[ADMN] PlgSetspawn v5.0 - /setspawn and /spawn for OPs [1.4]

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    PlgSetspawn - Plugin for /setspawn and /spawn only:
    Version: v5.0

    This plugin just gives /setspawn to OPs and /spawn to all, nothing more nothing less.
    It uses bukkit internal permission system.
    As in all my plugins, you can now edit the name of commands in plugin.yml.

    • plgsetspawn.spawn for /spawn command (default all)
    • plgsetspawn.setspawn for /setspawn command (default op)

    Download(source inside)


    Version 5.0:
    • Added bukkit permissions (spawn for all, setspawn for OPs by default)
    • Thanks @McAndze for showing me how to implement them easily :)
    Version 4.1
    • updated internals, should work on every MC build supported by bukkit now
    Version 4.0
    • uses onComand - CB 454+ compatible
    • you can now edit plugin.yml and change command names via "aliases:"
    Version 3.0
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.3 and craftbukkit 432
    Version 2.1
    • /spawn for everyone, /setspawn for OPs
    Version 2.0
    • updated craftbukkit API
    • you now /spawn on the exact location even if there are blocks above
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    Works for me on 433.
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    hm works now, I had to restart the server 2 times appearently. Thank you :)
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    Update. Works for 454+ and you can rename /setspawn and /spawn to whatever you want in plugin.yml/aliases:
  5. thankyou! im using essentials the old one i dont update cos then it wont work with permissions 2.0 and i had to edit essentials to get rid of there set spawn that did not work and put yours in
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    I currently use PlgEssentials for my private server as it is simple and effective. I am going to add PlgSetSpawn as well as PlgMisc, but I have a request. Is it possible for you to add /home and /sethome commands? I like the idea of your PlgWarp, but I would prefer to have it player-oriented instead of me having to set up warps for them. Thanks.

    --- edit ---

    I just installed PlgSetSpawn, however I do not see where it saves the spawn data. I want to orient it so that the player faces north upon spawning, but it always faces west. Is this intended?
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    This requires player-based data storage. I'm not gonna program that because of complexity and possible bugs etc.
    BUT bukkit is going to implement data persistence, so I could do it then.
    I use the original minecraft spawnpoint setting. I cannot set anything more than the location at this time.
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    Hey Plague,

    I'm a little confused with the plugin. I installed it, and set a spawnpoint for my starting world. Worked fine. But now I wanted to set a new spawnpoint and it didn't work. It always says "You have to be OP!". I have Permissons and I'm Admin.

    Please help :)
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    Permissions are a different system provided by a player plugin. I use the original OP system, you have to have your name in "ops.txt" file.
  10. i set the spawn but then i spawn somewhere random?
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    You set the original spawn point for minecraft. If you die minecraft itself randoms your location for security reasons. This behaves the same on original minecraft_server.jar
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    quoted for alerts.

    when i set the spawn in a building and then type /spawn i spawn on the top of the house. can you fix this?
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    That is also the vanilla minecraft behavior, you spawn where the player will spawn after death.
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    Is there an in-game way to put people into groups? Or is this the wrong Plugin for that?
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    The wrong plugin :)
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    Big fan of your other mods, but this one made me think my whole server was screwed.
    Pretty much, wherever the spawn point is in my server, nobody besides OPs are able to build or destroy blocks.
    I reinstalled the game and all of my plugins trying to find the issue out until I noticed this.

    Will be looking for another spawn mod.


    Not only this, but when you delete your mod, the effect is still there.
    To get "rid" of what your mod did to my server, I had to go down to bedrock, set a spawn point, then get rid of your mod and replace it with a different mod...

    Edit #2:
    This did not work either, as I would just spawn above.
    I am just going to reinstall my whole server one more time.
    Luckily there are alternatives to this mod lol

    Edit #3:
    I am a retard
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    I laughed pretty hard on that one :)
    You know spawn point has a spawn protection. So that nobody (besides ops) can build there and the newbies are not "caved in". That's how minecraft works for a few years now.

    You can disable that by setting spawn-pritection=0 in server.properties.
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    Well excuse me for being a complete fucking retard :'(
    I am relatively new to running Minecraft servers as it is quite clear now.
    I'm no longer using yours now as SpawnX is working perfectly without having to edit the file, but I did change the setting so that the effect of your mod will be gone from my server.

    Thanks for explaining this so nicely after my idiotic updates.
    2-3 hours of my life wasted lol

    Donating $5 since your other plugins were working for me perfectly and it was my own stupid fault for my problems with this mod [zombie]

    Thanks and apologies again for my original post lol

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    Thanks! You're actually the first one :)

    Hey don't worry, I've had so many searches for bugs in my code that were not there and it was just me being a dumbass ;)
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    When i /setspawn it doesnt remove the original spawn, but only adds a "warp".
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    No it doesn't :) Maybe you have some conflicting plugin that does this.

    Although I didn't change a thing, I'll rather post it. Compatible with the new 600 RB (and still compatible with 556).

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    Nathan C

    Currently not working with 1.5 CraftBukkit.
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    There's no recommended build of CB for MC 1.5. Why pester plugin authors until then?
    And even then, I'd wait until the plugin authors have done their own testing and update
    the post to state what RB they support. Geez.
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    Should now work with 1.5 bukkit builds and fortunately also with some older 1.4 ones.
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    /spawn for everyone has stopped working on my server after the update.

    Why? :oops:
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    which one? normal or op-only version?
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    The op-only version. Is it the wrong one?

    The idea is I don't want anybody to be able to /setspawn, but to be able to make /spawn. Before the update it seemed to work correctly.

    Forget it. What I actually needed was the normal version.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
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    when i set the spawn people spawn around the spawn point not on it
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    Yes, that's how original minecraft spawn works.
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    Thise works gret with mcmyadmin. But i miss something like the exact spawn, in hmod. Which make you spawn there first time and when you respawn. Otherwise thise works great hoping for a fix :)
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    I'd like that too, but that would mean not using the original spawn system, which I'd rather not.

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