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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by matejdro, Jan 24, 2011.

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    This plugins adds Jail to your minecraft server. Admins can define several jails and then jail/unjail people or jail them on time basis. Plugin also offers wide variety of protections, so players won't escape out of your jail.

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    I put a password on my database by mistake it says this. I dont know how to remove the password as I cant get into PHPMyAdmin to remove the password in priveleges.

    Welcome to phpMyAdmin


    MySQL said: [​IMG]#1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
    phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.
  3. Hey if a player is released, the plugin gives him two messages:
    1.:You have been released....
    then appears an other massege:
    Do not try to escape......

    BUT the player isn't jailed anymore and he is still in the jail.
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    hmm yeah, i agree, night have something to do with permissions
    --- merged: Feb 1, 2011 5:09 PM ---
    yes, definitely something to do with permissions
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    Wait I got it to work :)

    Thank you mate.
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    @RyanH1000 Sorry, i don't know much about MySQL. Best thing would be to post that in support forum. Although i doubt there is any way to simply remove the password.

    EDIT: glad that you have solved it. Find these settings in
    MySQLConn = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft
    MySQLUsername = root
    MySQLPassword = password

    then change localhost for the IP of your mysql server, 3306 for port of your mysql server, minecraft for database of your server and finally set the username and password.
    EDIT2: good job.
  7. Could someone help me?
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    Same, help me plz
  9. whats your problem
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    @Raphnika this is known bug, I'm working on it.

    @pkiller162 My plugin does nothing with LWC, so it's very unlikely that your problem is in Jail plugin. Try posting your problem in LWC thread.
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    im getting a
    cannot pass event PLAYER_COMMAND
    it has something to do with permissions
  12. Okay thank you dude and sorry if i interuped you
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    @Raphnika np

    @pkiller can you post entire error instead of just first line?
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    server.log doesnt show the error
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    Sorry mate 1 more problem.

    When I select the jail and jail my self. Even If I move 1 block that's inside the jail it says you can not escape etc. Why?
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    nvm got to work
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    @pkiller162 copy it from the console

    @RyanH100 you have selected too narrow jail space. Select wider spce.
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    Thanks for the feedback, matejdro :)

    I look forward to the next release!
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    this seems to be having some problems now it use to work fine but now when there time is up they dont get tped out to where I set it,and also when they just bump into the walls or bars it adds 30 minutes on idk I love this plugin but it seems to be havin some sort of issues now.
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    All commands stopped working when I added this, and worked fine again when I removed it. :/
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    It's off topic, but how do you do that? The console is a Command Prompt, and I can't select any text from there.

    EDIT: Oh, nvmd. Right click, Select All, then just click to unselect all and select your own.
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    Gene Myers

    build 210

    if a user is in jail it dosent keep them in there
    also if the type /jailstatus it bugs out and adds 30 mins
    and it says it over 12 times it spams it
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    @shrim782 or just select Mark instead of Select All :)

    @d3x so none of the server commands didn't worked?

    @Stephen92 select bigger cuboid. Now they are bumping into cuboid borders, so they got teleported back.

    @gene Myers so if you type /jailstatus, you will get 30 minutes? :O

    Anyway, uploaded new version with fixed teleporting back to jail after releasing.
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    I need help. First, when people are unjailed they don't go to the teleport point I set up. Second, it's set for the person to be teleported back to jail if they try to escape but how can protect the blocks of the jail?
  25. Thanks for the fix.
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    Gene Myers

    Yes.. if u type /jailstatus it spams a message saying dont try to break out of jail an extra 30 minutes increased to ur sentence and it spams it about 12 times
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    I made a tutorial on how to set up mysql with bukkit.

    But it's not talk. Headphones are broke I use speakers.
    Do you want to put it on the front page when it's uploaded?
    So you wont get as many people asking stuff?

    Mate could you also make a better video of jail?
    Like a small video on how to make a simple jail? please.
    That 1 is stupid it's too long and i't didn't need to be.
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    I got a problem:
    I use the default config, but jailed players can destroy the jail and teleport out. Not jailed players aren't able to destroy the jail. That seems to be a bit buggy.
    At least they can't place blocks

    SCHWERWIEGEND: Could not pass event BLOCK_DAMAGED to Jail
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    You put all the commands in the permissions config? Told the way to do so?
    --- merged: Feb 2, 2011 5:57 PM ---

    You need to watch in 720p and full screen otherwise you can't see it.
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    Can you please print out whole error message (from cosnsole)?
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    Mate you could put that video on the topic.
    It might stop people about mysql and save you hassel.

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