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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by John Kapsis, Apr 4, 2011.

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    John Kapsis

    Multi Plugin Config GUI
    (An easy to use interface for configuring your plugins without any effort!)
    How it started:
    I was trying to make a very simple and intuitive interface for a friend of mine so he could change various settings for the Minecart Mania plugin without having to teach him how XML works, and it was him that proposed to make the GUI available to anyone, so i did. People started to use it and give feedback mostly positive and encouraging me to keep at it and improve it! Bugs keep appearing and i keep fixing them!
    A few people asked if i plan on making another for other plugins and to their answer i point to my title! Yes more are coming and i will find the best way to have all GUIs i'll ever make in a simple, easy to use solution incorporating auto-updates, i promise i'll do my best for everyone to be happy and smiley!!

    What it is in a sentence:
    It is a separate tool that lets you configure the various settings needed to configure in a nice and worm GUI instead of manipulating text files.

    • Handles configuration files for plugins!
    • Can access multiple configuration filesets (for multiple servers)!
    • Auto-Updates on startup!
    • Inside app changelog!
    • Selective Plugin support!
    • Options for app behaviour!
    • Full support in a 6 hour basis per day!
    • Export to Text for on-line hosts with no FTP!
    Planned Features:
    • Access to online servers with FTP protocol enabled!
    • Handling of .db files for plugins!
    • Extensive Graphical Interfaces for item list making!(Preview Available!,Some implemented!)
    • Inside application Feedback system for even faster help!
    • Backups for worlds and settings!
    • Bukkit installer and updater!
    • Plugins installer and updater!
    How to use it:
    You can use this handy little tool just like any other windows app, simply download install and run it!! any requirements on your behalf will be explained to you during install (if any).
    Simply point it at your plugins folder in the options menu for a saved in memory location of the files, or find the plugins directory through the direct menu at the start screen for diferent directories (thus servers) each time! After that tooltips are popping up at each control and explain each function! Always remember to SAVE your work as often as possible!!!
    Soon there will be detailed documentation and small videos explaining everything in detail!
    Plugins currently supported by MPCGUI:
    Do you know of any plugin that uses .XML files ???
    would you like to see it supported in the GUI???
    Let me know!!!
    Post below!!!
    FAQ (open)
    FAQ :
    Q: I get an error! "*.xml file not found"!
    A: Just make sure you are pointing the gui at the right direction!
    "\YourServer\plugins\" is the right one.
    Q: Why is the version number of the gui different then the version stated in this OP since the application auto updates?
    A: There is a very tiny chance for me to have forgoten to change it:p , to be sure of the version you have go to the "Info" menu then click "About".
    Q: There is a plugin that i use and i like very much, i would like to see it in the gui so it can be even more handy to use and manage, how do i do that?
    A: First make sure the plugin uses .xml files for configuration, then simply post it here in the thread with a link and i will add it as soon as i can!

    TO DO (open)
    TO DO :
    • Find more ways to improve it optically!
    • Modify all text controls to preview the text coloring.
    • Add a few missing tooltips.
    • Change the Save Sequences to better suite our needs and stop them from directly saving the displayed values into the .xml files!(half done!!!)
    • Finish up the Feedback system.
    • Start the Bukkit installer and updater feature code development.
    • Finish the MPCGUIs configuration and data .xml storage file.
    • Create a "delete multiplier" control(mostly ready, scheduled for v1.1.1.16)
    • Finish the Graphical item lists.
    • Add a checking Sub for version checks on plugin configuration file so i get warnings on new versions.
    • Add a hub for settings exchange.
    • Redesign the MPCGUI so it can fit more plugins neatly.
    • Fix the cloud file check exception
    Change Log (open)
    Change Log :
    • Fixed the fix for the bug ;)
    • Fixed the major bug that stoped the gui in load time
    • Made the gui a single instance application
    • Fixed a bug from left over experimenting code
    • The GUI now saves an options .xml file for even greater stability, but it still needs more work.(next update)
    • The single item selection system is ready and implemented!! :) (try it out it's very cool!!!)
    • I will not remove the Preview yet, just for fun...
    • Some aisthetic changes
    • Fixed an internal error (nothing critical)
    • Fixed a small bug for MMCore (due to API change)
    • Added a ton of code (no new features yet :( )
    • Re-arranged the GUI
    • Preparing for later features(Sorry guys it was needed)
    • Cleaned the code a bit
    • Fixed a bug at DisappearOnDisconnect Control
    • Added all the missing tooltips
    • Removed WXW Controls and code !!! :)
    • Updated for Minecart Mania Core Configuration .xml file v1.53 and added DisappearOnDisconnect Control
    • Updated code for MMCore.xml 1.52 & MMLocale.xml 1.02
    • Cleaned a bit
    • Fixed a small bug in the load state Dots
    • Improved the visuals a bit
    • Fixed the bug that made the Menu bar disappear
    • Made the MoveCraft controls available!(MoveCraft beta is available!)
    • Fixed the list system preview (now it has a button to open)
    • Fixed a few typos
    • Added a "Tools" Menu item
    • Added the "XML to Text " feature
    • Started the Graphical Items Lists Interface and made a preview available
    • Made some adjustments to the MoveCraft Section (still no beta)
    • Fixed a bug from the new code(nothing critical)
    • Added the standalone attribute in the MinecartManiaConfiguration.xml
    • Added a donate button for users to supprt the project
    • Added all the tooltips missing
    • Made preparations for the MoveCraft plugin
    • Made some preparations for the "access remote server files" feature we are planning on
    • Fixed the bug that didn't allow multipliers to work
    • Added support for WormholeXTremeWorlds (Currently is not read by the plugin, working on it)
    • Fixed the very persistent try...catch bug
    • Fixed the bug that prevented changes in the Minecart Type elements in the multiplier section of the control blocks
    • Fixed a few typos in comments here and there
    • Added all the rest of the original comments written by the plugins developer into the output xml files
    • Added a date and time creation info in the .xml file(just in case...)
    • Added some more tooltips
    • Fixed the try..catch in the MMCore.load sequence
    • Changed the Load state dots into something more elegant
    • Added a new menu and a new Changelog window, placed everything neatly
    • Added some tooltips in the control blocks area
    • improved the looks
    • brought back the multiplier checkbox
    • optimized the operation of the multiplier sections in the control blocks
    v1.1.1.1 Juicy!!!
    • Corrected the main window title(silly mistake...)
    v1.1.1.0 Juicy!!!
    • Added support for the MinecartManiaConfiguration.XML file v1.51
    • Added support for the MinecartManiaChestControl.XML file v1.3
    • Added support for the MinecartManiaLocale.XML file v1.01
    • Reconfigured and cleaned a lot of the code to be able to support a few more plugins but it will get messy with time, i must change the gui entirely...
    • Added all the Afforess original comments in the MinecartManiaConfiguration.XML (it gives an insane XML document!)
    • Refreshed all the Controll Blocks controls to accomodate all the new features of the plugins
    v1.1.0.4 Juicy!!!
    • Changed the structure of the program for convinience.
    • Changed pathing for multiple plugin suport.
    • Change the save message into a more detailed one.
    • Changed the file load indication Dots to be more descriptive.
    • Code cleanup! (that was fun...)
    • Adding various things that will be necessary for the next plugins.
    • Added the option to turn on or off the SimpleBarter and Backpack support.
    • A few more minor things i don't remember.
    v1.0.4.0 Sweet!!! (where to start?!?!)
    • Broke the Load Sequences into manageable pieces and added mechanisms for checking of files existence and if they are well formed.
    • Added same features in the Save Sequences as well.
    • Started the mechanisms that will give the option to enable and disable supported plugins.
    • Changed the layout.(again...)
    • Added an "About box".
    • Changed the name and descriptions to better suite the role of the GUI.
    • Fixed a tiny bug in the Redstone Attribute in the Control Blocks section that caused improper save of the Redstone Attributes of the Blocks 16, 17, 18. :eek:
    • Added support for the Simple Barter plugin!
    • Added support for the Backpack plugin!
    • Added all the necessary controls for the newly supportd plugins.
    • Added the option "Export all files always" to give the ability of .xml files creation in their appropriate folders.
    • Changed the target location that users must point Folder Browser Dialogues from the MinecartMania settings folder to the plugins general folder. (Necessary for the support of more plugins)
    • A few more things that i can't remember right now!! :p
    v1.0.3.3 On Wheels Of Steel
    • Took another look into Items lists and i change the code there quite a bit. a)Everything now auto saves instantly(i think a lot of people wanted this!) b)Made the list name on the buttons a bit bigger...
    • More error handling! and especially in the save sequences, now there is no way of something going wrong without you knowing exactly what and why!
    • Replaced all the warnings with a Multiwarning on all filles
    v1.0.3.2 On Wheels Of Steel
    • Made all the necessary changes to the GUI code so it can handle and manipulate the new .xml file file introduced in MM1.09 ("MinecartManiaLocale.xml")
    • Added tool tips for all the new controls.
    • Added a green light for the new file.
    • Re-arranged the GUIs various controls and sorted them properly. (more must be done here)
    • Added more error handling as necessary.
    v1.0.3.1 On Wheels Of Steel
    • The GUI now can read the new .xml introduced in MM
    • Added a tab for the new features MM introduced in 1.09
    v1.0.3.0 On Wheels Of Steel!!!
    • Changed the way empty values are handled within the GUI itself for better error handling and preperation for expansion of the .xml files both element wise and attribute wise. (I love the possibilities that this brings!)
    • 100% error handling in 98% of the cases. (Item Lists are a tiny bit sensitive! better to only edit them for now!)
    • More tooltips! (Only some...)
    • More unique errors! ( I must creat an error id legend but all error messages come with a description as well!)
    • All changes contributed into making the Controls Blocks 100% Stable and predictable, Control Blocks are completely reconfigured with a brand new deletion method and multiple conditions to ensure everything is checked and good!
    • Changed the method which gave to the Control Block buttons their pic!(faster refresh!)
    • Added a double click way to create a new Control Block!
    • Added the ability to change the Block Type of any given Control Block. (Someone requested this, i hope you like it!!!
    v1.0.2.7 On Wheels Of Steel!!!
    • Added more tooltips.
    • Added more control blocks.
    • Inserted pictures for all the control blocks.
    • Cleaned the code a bit.
    v1.0.2.6 Yammy!!!
    • Updated to the MinecartMania 1.08 standard.
    • Added all the new controls that MM 1.08 introduces to the GUI.
    v1.0.2.5 Yammy!!!
    • Fixed a bug in the Delete Block button in the Item lists tab that caused improper deletion of list items.
    v1.0.2.4 Yammy!!!
    • Fixed a bug in the SpeedMultiplier checkbox.
    • Fixed a bug in the save sequence that caused improper saving (Redstone attributes).
    • Fixed a few minor bugs.
    • Created a numbered error system (early implementation, the first number to use was 69 ;) )
    • Included a few tooltips and indication of which files are loaded (You can load any number of files but upon save all files will be generated).
    Known Issues And News (open)
    Known Issues And News
    There is a problem in the MMCore please be aware and act accordingly.

    All the old users will lose the stored options cause of the new XML file but i guess there are not much of them to restore.
    Also i can say that nothing like this will never happen again!
    The XML file provides a great way to ensure user data at all times!
    It is also what most likely will enable me to add the installer and updater in the GUI!
    I am hoping that the system i am gonna be using is gonna be enough to support demand (if there is any), i am planning on monitor downloads and usage statistics to make sure that: a) i am meeting demand in the frequency of the maintenance of the system. b)To be on-top of problems when they arise to minimize downtime (or to eliminate it?).

    I am also planning a few more features for the GUI in the coming two weeks, others in the TO DO list and others not, and you should soon expect a plugin from me soon :) !!!
    Yes i am trying java out!! not much luck yet but i will get there...

    There are a few things i would like feedback on and i would appreciate any effort!
    1.Do you think a downloader and updater is in demand in this community?
    2.Do you think there are good ones out there already and do you have any suggestions?
    3.What is it that you would like to see in the GUI? anything at all!! it doesn't matter if it something about a plugin or anything at all! as long as it is community related!!

    I really hope on some answers :)
    Have a nice day and a great weekend!!
    Care to Help??? (open)

    I really want to include more plugins and i have a few on the grill but i found an obstacle, for the life of me i cannot imagine how the appearance should be!!!
    I want it to be usable not only to someone that is a setting up a server from scratch and would like a wizard kind of run through but someone who is testing settings and has to reuse the GUI to be able to get to the setting they need to fast and easely!!
    Any ideas???
    [​IMG]Any amount of help is appreciated but not required!
    Posting Guidelines:
    • Please post the version of the GUI as stated by the GUI in the About window in the Info menu strip or in the main window title.
    • Please post a description of the bug (if it is a bug).
    • Please post the plugin you have trouble with and it's version if available.
    • Make Sure to check the changelog frequently to avoid silly situations.
    I will be glad to get feedback on your thoughts about the GUI too!!!
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    John Kapsis

    Just as Killie01 said:
    I must add a version... something
    so you can use it for older MM versions!!!

    Added to the DOTO list!

    By the way i know i haven't done much lately but i got a paid project going on so i'm giving a lot of attention there, i do however plan on keeping the GUI alive just in a slower rate for just now, the project is gone finish soon so expect more from me then!!

    Thank you all.

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    er ok I know what you mean.

    I was pointing it at the minecart folder.

    Maybe you should point this out in the OP:p

    I don't remember pointing it to plugins in past but if it works I don't really care! :)
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    John Kapsis

    It is so it can support the extra plugins!
    Have you tryed Simple Barter and Backpack yet???
    They are great pluggins also made by Afforess, like Minecart Mania

    I added a small description in the OP ;)
    Why is it called like that? what OP means??

    There are a lot of stuff to be done i know but as i said i'm kinda busy but not quitting!
    I will get to everything soon enough i promise!
    BTW how do you find the app?? everything working fine??
    I would love some feedback!
    anything you don't like??
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    OP= Original Post
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    John Kapsis

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    it appears to work as intended thanks for asking glad to see the block swap feature was added that is real nice and as for the other mods I read them but don't think I got them I might get backpack tho.

    Will let u know if I think anything else
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    John Kapsis

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    Hello, I tried to install your soft today and I get the following error:

        Windows             : 6.1.7601.65536 (Win32NT)
        Common Language Runtime     : 4.0.30319.225
        System.Deployment.dll         : 4.0.30319.1 (RTMRel.030319-0100)
        clr.dll             : 4.0.30319.225 (RTMGDR.030319-2200)
        dfdll.dll             : 4.0.30319.1 (RTMRel.030319-0100)
        dfshim.dll             : 4.0.31106.0 (Main.031106-0000)
        Deployment url            : http://www.gameskillz.gr/MinecartManiaGUI/MMGUI.application
        Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
        * Activation of http://www.gameskillz.gr/MinecartManiaGUI/MMGUI.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
            + Exception reading manifest from http://www.gameskillz.gr/MinecartManiaGUI/MMGUI.application: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.
            + Root element is missing.
        No transaction error was detected.
        There were no warnings during this operation.
        * [26/04/2011 11:31:24 AM] : Activation of http://www.gameskillz.gr/MinecartManiaGUI/MMGUI.application has started.
        Following errors were detected during this operation.
        * [26/04/2011 11:31:25 AM] System.Deployment.Application.InvalidDeploymentException (ManifestParse)
            - Exception reading manifest from http://www.gameskillz.gr/MinecartManiaGUI/MMGUI.application: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.
            - Source: System.Deployment
            - Stack trace:
                at System.Deployment.Application.ManifestReader.FromDocument(String localPath, ManifestType manifestType, Uri sourceUri)
                at System.Deployment.Application.DownloadManager.DownloadDeploymentManifestDirectBypass(SubscriptionStore subStore, Uri& sourceUri, TempFile& tempFile, SubscriptionState& subState, IDownloadNotification notification, DownloadOptions options, ServerInformation& serverInformation)
                at System.Deployment.Application.DownloadManager.DownloadDeploymentManifestBypass(SubscriptionStore subStore, Uri& sourceUri, TempFile& tempFile, SubscriptionState& subState, IDownloadNotification notification, DownloadOptions options)
                at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.PerformDeploymentActivation(Uri activationUri, Boolean isShortcut, String textualSubId, String deploymentProviderUrlFromExtension, BrowserSettings browserSettings, String& errorPageUrl)
                at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.ActivateDeploymentWorker(Object state)
            --- Inner Exception ---
            - Root element is missing.
            - Source: System.Xml
            - Stack trace:
                at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ThrowWithoutLineInfo(String res)
                at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
                at System.Deployment.Application.ManifestValidatingReader.XmlFilteredReader.Read()
                at System.Xml.XmlCharCheckingReader.Read()
                at System.Xml.XsdValidatingReader.Read()
                at System.Deployment.Application.ManifestReader.FromDocument(String localPath, ManifestType manifestType, Uri sourceUri)
        No transaction information is available.
    I had a previous version installed and it worked fine, I just wanted to launch it today to update evrything for 1.5 and I get the error.

    Any ideas?
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    if john kapsis updated his program it went wrong, or try again 1 more time
  11. Offline

    John Kapsis

    It sould be fine now...

    Try again please.

    Don't forget to take a look at chengelog for new features!!!
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    I think a GUI for Permissions would be very popular.
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    thanks, it installed ok however I have run into a problem. If i try to save, it will fail to save minecartmaniaconfiguration.xml

    Giving the following error msg:
    error id:051
    minecartmaniaconfiguration.xml cannot be saved

    Before saving, the file seems ok, lots of data in it. After saving, the file is empty. Its there, just nothing in it.

    Don't know if this little info can help, any way to get better debug info for you??

    All the other files are saved ok, I am running the latest version of minecart mania as of today, running recommended bukkit 733.
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    But a java person can do that best
    Cuz vb.net does nOt support yml very easily
    John Kapsis likes this.
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    John Kapsis

    very easily???
    it is the most impossible thing right after getting a date with god!
    and i have something in mind but it is too early to say anything, i am looking into it though.
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    Ah well. I was hoping. :p
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    John Kapsis

    The GUI does NOT support the new version 1.51 XML file YET...

    sorry but this will take a day or two sorry...

    i will keep you posted.

    Maybe you could do it??

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    Ok, i'll try to make a .dll for you, but dont expect to much
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    John Kapsis

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    Did you read my 2 emails?
  21. Offline

    John Kapsis

    i'm sorry i didn't got any e-mails...

    Here is a fun fact!

    The past two months the GUI is hosted in a personal paid site of mine, the section were GUI is available for download and is responsible for the auto-update downloads has used 7Gb of bandwith!!! thats about 5.000 downloads!!!
    In reality it's like 500 with 10 updates each... but still it is very impresive!

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    congrats!!! great soft you made there, no wonder its popular :p
  23. Offline

    John Kapsis

    Thank you!!!!
    Hmmm do you think anyone would care to donate?
    IDK just 1€ from 3 ppl so i can get a pack of cigarettes!!!
    haahha i'm lame i know!
    I really love this GUI i will never stop it!!(unless the in-game menus take it's place!)
    I do want to say though i'm unempoyed at the moment and i get by with the help of my mother (no dad here...) and with skirmish jobs here and there nothing regular and it's hard i must say... so if you really like the app and you think it deserves some credit i will be tremendously greatfull and happy with just 50cents when i get a donate button available, you know i kinda think of it and the amount of excitment i get from the downloads numbers is great i can only imagine how much bigger that would be if someone rewarded me for my work!!!
    Anyhow still just the interaction with all you people is great on it's own! i'm really happy i'm in this!
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    Sure next donation I get I will pass along to you!, now hurry hurry you have any idea how complicated the new config is lol....

    Basicly had to write one from scratch to remove of all of the powerails crap. Now it wont start :( I did post my config on MM thread tho.


    Was CB 739
  25. Offline

    John Kapsis

    the ETA for the update is 18 hours i go to a 10 hour sleep now and i will finish up everything tomorow!!
    Soz if i'm slow :p
  26. Offline


    Sure np I can wait someone was kind enough to convert my old config /broke one for me overnight big thanks to them I was going to have to add the new Speed tags my self otherwise :p

    I have some suggestions for the GUI as well of other plugins you might like to consider adding or supporting, and some general stuff with the MM Side.

    1.Check out maybe addin a config for essentials :p and Worldedit and worldguad, Possibly even Privatewarps.

    2.With the GUI for MM need to fix how the Collision selection like how it handles the settings for when carts hit stuff on the track, needs a fix as it has never set it to include player for me using the gui you save it put it reverts to everything excluding players.

    3. Maybe add Color preview's to the gui so you can preview your announcement settings or something like that, anything to do with color codes really should get a preview. Probably same thing with the actuall text as well to be shown so u can see what it would look like in game.

    4. Add option to disable not used supported plugins.
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    John Kapsis

    1. I can support only plugins with .XML config files (no yml support in vb.net but we might find a workaround in the future)
    2.thanks for the bug i will look into it!
    3.Nice idea!!! it will be in the new gui!
    4.That option is available in the Settings -> Options

    Good news everyone!!
    I am halfway there!! i just finished the load sequence and the controls !! tomorow the save and an update is due!!

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  29. Offline

    John Kapsis

    Bad news...
    Things with the new speed multiplier system in MM are more complex then i originaly estimated...
    I will be recreating it from scratch in the new gui instead of getting a steady version in this one cause it's just too time consuming!
    If everythig goes well there will be support in a matter of 2 days...
    i know this is not what you wanna hear, sorry...
    I am working on it non stop for the next 12 hours...
  30. Offline



    Really dude, keep going, I really love your Plugin, I won't mind about these 2 Days.

    Go on with your great work :)
  31. Offline

    John Kapsis

    A lot of progress was made today!!
    I will be keeping the GUI as is for now and it will be ready tomorow!!
    i'm too tired to finish it today.. soz...
    Everything was working at tests today!
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