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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ashley, May 1, 2012.

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    Just delete the ones you don't use
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    How? I was using auto clicker and i left for 30minutes and its like never been used...
  3. sorry but i dont get how to use it can u send me a normal admin head admin owner co-owner default and moderator and builder ranks setup because i really dont get it at all
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    URGENT!!! Is there anyway that you can make this app run on 64-windows???
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    I dont understand how you can get this to work with permissions from other plugins like worldedit or essentials, can someone help?
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    Hey guys I need help, What if I wanted to color the brackets in the perifix? Also what was he doing when that big error came up with is run something like that pls help!!!!
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    I have broken your links. No URL shorteners are allowed - direct links only.
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    Where can I Dl it Bitfly Shit
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    So are we not able to download it anymore?
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    No, Sorry
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    whys it closed
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    Because i don't have any time to maintain it and also i get zero respect for what ive created
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    oh i see that sucks, i think it was useful for beginners, do you provide latest source by any chance
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    im not at home right now i can provide it within 5 - 7 hours ill pm you with the Source
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    Sorry to see you go D:

    Everybody support Ashley and maybe he will continue support for this.

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    Im a guy
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    I mistyped :O
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    Locked, its closed, end of story. If the author wishes to revive it, he can report this thread.
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