on bukkitdev.

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    Please write here all of commands of plagins. Just i cant find page with them... But this is GOOD plagin, thanks!
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    ^^ @matejdro should it look so :
    PlayerMoveProtectionAction: escape
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    No, you can either put guards or teleport
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    oh okay andwhere should i set escape ?
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    update it please. /unjail not works with 1317
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    I love this plugin, and I've been using it for a while, but suddenly I have this error, or at least I think it's an error. I have a particularly troublesome member on my new server and I keep putting him in jail, but he's found a way to bypass the jail and just log out and it releases him. I've gone into the global file and searched for anything to help fix this because I'd rather not ban the kid seeing as he is only 10 and doesn't really know better. I would at least like to be able to have him be jailed to know he did something wrong without being able to bypass this.

    I already changed "Countdowntimewhenoffline: false" and that didn't work any help with this would be appreciated from anyone
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    Ahh please update! get a "Cannot pass event" error on CB 1337, the recommended build. Unfortunately I do not have the log anymore of the error... Apologies!
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    May you be able to integrate a plugin that allows the prisoners to work in a mine? If they do this, their time will decrease (good behaviour).

    Kind regards

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    Installed the plugin made 4 jails and saved then when I had to restart the server I get this:
    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Jail v2.0.3 (Is it up to date?): null; mapping values are not allowed here

    And cannot use the jails anymore.
    How do I fix this?
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    18:18:00 [WARNING] Task of 'Jail' generated an exception
            at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry(
            at java.util.HashMap$
            at com.matejdro.bukkit.jail.Jail$1$
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Not working on 1337.

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